Gojek Clone App Solution

Gojek is a transport company that specializes in taxi booking, motorcycle ride-hailing, bike ride, food delivery, and more services. Nadiem Makarim founded Gojek in 2010. Gojek is starting with only 20 motorbike drivers, and nowadays it has more than one million drivers.

Gojek now offers more than 18 services including transportation, food delivery, mobile payments, logistics, and more on-demand services. So, we say to that gojek is safe for all in one platform.

In the digital world, everyone requires the apps for their daily routines. But people don’t want to handle too many applications in the single device. That’s why gojek is one of the best solution for you, more than one apps services in a single platform. You have a chance to crush your competitors and go ahead using the investing in gojek Clone App. We offer an on-demand gojek clone script for your startup including transport booking, food delivery, and more on-demand services. If you also want build apps like gojek to get a free quote.

GoJek Clone App Services

Bike Ride
Taxi Ride
Food Delivery
Grocery Delivery
Massage Therapy
Home Cleaning
Vehicle Maintenance
Beauty Service
Courier Service
Truck Service
Ticket Service

GoJek Clone App WorkFlow


How GoJek Clone App Work?

gojek clone app - taxi booking app

Taxi Booking App Flow:
Gojek clone app development for a taxi booking, when a user wants to taxi they can use the gojek taxi services from the application and book a ride requset with the dtails of pickup and destination location. The nearest service provider gets a notification of the ride request. After the request accepted by a service provider, they track customer using the GPS service. The service provider goes for pickup the user from their current location and drops at a user’s destination location. After the completion user and service provider, both can give feedback to each other.

On-Demand Food Delivery App Flow:
Gojek clone app development for food delivery, a user search restaurants nearby their location and place an order. When a restaurant gets any new order request, they manage and accept or reject the order. After the receive the order they place the order in processing for making a cook for the order. After the food prepared by the restaurant, they assign a driver to deliver the order to the user. The nearest driver accepts the delivery request from the restaurant and pick up the food and delivered it to the user.

gojek clone app - food delivery app

What We Offer In Gojek Clone Script?

gojek clone app - services

We offer a complete white label solution of gojek clone app. Our gojek clone app provides transport booking, on-demand food delivery, grocery delivery, beauty service, and more on-demand service.

  • Customer Android & iOS App
  • Service Provider Android & iOS App
  • Store / Restaurant Android & iOS App
  • Driver / Delivery Person Android & iOS App
  • Super Admin Web Panel
  • Dispatcher Admin Panel
  • Billing Admin Panel
  • Service Provider Web Panel
  • Store / Restaurant Web Panel

How Gojek Clone Script Beneficial For You?

Gojek clone app is a similar to taxi booking app, on-demand food delivery, and other on-demand services. But the main advantages is gojek is supporting all the facilities in a single platform. You do not need to handle the separate application for single features for your business and handle multi-services from one app. Gojek clone app offers you bike ride, taxi ride, on-demand food delivery, massage therapy, beauty service, and more on-demand services.

gojek clone script benefits

App Screenshots

Gojek Clone App Features

Manage Profile

User and service provider both manages their profile with profile picture, change basic information and password.

Set Home/Work Address

A user can set their home and work location which they use regularly. The feature offers quick booking, not need to set address every time.

Schedule Booking

A user has an option for a request now or later time. A user can schedule a taxi booking, food delivery, and other services.

Estimated Calculation

This feature calculates the estimated traveling time and estimated trip fare based on the source and destination location.

Instant Notification

User & Service provider both get an instant notification. They get essential alerts via push requests, feedback, notifications, SMS, and email.


The system saves the history of user & provider with the basic detail of the request. It helps the user to keep the record of their request.

Map Navigation

The app has inbuilt navigation features for drivers. The provider uses the Google Maps navigation to find and select the best routes for a journey.

Track Vehicle

A user can track a live location of a driver vehicle from the app. Using the feature Driver identify the times to reaches the user location.

Call Features

User and provider can call each other with a single tap within the app. The service is a realistic feature at an emergency time.

Rating & Review

user and provider both can be sent reviews and comments to each other after ride completed based on their service experience.


A user can use a promo code and get a discount offers from the booking services. Promo code is one of the best marketing features for the app.

Payment Options

Our script offers total secure payment gateway for users. The app provides multiple payment options like credit cards, wallets, and cash.

Do You Want Launch Your Own Gojek Clone App?

We offer an on-demand white label Gojek Clone Script with Native Android & iOS app and a powerful admin dashboard for your business.

Solutions We Offer

Scalable Product
Our system is scalable. If you have planning to take a current business to the next level. Our products in each category helpful to easily enlarge.
Cost Effective
Our ride sharing clone script price is less compare to another clone script available in the market.
White Label Solution
Our system is completely white-label to put whatever brand you want. Your customers never know about the products.
Turnkey Solution
Our system is completely turnkey. All the features and services that designed and installed complete and ready to operate as per requirements.
Native Mobile Apps
Our system offers both native iOS and Android apps. They perform with the best user experience in respective platforms users.
The product is 100% customizable. You can modify and customized by yourself with the help your Laravel developers.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can see the live demo on our website. If you want to more details contact – [email protected]

Yes, the product script supports multilingual.

Yes, our scripts codes are flexible. You can customize codes according to your requirements.

In our clone script no limit for a number of users & drivers.

The only dedicated server is used for the script. Any Linux based server is work for the software. We suggest server – AWS and DigitalOcean.

Our script is developed in Laravel V5.7, My SQL V4.7.4, and PHP V7.1.11. Our Android app script is supported in above all Jelly Bin Android versions.

Yes, we are offering best web hosting services as per your requirements.

Yes, we offer you with 3-month free technical support. You can contact us at 24*7 hours using email, skype or phone number.

Driver details position for pickup and pre pickup is working based on Google Latitude-Longitude address. Our script is tracking a location through google map’s Live Lat-Long address.

The script requires – Twilio SMS gateway, Payment Gateway (PayPal, authorize.net, and Stripe), Google Map Key, Apple Developer account, Play store Developer account, and pubnub services.

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