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Careem Clone app is a solid and trustable ready-to-go multi-service platform that allows entrepreneurs to initiate the all-in-one business with remarkable profit. Careem app clone is the digitally ahead stage that makes every workflow of the taxi business shrewd.

White Label Fox is just ahead of the curve to build a clone app like Careem that lets you bring all service vendors on the platform and make your business shine in the market along with all primary and other supplementary features.

We create a fully customized Careem clone app script, including the driver app, passenger app web panels of super admin, dispatcher admin, and billing admin. Additionally, we do offer some advanced and extraordinary features like multi-currency and language support. It’s advisable to launch the clone app in your area or region.

The Careem clone script from us is wholly white-labeled, meaning you have your app with your preferred name, logo, language, and currency. Encourage yourself with our Careem Clone Script to start your dream business.


careem taxi
Taxi Booking
carem food delivery
Food Delivery
careem grocery delivery
Grocery Delivery
careem medicine delivery
Medicine Delivery
carem home cleaning
House Cleaning
careem car rental
Car Rental
careem laundry
careem beauty service
Beauty Service
careem bike
careem courier delivery
Courier Delivery
careem flower delivery
Flower Delivery
careem water delivery
Water Delivery




Customers need to sign up or login to the app with their basic details.


Select Service

Choose the service they need from the list of offerings on the platform.


Request Matching

Customers will submit the request, the app will match it to the nearest providers.



Customers will receive notification from the provider that their request has been confirmed and will be fulfilled soon.



With the various modes of payment like cash, credits, and wallet, customers can complete the payment process.


Service Completion

The delivery partner or driver will arrive at your desired location and complete your service at a specified time.


Service Selection
Service Selection

Choose from a variety of services offered by the app, such as ride-hailing, food delivery, grocery delivery, etc.

Service Customization
Service Customization

Customers can easily customize the products or services for food orders, ride preferences, etc. as per their needs.

Careem Real Time Tracking
Real-time Tracking

The customer can track service providers (drivers, delivery agents, etc.) in real-time on the map.

Order History
Order History

The customer has the option to access a record of previous service bookings and transactions for re-ordering purposes.

Scheduled Bookings
Scheduled Bookings

Customers can pre-book services for a later time or date according to their convenience.


The customer can receive real-time updates, order status, and important information via push notifications.

Accept Reject Service
Accept/Reject Service

The driver can accept or decline service requests whenever they want, as per their availability and location.

Service Status
Service Status

Drivers can update the service status for route, arrival, and completion to keep customers updated.

Heat Maps and Surge Pricing
Heat Maps and Surge Price

The driver has the option to view heat maps indicating high-demand areas and potential surge pricing.


Drivers can go through brief details of earnings, track payments, and access payment history.

Manage Documents
Manage Documents

The driver can manage a profile and upload necessary documents, licenses, and certifications.

In App Chat
In-App Chat

The driver can easily communicate with the customers for any clarifications, coordination, or solving any queries.

Store Status
Store Status

A store owner has the option to set the availability status from online to offline as per convenience. They get a new order request when a store status is Online.

Manage Documents

For restaurants and shops, It displays detailed menus or product catalogs, enabling users to browse available items and services from the store.

Manage Store
Manage Store

Owners can easily update store details such as time of delivery, service coverage, packaging charge, and store timing availability.

Set Order Amount
Set Order Amount

A store owner has the option to set a minimum required amount per order request from customers.

Discounts Icon

Store owners can manage X amount or percentage discounts per order within the app to attract customers.

Reviews and Ratings
Reviews and Ratings

The store vendor can access the feedback provided by their customers to help them improve or retain the service.

Service Selection and Management
Service Select and Manage

Providers can choose services offered on the platform and manage their service offerings based on their expertise and availability.

Availability Settings
Availability Settings

Providers can set their preferred availability hours, ensuring that they receive service requests at times that suit their schedule.

Service Status Updates
Service Status Updates

Throughout the service journey, providers can update the status of the service so that customers can track their service in real-time.

Document Management
Document Management

Providers can easily upload and manage important documents, licences, and certifications, ensuring compliance with platform regulations.

Service Earnings
Service Earnings

Providers have access to their earnings from completed services, including tips and bonuses, empowering them to track their income and plan accordingly.

Promotions and Offers
Promotions and Offers

The provider can offer discounts and other various offers to attract more and more customers, enhance customer loyalty, and boost revenue.

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careem cta image
Embrace Your Business Idea And Develop Careem Clone App With Us!


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Frequently Asked Questions

The Careem Clone app is a white-label solution for your taxi business that can be customized to any extent to meet your business requirements. We promise to give a seamless user experience with our responsive and intuitive panels. Our Careem clone script comes with three applications: Driver app, Rider App and Admin panel.

No, we do not offer web hosting services; however, you can get help from us for any server issues or queries.

Yes, as we say, our script is fully customizable. So the features can be updated anytime to stand out in the competitive market.

We have offered multiple payment options as per country. However, we have already integrated the stripe.

The app is built in the English language. However, It is a multilingual platform. We can integrate the language support as per your wish.

Yes, we offer 1 year of free comprehensive technical support to assist you with critical issues or guide you further.

Yes, You will be the main owner of the source code after the purchase.

There is no exact timeframe for this app, as it contains multiple services. It depends on the project’s complexity and the features to be added.

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