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Check our Food Ordering user app, driver app, store app and admin panel features.
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Food Delivery Clone – User App Features

Using our Food delivery app user can
place food order and track live location

For order food online, the user must have a login to the app. Users can sign up with necessary details like name, email, contact details.

Easy Payment
Payment Option

A user has a flexible payment option to select an order payment like cash, cards, and in-app wallet.

Manage Address
Manage Address

A user has an option to manage an address up to five. They have the option to add or edit an address.

Review & Rating
View Feedbacks

A user can view all restaurant reviews, ratings, and comments given by others to choose the finest restaurant.

Addition Information
Addition Information

If a user has any specific food request, they can simply add additional information features.

Invite Friend
Invite Friend

A user can invite their friends through social accounts and get a discount on their next order request.

Social Login
Social Login

A user can log in through social accounts like Facebook, Google or via Email to order food from the app.

order cancle
Cancel Order

A user can cancel the order request by providing a valid reason for the cancellation.

Search Product

A user can view all food items and they have an option to search for products based on their requirements.

Wide Range of Food Categories
Categories Wise Product

After selecting the restaurant, a user can find food item categorizes wise like veg and non-veg.

Schedual Order
Schedule Order

After selecting the food item, a user has an option to schedule a food order based on their requirements.

Promo Code
Promo Code

A user can use promo code when they order food and get an extra discount from every food order.

Fox-Food User App Preview

Fox-Food user app stunning UI design
to enhancing the user experience

Food Delivery Clone App – Driver App Features

A driver can get an online order request
and earn money when they want

The delivery person can sign up into the app to provide basic details with name, email, contact details, bank details, and vehicle information.

Manage Profile
Manage Profile

A delivery person can manage their profile information such as name, email, profile picture, bank account details, and contact details.

Manage Request
Get Order Request

After an admin approves the driver, they get an online food delivery order request from the user.

Manage Vehicle
Vehicle Details

After selecting the vehicle, a delivery person required to add vehicle details such as manufacturer name, vehicle number, etc.

Social Login
Social Login

A delivery person can log in through social accounts like Facebook, Google or via Email to get order requests.

Manage Request
Manage order request

A delivery person can manage order requests by Accept/Reject. By providing a valid cancellation reason delivery person can reject order requests.

Bank Details
Manage Bank Details

A delivery person can add/modified bank account details and get earning revenue from the admin.

Invoice Detail
Invoice Details

After completing the order request, a delivery person get an invoice with details of the total order amount, order discount, tax, delivery charges, etc.

Fox-Food Driver App Preview

The Fox-Food driver app design
to manage all the delivery request

Food Delivery Clone – Store App Features

A store manage store details,
view earning, and manage all order request

A store vendor signup into an app with details name, email, contact details, and profile picture.

Earning History

A store vendor can view earning history with a total number of accept, reject, running and pending orders.


A store vendor sets store profile status online/offline. When store status online they get a new order request.

Manage Request
Manage Order Request

A store vendor manages the order with a single tap. They have an option to view, reject, and accept a new order request.

Manage Profile
Manage Profile

A store vendor can add/modified their profile details such as name, email, contact details, and profile picture.

Manage Store Offer

Store vendors can add/modify the store offers with the details of minimum order amount, offer value in amount or percentage.

Fox-Food Store App Preview

The Fox-Store driver app specially designs for
smoothly store’s orders management

Food Delivery Clone – Web Panel Features

Our Food Ordering clone script manage new order,
store/driver details, new product and view earning a report
Manage Order Status
God’s View

Admin can view all driver live location on the map using GPS. Admin can detect the current location of all available drivers.

Earning Report

Admin can check the earning report of driver/store and system commission earning. Admin can view daily, weekly and monthly earning a report.

Require Document
Manage Documents

Admin can add and edit the required document for driver/store accounts like vehicle insurance, driver id proof, license, and more documents.

View Available Providers
Approved Drivers

Admin can check and approved driver details. Admin has the option to unapproved or blocks the driver account.

Easy Payment
Payment Settings

Admin set the payment settings like Commission percentage, driver/store commission percentage, Tax percentage, cash, and card type payments.

Review & Rating
View Feedback

Admin can view all the feedback given to the store/driver with details and also view user details that are given it.

Fox-Food Web Admin Preview

Simple and Unique Design
to Control Complete Functionality

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Our Product List

We develop an on-demand white label product script like taxi booking script,
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Fox-Taxi is an on-demand taxi booking app script like Uber

Fox-Food Product

Fox-Food is an on-demand food delivery app like UberEats

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Fox-Bike is Bike Riding App like UberMOTO

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Fox-Carpool is a ride-sharing app like Uberpool & BlaBlaCar

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