Why Gojek Clone is Best Solution For Business Startup?

gojek clone app for business startupWhy Gojek Clone is Best Solution For Business Startup?

On-demand business services are quickly overtaking the traditional business model. The on-demand services are a blessing for the users because the services are serving anything what people want and where they want.

Since the last few years, you have overheard about the Gojek application in your town. Nowadays the Gojek form in massively popular across the world. Is Gojek application is a new startup; No, Gojek is starting since 2010 with a small startup.

Gojek also offers an on-demand service in the Indonesian area. The on-demand services trend rapidly increase in the last few years. As per the Statista report, the on-demand service is double in the previous five years.

On-Demand Service Facts & Statistics:

  • 41% of people used on-demand services which live in an Urban area
  • 85.6 Million Americans ~ approx 42% population of the US have USed on-demand services
  • 45 Million Americans offering on-demand services
  • 57.6 billion dollars spending in on-demand service by Americans

on-demand service growth

The usage of on-demand service is growing because of its uses with a single tap from smart-phone. And in digital life, everyone has a smart-phone; so on-demand delivery services straightforward usage by anyone.

About Gojek Application

Gojek is an on-demand transport service that specialize in bike riding. It was founded by Nadiem Makarim in 2010. Gojek is the first most significant company in Indonesia, and its a successful startup business model in South East Asian.

At the begun time Gojek offers bike ride and ride-hailing services, over the time it evolved the multiple provider services in the Indonesian market. It is starting their journey only with 20 motorbike drivers, and present days they have more than one million drivers.

Gojek is launch in Indonesia, and now it launches its services in other countries. Gojek business model is working similarly as on-demand services app. It offers 18 on-demand services in the single app. They divide all services into three subsets:

Go-Jek: The Go-Jek offers transport and delivery services including, bike riding, taxi booking, food delivery, courier service, truck service, ticket, medicine delivery, and coupon deals.

Go-Pay: In the Go-Pay sub-set, payment services including go-pay service, billing service, Go-points for getting tokens and get points, Go-Pulsa for mobile phone recharge.

Go-Life: Go-life is on-demand provider services like massage, beauty, home clean, and auto repairs services.

go-jek services

What is Gojek Clone App?

Gojek clone is a mobile application which is working similar to on-demand business service app. Gojek clone is a single app which offers multiple services that provide user to book a ride, delivery various services like food, grocery, flower, medicine, and more, or order on-demand providers services like massage, beauty, cat wake, baby caring, home cleaning, and more provider services.

We can say that gojek clone work in mainly three different types of services; 1. Transport services 2. delivery services, and 3. On-demand provider services. The primary goal of the gojek clone is handled too many functions in a single app.

How many application have you installed in your mobile phone, the gojek clone offers more than 30+ services in a single app. The primary aiming of gojek is that user gets multiple solutions within a separate app. Gojek clone prevents app clutter on the user’s smart-phone.

Get the overview of the how gojek clone app is working, benefits of gojek clone app using the below Infographics.

gojek clone infographics

Benefits of Gojek Clone App:

Handle within the single app: Gojek clone offers more than 30+ on-demand services in a separate app. If a user wants to go with transport service, delivery, or any provider service they get their solution in the separate app. If users have not a multi-services app like gojek, they must install multi-application for an only purpose.

More Revenue: If you are an owner and handle the system like gojek, you have to chance to get more revenue. You get a more commission per any services used by user, comparatively single on-demand service business. We take an example to get more clarity if you purchase the taxi services script than you get revenue based on the ride, but using the multi-service app, you get a taxi, bike, courier, and more services commission.

Reuse Resources: Using the multi-services app, you can use your driver as a ride booking service and transport service. So the same driver is used in more than one services and utilize human resources.

Comfortably Handle: Its a handle one app is so comfortable to multiple application. Suppose you have a separate taxi and delivery service; you must control both as an independent like both app, admin payment structure, site commission, etc. but in the clone, you handle only one web and app script.

Why Need To Spend in Go-jek Clone?

As we early show that, nowadays, on-demand app development has several business opportunities. Gojek has too many unique things instead of other on-demand services app. Gojek is much popular in the current market. If you plan to start up in on-demand service, the gojek clone app is the best solution for you in the competitive market. The gojek clone offers you more than 30+ services in a single script. If you have a multi-service app, no matter which services used by the user; you must have to make a money end of the service. You can set your commission per services and choice to how to handle your business.

Contact Us White Label Fox

Looking For Gojek Clone App Solution for Your Business?

If you are here, you are one of that to find a gojek clone app solution for their startup business. White Label Fox is offering ready-to-use on-demand white label gojek clone script as a Fox-Jek app. Fox-jek is a fully customizable and white label that provides more than 30+ services in a single app.

We offer a multi-service gojek clone app that provides transport booking, on-demand food delivery, grocery delivery, beauty service, and more on-demand provider service.

Transport Service:

This service is enabled to a user to book a taxi. Using the service user set their pick-up and drop location where they want to go. A user has an option to select the service type for their rides like a sedan, hatchback, SUV, or luxury type.

A user also options select their flexible payment option like cash, card, or wallet. The transport service even a choice to choose handicap accessibility, kids seat selection. They can also option to book a bike, scooter, and moped for their ride.

Delivery Service:

The delivery service allows a user to send their items to one place to another place or get a delivery item at doorway location. User searches and browse the things which they want to order.

Provider Service:

A provide service offers users to more than 30 various services. A user selects the particular service, which is he/she want and book their services as per schedule time. A user has the option to choose on-demand baby care service, on-demand home cleaning service, on-demand beauty service, and more.

Our gojek clone – fox-jek script complete package includes:

  • Driver/Delivery Person Android & iOS App
  • Store/Restaurant Person Android & iOS App
  • Service Provider Android & iOS App
  • Super Admin Web Panel
  • Dispatcher Web Panel
  • Billing Web Panel
  • Service Provider Web Panel
  • Store/Restaurant Web Panel

Our gojek clone – fox-jek script complete package includes:

  • Social login for the user, provider, and delivery person
  • User select service & service subcategories
  • Schedule booking option
  • Live to track of driver
  • Flexible payment option – cash, card, wallet
  • SMS & Email notification of service confirmation
  • In-App chat between user & provider
  • A user has the option to see past & upcoming booking details
  • Profile manage for a user, driver, service provider, & driver

Have You Planned For Gojek Clone Solution?

If you want to plan launch your gojek clone for your business startup, White Label Fox have a solution for you. We offer fully customizable gojek clone script with multi-service in a single app. You get a more revenue using the all-in-one gojek clone app. Get a quote for your startup and contact us for more information.

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