Ride Sharing App Development

Start your on-demand ride-sharing app with our white label carpooling script solution for your taxi business.
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Custom Ride Sharing App Development

The ride sharing clone app is a conclusive solution for who wants to earn more commissions with a comfortable trip. Carpooling is a sharing of car journeys, so more than one person travel in the same car. A customizable carpooling and best rideshare apps development is a solution to ride passenger ahead together.

On-demand carpooling clone script is the best clone app has advanced features of online taxi booking app. Ride Sharing App Development makes your rides cost-effective, and more efficient.

Our rideshare apps developers have built a carpooling app for both Android & iOS platform users. Start your own ridesharing clone app within a week, just need to select your logo and design templates. Our dedicated and determined developers will assist you in the installation and configuration process. Contact us for more information about the best rideshare apps services and purchasing the clone script.

How Ride Sharing App Model Will Work?

The ride sharing app simply works as a simple taxi booking app. In the carpooling drivers share his own ride journey details. On the other side, riders looking for a ride with their location details. If the driver and riders ride details are matched they happily go together.

Nowadays, Ride sharing becomes one of the most popular public transport. It reduces traffic congestion on the road and reducing the traveling cost of each rider. Start your ride sharing business with our application. In short ride sharing is a more than one passenger can travel together with the same driver using the shared car services.

Benefits Of Carpooling For Riders:

  • Reduce the traveling cost
  • Ride sharing is a great way to make new friends
  • It provides better commuting convenience comparable to the simple ride

Benefits Of Carpooling For Drivers:

  • Get more commissions with more passengers
  • Create and shared a ride on your schedule

Benefits Of Carpooling For Environments:

  • Reduce the traffic congestion on the road
  • Reduce the CO2 production in the environment and improved air quality

Fox-Carpool App Screenshots

Carpooling Clone Script – Application Features

social login

Social login

Users & Drivers can signup and log in through social media site like Facebook, Google, etc.

Schedule ride

Schedule Ride

A user can find a new ride and fix it. A user can book a shared ride instantly or ride schedule using later ride option.

search ride

Search Ride

Riders can search all available shared rides according to their ride pickup and drop location.

offer ride

Offer Ride

A user can add a new ride and share it to get a new request from other riders if he/she wants to share their car with other.

co-travelar profile

Co-Traveler Profiles

A user can see the basic details like name of co-traveler of their shared ride and make their more comfortable ride.

Ride time and fare

Estimated Time & Fare

A user can know the estimated time between pickup and destination location of a ride and ride fare of the selected ride.

payment option

Multiple Payment

A user has multiple options for a shared ride. A user can pay the ride charges via cash, cards, and Wallet.


Instant Notification

Riders & Drivers both get an instant notification. They get important alerts via push requests, feedback, notifications, SMS, and email.

Track location

Track Location

A user can track a live location of a driver from the app. After the rider booking a ride, they can check where is the current location of the driver.


Promo Code

A user can use a promo code and get a discount offers from the booking ride. Promo code is one of the best ways to market your app to more peoples.

call feature

Call Features

Drivers and riders can call each other with a single tap. The call feature is a handy feature at an emergency time and privacy for users.

reivew rating

Rate & Review

Riders and drivers both can be sent reviews and comments to each other after ride completed based on their ride experience.

cancel ride

Cancel Booking

A user has an option to cancel a booking ride with a particular reason. After the cancel rides by user drivers get instant notification of the cancellation.

add home or office location

Set Home/Work Location

A user can set their home and work location address for quick ride booking.

ride information

Ride information

After a new ride booking by users, a driver can see the full details of the ride with the details of pickup and drop location of users.

map navigation

Navigation Map

The app has inbuilt navigation features for drivers. Drivers use the Google Maps navigation for pickups and find the best routes for the ride.

Carpooling Clone Script – Admin Features


Powerful Dashboard

Our software provides you user-friendly powerful dashboard and management structure where admin can see highlight in graphical form through the dashboard.

manage user and driver

Manage Users & Driver

Admin can see & manage both users & drivers details with name, email, contact details, city, and the number of rides details.

Manage car model

Manage Car Models

Admin can add and edit car models through admin panels. They can reject and remove any car models.

Track location

Track Location

Admin can track the live location of the driver using the GPS. They can check pickup and destination address of the trip.

earning report

Earning Report

Admin can manage the earning reports of the day, weekly, monthly and yearly. They can also see the all registered driver earning reports.


Mass Notification

Admin can send the push notification to all users and drivers or send based on specific conditional users & drivers.

Ride Statement

Ride Statements

Admin can see the daily, weekly, and yearly statements with details of total revenue, total no of rides and total canceled rides.

payment setting

Payment Settings

Admin can set the payment setting like site commision, tax percentages, surcharges enable disable option and more payment services.

Do You Want Build Your Own Carpooling Clone Script?

We offer a fully customized white label rideshare and carpooling clone script with Native Android & iOS app and powerful admin dashboard for startup your business.

Solutions We Offer


Scalable Product

Our system is scalable. If you have planning to take a current business to the next level. Our products in each category helpful to easily enlarge.

cost effective

Cost Effective

Our ride sharing clone script price is less compared to another clone script available in the market.

white label solution

White Label Solution

Our system is completely white-label to put whatever brand you want. Your customers never know about the products.


Turnkey Solution

Our system is completely turnkey. All the features and services that designed and installed complete and ready to operate as per requirements.

native app

Native Mobile Apps

Our system offers both native iOS and Android apps. They perform with the best user experience in respective platforms users.



The product is 100% customizable. You can modify and customized by yourself with the help your Laravel developers.


Our carpooling web panels, Android & iOS app source code developed using the below robust & scalable
technology architecture. The latest technology makes the complete script more powerful for your business.
tech section

Frequently Asked Questions

You can see the live demo on our website. If you want to more details contact – [email protected]

Yes, the product script supports multilingual.

Yes, our scripts codes are flexible. You can customize codes according to your requirements.

In our clone script no limit for a number of users & drivers.

The only dedicated server is used for the script. Any Linux based server is work for the software. We suggest server – AWS and DigitalOcean.

Yes, we are offering best web hosting services as per your requirements.

Yes, we offer you with 1-Year free technical support. You can contact us anytime through email, skype or phone number.

Driver details position for pickup and pre pickup is working based on Google Latitude-Longitude address. Our script is tracking a location through google map’s Live Lat-Long address.

The script requires – Twilio SMS gateway, Payment Gateway (PayPal, authorize.net, and Stripe), Google Map Key, Apple Developer account, Play store Developer account, and pubnub services.

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