CoronaVirus OutBreack – Online medicine delivery app to disturb the medicine industry


CoronaVirus OutBreack – Online medicine delivery app to disturb the medicine industry

Technology has completely changed the traditional way to shop the regular things. And this time, it’s all about the medicine delivery due to the Coronavirus effects.

China and many Asia country are offered medicine delivery in other countries. But in this lockdown situation to control the Coronavirus Pandemic, the supply of the medicine delivery is complete control.

So, online medicine delivery is the best solution for the lockdown nation.

Before going further, we are looked at the revenues of pharmaceutical worldwide according to the Statista:

In 2014, the revenue had exceeded 1 trillion U.S. dollars first time for that North America plays a major role in this revenue.

The United States medicine market is one of the world’s most important national markets.

The U.S. alone holds over 45% of the global pharmaceutical market. And the prediction that in 2023, the global online pharmacy market will reach around 128 U.S. billion dollars.

Demande for the on-demand Medicine Delivery App:

The Food and Drug Administration agency of the U.S. heald organization talks with the several medicine manufacturing company to supply the required medicines during this lockdown situation.

While the Indian governments are in fear of running out the medicines, also the general public is lockdown for several days and need their medicines delivered at their doorsteps.

People are now widely ordering medicine from on-demand medicine delivery apps. It is the best solution in the metro cities or the which people are lockdown and not going out to purchase the essential medicines.

If the situation of the lockdown is continued in the whole of the country than the medicine delivery apps is the best solution for the people.

Extend the people are supported in this situation and launch their medicine delivery app to support in these situations.

So, you can make use of this opportunity and make your own on-demand medicine delivery app to deliver the best solution for the people.

Features Include in Medicine Delivery App:

For User App

Social Login
To use the medicine delivery app, user can log in or sign up into app by social sites like Facebook, Google or via Email.

Filter Store
A user can filter the medicine store by their rating, name, address, etc.

Manage Profile
A user can manage their profile information such as name, address, email, and profile picture.

Add to Cart
A user can add the medicine to the cart after they can add or modify the medicine based on their requirements.

Track your Order
After order, the user can track their medicine live order status within the app.


View Medicine Delivery App Demo

For Store App:
Manage Store Details
A store vendor can manage their store details such as store timing, address, delivery radius, minimum order amount, etc.

Manage new order request
A store vendor views new medicine order request, they have the option to accept or reject the order request.

Earning Report
A store vendor has the option to view the earning report with all complete, cancel, running and pending order request.

Review & Rating
A store vendor views their review and rating given by the user with details like name, address and order details.


View Medicine Delivery App Demo

For Driver App

Live Chat
After accepting the medicine order request, the driver can chat with the user within the app.

Manage Order Request
A driver can manage the order request by accepting or reject option based on their availability.

Map Navigation
To find the exact location of the user, the driver can use the google map navigation within the app.

Manage Documents
A driver can manage the required documents information like ID proof, driving license and vehicle insurance.

View Medicine Delivery App Demo

Cost to Develop the Medicine Delivery App

The cost to develop the on-demand medicine delivery app is dependent on various factors such as features, development platform and the most important thing in which location you want to develop your application.

At White Label Fox, we offer the best on-demand medicine delivery app to outbreak in this Covin-19 situation. We offer both an Android and iOS application as per your customized requirements.

Our medicine ordering application is ready to use. We will white-label your application which is useful for your medicine business and also helpful for the user which is currently facing the lockdown situation.

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