Top 10 Food Delivery Apps in Brazil

Food Delivery Apps in Brazil

Top 10 Food Delivery Apps in Brazil

The food delivery market has experienced noticeable growth globally. Led by various platform-to-customer services, the Brazilian market is full of food delivery service providers like iFood, DoorDash, Uber Eats, and more. Food delivery in Brazil has expanded from takeaway to anything and everything.

As the food delivery market is growing in Brazil, it’s the right time for delivery startups to add their names to the top list. To help you understand how other food delivery startups serve and satisfy the growing need of food lovers we have listed the top 10 food delivery apps in Brazil. Explore the list to follow the footprint and achieve success in a short time.

Food Delivery Apps in Brazil

Food Delivery in Brazil: Which App is Best to Order Meals?

In 2022, iFood was the most favorite food ordering app in Brazil with 76%. Following the Uber Eats exit from the Brazilian market, WhatsApp stands second with a 6% market share. Other most used mobile apps include Rappi, Aiqfome, 99food, and many others.

Most popular apps for online food ordering in Brazil

Source: (Statista)

With technology penetration, Brazil has fast growth, whereas it has increased the popularity of on-demand apps. With the growth in smartphone adoption, the food ordering, and delivery market has experienced the most extensive sales. 

Food Delivery Apps in Brazil

More than 83% of smartphone owners in Brazil use one or another food delivery app in Brazil in 2021 and expected to grow more in upcoming years. The market is expected to grow by 12% of CAGR.

Brazil Food Service MarketSource: (Mordor Intelligence)

There are lots of meal delivery suppliers in Brazil that work to satisfy the hunger of food lovers. If you are thinking of starting an online food delivery business in Brazil with an online food ordering app, you need to know everything about the market, competitors, and more. Let’s explore the list of food delivery in Brazil and which app is best for ordering meals.

1. iFood

iFood Brazilian online food ordering platform, iFood was founded in 2011 by Eduardo Baer, Felipe Fioravante, Patrick Sigrist, and Guilherme Bonifacio. The company operates in Brazil and Colombia and holds around 80% market share. In August 2018, it merged its business in Colombia and Argentina with rivals PedidosYa and with Domicilios.com in March 2021.

iFood connected 15,000 restaurants to consumers who collectively placed almost 4 million orders every month. In 2018, the company had £123.8m in sales, helping the company to grow by 16 times more than other delivery companies in the region. In August 2022, JustEat sold its 33% stake in iFood to Prosus for around €1.8 billion.

Competitors like Aiqfome, 99 Food, and Rappi don’t come near the usage rates iFood enjoys. A recent survey in 2022 says that almost nine in ten respondents in Brazil used iFood, which is almost 87%, whereas the user share didn’t exceed 20% among any of its competitors.

2. Rappi

Founded in 2015, Rappi was founded by three Colombian entrepreneurs Sebastián Mejía, Simón Borrero, and Felipe Villamarin. In March 2019, the company partnered with Visa Inc. to offer prepaid cards in Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia. In 2022, Rappi offered its service in nine Latin American countries including Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Ecuador, Mexico, and Peru.

More than 40,000 companies have joined Rappi since its launch, the platform has more than 100 million downloads. Latin American food delivery company Rappi raised 2.3 billion U.S. dollars. The platform makes it easier for food lovers to order everything they want to get delivered, that also within 30 minutes.

Rappi raised $2.3B in 14 funding rounds. As of 2021, the company’s value increased and reached 5.2 billion U.S. dollars, this shows an almost 420% increase compared to other competitors. Looking at the company’s success, startups are choosing to develop an app like Rappi to provide quick access to customers and generate greater revenue in a short time.

3. Aiqfome

Founded in November 2007, Aiqfome is a mobile app that provides users with food delivery services in the market. The company is headquartered in Parana, Brazil. Users can easily search for and order delicious meals from nearby restaurants. Advanced features of the food ordering platform make it easier for food lovers to order, track delivery, and pay online without hassle.

4. 99food

Launched in 2012, 99Food has expanded its food delivery business operations in Latin American cities. The online ordering platform enables food lovers to order and get meals delivered on time. Customers can order a variety of meals for breakfast, dinner, and lunch.

99 Food is a fast and reliable meal ordering and delivery platform. It links customers, couriers, and stores together, food lovers can order and get the meals delivered right to their doorsteps. Customers can order anything and anytime with a couple of clicks. The online ordering and delivery platform provides an improved experience to customers, even during the pandemic’s spread.

5. James Delivery

On-demand food ordering and the delivery app aim to provide more comfort to customers. James Delivery ensures delivery within 35 minutes, the online ordering platform has partnered with more than 4,000 establishments throughout Brazil. Brazilian-based James Delivery offers food delivery service to customers whenever and from wherever they demand.

James Delivery enables food lovers to place online orders for delivery from nearby restaurants. Users can use this app to place an order after exploring the menu. James’ delivery courier will pick up the order from the restaurant and deliver them to customers’ doorsteps. Additionally, customers get the choice to pick up the order directly or schedule the pickup for later.

6. Quero Delivery

Founded in 2018, Quero Delivery is an online restaurant search platform that makes it easier for customers to order their favorite meals. The online ordering and delivery platform provides advanced features to food lovers, making it easier for them to satisfy their taste buds with meals they want to enjoy. Users can browse the menu, track food orders, and make online payments.

7. Delivery Much

Food ordering and delivery app, Delivery Much operates and satisfies the requirements of food lovers in Brazil. If you are looking for top food delivery in Brazil then you can’t miss Delivery Much as it enables users to search for restaurants, offers, discounts, food, and more.

Delivery Much was founded in 2011 and established in Santa Catarina, Brazil. The app-based delivery app, Delivery Much is available for iOS and Android. The food delivery app enables customers to get their meals delivered to their doorsteps. Besides this, the platform enables users to pay through multiple payment options.

8. Hello Food

Hello Food Online Food Ordering Platform

Founded in 2012, Hello Food is an on-demand food ordering and delivery app that connects hungry people to a nearby restaurant. The company was founded as an affiliate of Just Eat Holdings. HelloFood offers its service in more than 15 Brazilian cities and has a vast customer base.

HelloFood provides an amazing service experience for consumers. Food lovers can explore a list of restaurants, menus, and other customers’ reviews before ordering food. The company performs the third acquisition in the Brazilian market. HelloFood offers access to almost 2,000 restaurants and has become a leading force in the market.

9. Zomato

Launched by Pankaj Chaddah and Deepinder Goyal in 2008, Zomato is a multinational restaurant. The company has partnered with more than 1.5 million restaurants and approximately 285 million ratings. Zomato has established its service in the marketplace and is available in different languages such as English, Indonesian, Portuguese, etc.

If you are thinking of starting food delivery in Brazil then you can consider developing an app similar to Zomato. This app makes it easier for customers to search for a nearby restaurant and order their favorite meal within a few taps.

10. Cabana Burger

If you love to eat burgers and want to enjoy them in the comfort of your sofa, Cabana Burger is the right place to get them. Three friends launched the online platform in 2016, the on-demand chain quickly grew to 13 stores with ambitions to expand to over 100 locations in the next few years.

Cabana Burger is the right choice for those who want to eat a burger that prioritizes flavor with the best products. The company goes beyond burgers and provides a true concept of flavor and lifestyle. During the COVID-19 spread, Cabana Burger also opted for an all-delivery model and reduced its delivery time to 10 minutes. This helped the company to have 400% orders year on year.

Launch Your Food Ordering and Delivery Business in Brazil Today!

Growing food delivery in Brazil has opened great opportunities for businesses to start and achieve massive success. As food lovers have lots of options when it comes to downloading food delivery apps in Brazil, it becomes vital for you to make your app unique and engaging.

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