Covid-19 Pandemic: Launch Gojek clone app in Philippines

Launch Gojek clone app in Philippines

Covid-19 Pandemic: Launch Gojek clone app in the Philippines

During this Global Covid-19 pandemic, the on-demand app is the best and necessary option for a healthcare professional to treat and observe more patients.

The whole world is living in the era of a mobile app. The on-demand mobile apps are developed faster for the whole industry based on the user’s requirements.

The popularity of on-demand mobile apps is increasing due to people are searching for quick and easily accessible services at their doorstep.

The consumption of on-demand apps has considerably increased during the coronavirus crisis. For that, launch to on-demand Gojek like the app is the best solution for startup or business.

The Philippines startup economy is in grate startup. The Philippines have seen tremendous prominence as far as new pioneering adventures just as new companies.

So, if you are entrepreneurial or want to start on-demand application then on-demand Gojek like the app is profitable all the time.

Let’s look at the Gojek clone script and features of the app.

About Gojek Clone App Script:

Gojek is founded in the year 2010 in Indonesia. Gojek offers more than 18+ on-demand services in a single platform including transportation, delivery, and other on-demand provider services.

The Gojek is the best solution for people because more that one service in a single platform.

Gojek clone script is nothing but offers the same features as Gojek. Our Gojek clone script offers more than 30+ on-demand services in a single platform.

Features Include in Gojek Clone App Script:

For the User App:
Social Login
A user can sign up through social accounts like Facebook, Google, or via Email.

Access Multi Services
After login, users can access multiple services such as transportation, delivery, and other provider services.

Payment Option
To pay for the services users have multiple options such as cash, credit, and in-app wallet.

Review & Rating
After completed the services, the user can give a review & rating to the service provider based on their experience.

For Driver App:
A driver can register into an app by providing their basic details such as name, email, contact no, etc.

Upload Documents
After login, the driver has the option to upload documents like ID proof, vehicle insurance, etc.

Manage Request
A driver can manage a new request by accepting or reject options based on their availability.

Earning History
A driver can view their earning history with all completed, cancel, running, and pending order details.

For Store App:
Store Setting
A store vendor manages its store setting like store name, address, minimum order amount, etc.

Manage Request
A store vendor can manage new requests by accepting or decline options based on their availability.

A store vendor can view history with completed, cancel, running, and pending request all details.

For Provider App:

Package & Services
A provider can add services which they want to offer. They have the option to ON/OFF services.

Manage Profile
A provider can manage their profile information such as name, email, services radius, and profile picture.

Map Navigation
To find the exact location of the user, the provider can use Google map navigation within the app.

Strategies to Remember when Setting Up Gojek Like Business in the Philippines

Study the target market, that is the find the requirements of people which they want to find services which important for society.

Find the platform where you can able to get maximum customers for your application.

Offer the best features and functionalities which makes your app stand out and make more profits.

Find the target audience and business model for the application to deliver the best services to the users.


Since the entire world is upon with new technology and mobile apps, it is an amazing opportunity for the entrepreneurs to go with such unique mobile app ideas that deliver the most convenient solution for meeting all your requirements.

The on-demand app bough a significant change in the business to offer services to the customers. So, a mobile app development company is always coming up with a business idea.

If you are interested to launch a multi-services application in the Philippines using the Gojek clone script, White Label Fox is the one-stop solution for you.

Our Gojek clone script is ready and we offer 100% customized script as per your requirements. We offer Gojek clone script solutions for both Android and iOS platforms.

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