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Launch All-in-One Multi-Service On-Demand App Script – Fox-Jek
Fox-Jek provides the services like Bike/Taxi booking, Rental Service, All delivery – Food/Grocery/Medicine/Liquor, Handyman Service, Courier, Coupon Deals, and more…
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Fox-Jek – Gojek Clone App

Launch Your Muti-Services Business
With a Single App – Fox-Jek

Gojek clone app is an on-demand multi-service app solution including transport services, on-demand delivery services, and handyman services. The Gojek clone script is a ready-made app solution that provides all essential features required for any on-demand business startup. Gojek is one of the most successfully on-demand multi-service startups, established by an Indonesian entrepreneur.

Why Gojek clone is the best startup for your business because in the digital world, everyone requires apps for their daily routines, but people do not want to handle too many applications on a single device. However, Gojek is one of the admirable solutions to users, and it also generated more revenue with a multi-service app script.

We offer an on-demand Gojek clone script – Fox-Jek which offers 40+ on-demand services for your startup including transport booking – bike, taxi, courier, rental services, on-demand delivery – food, grocery, medicine, alcohol, etc, and on-demand handyman services like house cleaning, beauty, massage, tow-truck, etc. If you also want to build apps like Gojek for your business startup let’s discuss.

Gojek Clone App Services

Our Gojek Clone App – Fox-Jek offers 40+
On-Demand Services in Single App
Taxi Ride Services
Taxi Ride
Liquor Delivery Service
Liquor Delivery
Pet Care Service
Pet Care
Home Cleaning
Home Cleaning
AC Repair Service
AC Repair
Bike Ride
Bike Ride
Flowers Delivery
Flowers Delivery
Workout Trainer
Workout Trainer
Coupon Deals Services
Coupon Deals
Water Delivery
Water Delivery
Security Service
Security Service
Snow Blowers
Snow Blowers
Car Wash Service
Car Wash
Courier Service
Courier Service
Medicine Delivery Service
Medicine Delivery
Tutors Service
Laundry Service
Laundry Service
Car Repair Service
Car Repair
Food Delivery Services
Food Delivery
Dog Walking Service
Dog Walking
Beauty Service
Beauty Service
Maid Service
Maid Service
Tow Truck Service
Tow Truck
Grocery Delivery Service
Grocery Delivery
Baby Care Service
Baby Care
Massage Service
Massage Service
Pest Control
Pest Control
Plumbers Service

Transport Services

Get a bike & car
ride services

Delivery Services

Check how delivery
service works

Provider Services

Get 40+ on-demand
provider services
gojek all services
All in one app

Fox-Jek User App Features

Check Gojek Clone User App
Preview & Features
Access 30 Services
Access 40+ Services

The user can access 40+ on-demand services including transport, delivery, and providers services


Fox-Jek app offers wallet features to the users. A user can use wallet amount for pay ride/order amount

Reviews Ratings
Reviews & Ratings

A user can give a review and rating to driver/provider/store after the end of the order/ride request

In app Live Chat
In-App Live Chat

A user can send the text message to a driver/delivery person or providers during order request

Booking History
Order History

A user can view the order history based on categories like rides, deliveries, and on-demand service

Fox-Jek Driver App Features

Check Gojek Clone Driver/Delivery Person
App Preview & Features
Work as Multi-Service
Work as Multi-Service

A driver can work in multi-services like bike riding, store delivery, and courier delivery services

Easy Call
Easy Call

A driver can call to a user/store within the app if trouble to find the location or any query

Map Navigation
Map Navigation

A driver can use Google map navigation within the app if they have trouble to find the route

Profile Status

A driver can set their profile status as online/offline; they get a new ride/order request while profile status online

Earning Reports
Earning History

A driver can see the earning history with the total number of completed & canceled rides & orders

Fox-Jek Store App Features

Check Gojek Clone Store
App Preview & Features
New Orders List
New Orders List

A store user can view the list of all new order requests with the order details

Store Settings
Store Settings

A user can change the store details like delivery time, delivery area radius, order min amount, packaging charge & store timing

Manage Profile
Manage Profile

A store user can update their profile info like first & last name and more details

Manage Products
Manage Products

In the app store user can ON/OFF store products, they can’t add and update it

Dispatch Order
Dispatch Order

Once complete preparing or packaging the order, a store user can dispatch the order from store to user’s location

Fox-Jek Provider App Features

Check Gojek Clone Service Provider
App Preview & Features
Add Services
Add Services

Once registration successfully, the provider must add the on-demand services which they want to offer

Manage Documents
Required Document

After the services & package selection, they must upload required documents of specific services

In-app Live Chat
Message to User

After the order request accepted, they can chat with the user within the app

Add Service Package
Add Service Package

Provider needed to add services packages with details of parent service, package name, price & more

Invoice/Order Detail
View Order Details

Once the new order request get the user can view the details of the order request and manage it

Gojek Clone App Script Workflow

Check our On-demand Multi Service Fox-Jek Customer, Driver,
Store Owner, and Provider App step by step Work-flow
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Gojek Clone – Super Admin Web Features

Check our super admin web panel features
of all-in-one services Gojek clone app
Admin panel

With the help of powerful dashboard, admin can see the site statics like total orders, total revenue, new users, and all on-demand service’s total orders.

Manage Service Type
Manage Services

Admin can view today’s ride request with user name, driver name, pickup & destination address, ride fare, ride time, and ride status.

Services Dashboard
Service’s Dashboard

In the web panel, admin can view all on-demand service’s single dashboard with the details of total providers, users, orders, revenue, last 7 days statics of the services.

Manage Promo Code

Admin can add/modify promo code details including promo code name, offer type like percentage/amount, offer value, usage limit, expire date, and status of the promo code.

Payment Settings
Payment Settings

Admin can manage the payment settings of the site like service wise commission, tax percentage, payment methods of the site like cash, card, wallet.

Mass Notification
Mass Notification

Admin can be sent the mass notification message to all users, drivers, stores, and on-demand providers. The features used when admin wants to broadcast message.

Reviews Ratings
Ratings & Reviews

Admin can see the review & ratings of all users & drivers with particulate services. If the admin wants to view only taxi ride user’s review, admin views it from taxi ride menu.

Gojek Clone Benefits

How Gojek clone app benefits
for your business

Gojek clone app offers a multi-services including taxi booking app, on-demand food delivery, and other on-demand provider services. The main advantage of Gojek clone, it is supporting all the services in a single application. You don’t need to handle the separate application for single service for your business. You can handle multi-services from the Gojek clone app.

For any driver, they can work in multi-services like a bike ride, store delivery, and courier delivery; so they get a more ride/order request and more revenue.

Gojek Benefits

Check Our Gojek Clone Demo

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Download our free apps &
Check web panel demo
user app
driver panel
store app
provider app
admin panel
Store Live Demo


Our Fox-Jek web panels, Android & iOS app source code developed using the below robust & scalable
technology architecture. The latest technology makes the complete script more powerful for your business.
tech section

Get Advanced Features ABSOLUTELY FREE!

We offer a below list of all features
Payment Option
Payment Option

Our Gojek clone offers total secure payment gateway for users. We offer multiple payment options like cash, credit cards, and wallets. We have also provided internal Wallet features.

Schedule Ride
Schedule Booking

A user can schedule a ride/order request before four days of the current time. A user has an option to booking a ride/order now or schedule it.

Multi lingual Script
Multilingual Script

The on-demand script is used for a wide range of the area. People communicate in the different language in a particular region. Our clone script offers multi-language, so the system is available for any location.

phone with wire
Call Between Provider & User

Our clone script offers communication features for a user, driver, and providers. A user and providers can call each other with a single tap.

Change App Logo Color
Change App & Logo Color

If you are want to change logo and app color based on your requirement? We offer you a customizable color option for app & logo that help to match your branding.

In app Live Chat
In-App Live Chat

We offer an in-app live chat features totally free in our Gojek clone app. Users/drivers/providers can send the text message to each other during the order request.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the links and quickly get
to the answer you need!

Our Gojek clone script offers more than 32+ on-demand services into the single application.

Gojek Clone script has several features like dispatcher panel, admin panel, live chat, map navigation and more.

You can see the live demo on our website. If you want to more details contact – [email protected]

Yes, the product script supports multilingual.

Yes, our scripts codes are flexible. You can customize codes according to your requirements.

In our clone script no limit for a number of users & drivers.

The only dedicated server is used for the script. Any Linux based server is work for the software. We suggest server – AWS and DigitalOcean.

Our Gojek clone app generates revenue from the commission. You have a driver, store and total commission.

Yes, Gojek clone app is a successful business model itself.

Our script is developed in Laravel V5.7, My SQL V4.7.4, and PHP V7.1.11. Our Android app script is supported in above all Jelly Bin Android versions.

Yes, we are offering best web hosting services as per your requirements.

Yes, we offer you with 3-month free technical support. You can contact us anytime hours using email, skype or phone number.

Driver details position for pickup and pre pickup is working based on Google Latitude-Longitude address. Our script is tracking a location through google map’s Live Lat-Long address.

The script requires – Twilio SMS gateway, Payment Gateway (PayPal, authorize.net, and Stripe), Google Map Key, Apple Developer account, Play store Developer account, and pubnub services.

Pricing & Packages

We offer a ready-to-use white label Gojek clone app script at a lower price than other competitors. Check our
different pricing packages which are the best match for your requirements.

Why We Better?

Why our Gojek clone app better
than other competitors

> We have a ready Gojek clone app so you can launch your startup within a few days.

> Our Gojek clone app script includes Native Android, iOS app, and web panels with source code.

> We provide an on-demand service app with your brand name and logo. We launch your app in play & app store with your company name.

> We setup your app & web with one-year technical support free of cost.

> We offer Gojek clone app with local language and currency,
so you launch the Gojek clone script in your region.

Our Product List

We develop an on-demand white label product script like taxi booking script,
food delivery app, Delivery anything, and more Uber for X

Fox-Taxi is an on-demand taxi booking app script like Uber


Fox-Food is an on-demand food delivery app like UberEats


Fox- handyman offer 20+ on-demand provider services

Delivery Anything
Delivery Anything

Delivery Anything offers multi deliveries like glovo app

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