How Much Does an Alcohol Delivery App Development Cost? A Detailed Guide

alcohol delivery app development

How Much Does an Alcohol Delivery App Development Cost? A Detailed Guide

With the increasing speed of globalization, convenience takes the upper hand, and doorstep delivery services are extensively demanding. From fruit to dinner, people are used to the wealth of having whatever they need – and more – delivered seamlessly within a few minutes of sending a couple of taps on their mobile devices. With the growing popularity of on-demand delivery services, “alcohol delivery” has found its place and has become one of the most essential parts of the on-demand delivery market.

Regarding the growing trend towards on-demand alcohol delivery apps, one of the most notable players, i.e., Uber Alcohol Delivery has made it more straightforward than it has ever been to have your favorite alcoholic beverages at the click of a button. These apps use cutting-edge technology that enables consumers to connect to their local liquor stores without leaving their homes. They offer a convenient way to get alcohol onboard safely.

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Due to the augmented demand for the services of on-demand alcohol delivery, many entrepreneurs and businesses deal with lucrative opportunities in this highly profitable business. Alcohol delivery app development is undeniably a trend that encourages many startups and existing companies to focus on this specific product.

In this detailed blog, we will discuss the factors that influence the cost of alcohol delivery app development. Whether you are an emerging entrepreneur interested in developing an alcohol delivery app or a business owner who would like to enlarge your service spectra, the following guide will provide you with the knowledge and expertise necessary to stay afloat in the frantic market of on-demand alcohol delivery.

A Detailed Overview of the Alcohol Delivery Market 

The alcohol delivery market has recently experienced considerable growth due to the shift in consumer preferences and technological development.

  • According to IWSR, an online market research firm, alcohol sales poured in by +42.0% in 2020, signalling that people are more likely now than before to shop online, where they can enjoy the benefits of the conveniences and contactless services.
  • On the other hand, during the COVID-19 pandemic, most sectors saw a transition to mobile commerce as the main channel of deliveries of various products, including alcohol. 
  • This trend is confirmed by data from Statista, which predicts the size of the 2027 global online alcohol delivery market to be $8.5 billion.

As a result, numerous delivery platforms earn a place and provide consumers with a wide range of buying choices for their favourite beverages. Within the market, big players like Instacart, famous for their grocery delivery services, have extended their territory to include Instacart alcohol delivery to take advantage of the fast-growing trend. 

Upon Instacart’s move to the alcohol delivery space, consumers are now presented with more food choices. They can select the most liked beverages and spirits even from the confines of their living rooms. This diversity of offerings explicitly demonstrates that the alcohol delivery market is active and competitive, thus driving innovation and ultimately facilitating customers. 

Along with the growing alcohol delivery industry, enterprises must follow the trends and keep up with changing consumer habits and preferences to stay competitive. Market trends and the use of digital platforms, along with exceptional customer experiences, are the keys to getting good profit for businesses in this very competitive alcohol delivery market.

How Does Online Liquor Delivery App Work? 

Online alcohol delivery apps utilise user-friendly and straightforward workflow to simplify ordering and delivering alcoholic beverages.

  • The user experience usually starts with downloading the app to the smartphone and then signing up for the account.
  • After registration, users can browse a wide range of alcoholic products on the site, from beer and wine to alcohol and cocktails.
  • When users come across the right products, they will then move to add them to the cart and proceed to the checkout process. 
  • They must provide their preferred delivery address and payment method when ordering.
  • Some apps may allow you to set up your delivery for a specific date and time or to include any extra instructions or notes about your order for the driver, for example.
  • Following the confirmation of the order, further instructions are directed to the nearest licensee liquor store or retailer that has established cooperation with the app.
  • The store is informed about the order and completes the preparations. Then, the order is assigned to a delivery driver to carry it out.
  • The next step is for the delivery driver to gather the order from the store and then carry it to the customer’s preferred location. 

Notably, most online alcohol delivery apps, such as Drizly and Saucy, operate on a commission-based model. In this case, the app charges the associated liquor shops or dealers a commission fee for each order made through the application. 

The shops, in return, get access to a more extensive customer base, and the app hands over the logistics of order fulfilment and delivery. This mutually beneficial partnership is for the benefit of both outlets, which can now reach a broader range of consumers and clients who can have the convenience of delivery on their doorsteps with a few taps on their phones.

How to Build an Alcohol Delivery App Work? 

Creating an alcohol delivery app calls for a systematic approach and execution to become the top choice for customers in a competitive environment. It is advisable to conduct thorough market research and obtain insight into your potential customers’ desires before you start developing your product. 

Discovering the demands of your customer’s needs and requirements will determine your development’s direction, giving your app a competitive edge.

Research the Market

Start by conducting thorough market research to identify the existing players and take advantage of present gaps for differentiation from your competitors. Know the regulatory area of alcohol delivery in your market niche since it is a key entity for the success of your business. 

Moreover, it analyses consumer behaviour and trends, which are useful in developing features and functions of your app.

Choose the Business Model

Determining the optimal business model is a paramount decision that will lay the foundations for the monetisation strategy for your alcohol delivery mobile application. Well-known business models in the beverage delivery sphere include marketplace models, where you get a commission on every sale from liquor stores, and ad-based models, supported by upfront user fees for premium features or discounts. 

Evaluate the merits and demerits of every model to meet your market research and company objectives.

Design and Development

Now that you have a good grasp of who your target market comprises and your business model, it is time to develop and design the alcohol delivery app. Begin with building wireframes and mockups showing how the user interface and user experience will look. Pay attention to the ease of navigation, smooth checkout procedure, and visually clean design. 

Partner with a seasoned alcohol delivery app development company to transform your design into a reality by ensuring the app is expandable for iOS and Android platforms.

Decide Features and Functions

Find out the distinguishing features and capabilities of your alcohol delivery app that will help users’ value perception and set your app apart from competitors. Basic features such as account registration procedures, product browsing and searching functions, secure payment gateways, order tracking, and a customer support platform may also be provided. 

Consider integrating features like individualised recommender systems, loyalty programs, and social sharing to make them more enjoyable to use and retain.


Then, get the testing done on your alcohol delivery app to find and correct bugs and problems. Conduct beta testing with select users to make feedback and corrections if required. When the app works fine and is easy to use, you are ready for publication on big platforms. 

First of all, follow submission rules for the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and watch post-launch performance to eliminate problems leading to a bad user experience and to be able to fix them quickly.

The mentioned initial measures are a prerequisite for developing a successful alcohol delivery app. Such steps, from thorough market research to user-centred and profitable business model selection, are vital to creating a user-centric and profitable platform. 

Through creative design and development, including an extensive list of features, your app will be visible due to its high level of visibility in a highly competitive market. Furthermore, intensive testing and deployment guarantee an uninterrupted user experience and provide a solid customer base for short and long-term success in the alcohol delivery industry.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an Alcohol Delivery App? 

It is crucial to mention that identifying the cost of creating an alcohol delivery app is a comprehensive process that requires considering various factors that amount to the final expense. 

  • Of course, the cost of alcohol delivery app development will be determined by factors such as app complexity, features, design detail, platform compatibility, and development period, and all of these need to be included in the estimate.
  • One of the key aspects in the development of custom alcohol delivery apps that are focused on particular business purposes is that the development costs are typically higher since it is distinct from recreating all the unique features and functionality from scratch.
  • Alternatively, a white-label alcohol delivery app is another financially feasible direction, where entrepreneurs can get their foot into the market fast and effortlessly without spending lavish amounts.
  • Customised white-label solutions offer businesses the choice of selecting templates that are well-equipped with essential features and functionalities that align with their brand identity and business goals.
  • white-label apps stand for the possibility of lowering the time required and money needed for the features, which include order management, payment processing, and delivery tracking

However, readymade alcohol delivery apps offer technical support and updates, which considerably facilitate maintenance costs, thus ensuring the app remains up-to-date with the ongoing market trends and customer demands.

Therefore, a ready-to-use product’s customisation depends on budget, time, and individual organisational requirements. A thorough analysis of these variables enables companies to focus on trimming costs and increasing profitability within the alcohol delivery app market.

Top 5 Online Alcohol Delivery Apps 

The digital area of online alcohol delivery is an ever-changing domain, where many apps compete by ensuring client convenience and usability at the touch of the screen of alcohol enthusiasts. Multiple platforms, emerging with each new year, have created five outstanding apps that rule the market and offer a wide range of alcohol that people from all backgrounds fancy.


Drizly, the first to offer delivery services online, brings you an extensive collection of beers and wines right to your door. The company has established an easy and more efficient platform for ordering. Thus, the fact that Drizly is now a top icon for buyers who want any drink for all occasions cannot be understated.


Saucy app is one of the most popular apps that offers fast delivery services for its numerous products.  The app addresses safety and strives for customer satisfaction so that the assurance of quality and timeliness of deliveries guarantees trust in the delivery services of alcoholic beverages.


In addition, Instacart, a widely used app for the delivery of groceries, now delivers alcohol. Through its expansive retailer partners network and the same great lineup as the broad range of product assortments in its platform, Instacart users can conveniently view and order their beverages in the same spot where they grocery shop. 

Minibar Delivery

Convenience is what our business, Minibar Delivery, is all about. We cater to the booming on-demand alcohol delivery with a great wine, spirits, and beer selection from the neighbouring liquor store. The fact that Minibar Delivery comes with an intuitive in-app interface and easy ordering process allows clients to order their drink in the most convenient way without any second thought, just touching their finger.


GoPuff is a convenience delivery service which aims to provide different merchandise like alcohol, fast food, and everyday necessities. With its swift delivery times and expansive product selection, GoPuff has gained popularity among consumers seeking convenience and reliability in their alcohol delivery experience.

Kickstart the Online Alcohol Delivery Business Now 

There’s no ambiguity that this sector has seen unprecedented growth, providing a space for fresh ideas to get a share in promising this niche industry.

As a result of growing client demand and the current climate of the tech world, which has made purchases easy and quick, now is the right moment to get in business. The market is an open door for various innovative new opportunities; it is how companies respond to different consumer needs and protect their popularity in the market niche.

Looking for exciting, creative ideas in the alcohol and same-day delivery sector? Welcome to the right place, then. Do not hesitate to contact us, because our alcohol delivery app development services include creating and building highly customised solutions tailored to your business needs.

From the idea formation to the deployment, we’ll accompany you in developing a robust and scalable platform, building a competitive advantage from the ground. We assure you that you will be set in the right direction to excel, even in the competitive online alcohol delivery environment that keeps changing. Let’s get on the same page and build an amazing future by starting now.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the key elements featured in a boozing app?

To put it simply, alcohol delivery app development commonly has several vital modules which are the store module for the process of managing orders and inventory, the user module for placing and requesting orders, the back-end module for admins and management of the accounts, and finally the driver (who delivers them) module for coordination of deliveries and driver activities.

Will the full code be provided after the creation of an application?

Of course, the developer usually provides the source code of the app upon completion of the development of the alcohol delivery app. You will have this benefit because the app will be under your ownership, and you can make any amendments or changes today, tomorrow, or in the future at any time you want.

How much does the app for alcohol delivery cost?

Features like the design and development cost of an alcohol delivery app also vary depending upon parameters such as complexity of graphics, app functions, design specifications and period of development. Moreover, custom application developers often have higher costs than white-label solutions, given they use a system tailored for them.

Which factors lead to higher or lower costs of designing alcohol delivery apps?

Among them, the project scope, the feature set, the expected number of hours, and any other services are considered. We advise you to contact our team for a quote breakdown, and we will work around your tailored needs and wants to help you achieve the desired results.

How can White Label Fox help create a world-class product for my alcohol delivery business?

Having years of experience operating an on-demand mobile application development enterprise, we have acquired enough expertise to deliver alcohol on-demand apps per your business needs. We offer a skilled team of developers and can help you build a reliable online liquor delivery app for your business.

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