Top 10 South African Food Delivery Apps to Look for in 2024

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The Ultimate Guide to South Africa's Food Delivery Apps

Top 10 South African Food Delivery Apps to Look for in 2024

In the last couple of years, the convenience of online food delivery apps has changed how people enjoy their favorite meals, and South Africa is not left behind in this trend. With the increasing penetration of modern technology and wide access to the Internet, the online food delivery app sector in South Africa has experienced a massive boom. 

From bustling urban centers to remote areas, South Africans are highly inclined towards online food delivery apps to fulfill their cravings without leaving the comfort of their couch. As the demand for food delivery apps increases, a couple of innovative apps have been launched in SA to meet the unique needs of modern folks. 

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Whether it’s a quick lunch break at the office or a cosy dinner at a friend’s location, food delivery apps make online ordering easy. With the convenience of ordering food online at a couple of clicks on the smartphone, South African food delivery apps have become an integral part of tech-savvy dining culture. Along with people, these apps also benefit local restaurants as they can reach a wider audience and expand their business without spending huge money. 

Well, this is the reason why more and more entrepreneurs find this category profitable. If you are one of them and want to know more about popular SA food delivery apps, you are at the right place. Have a look at popular food delivery apps that are ruling the South African food delivery market. 

The Overview of the South African Food Delivery Market

South Africa food delivery app staticsSource: Maximize Market Research

The food delivery market in South Africa is presently experiencing an astonishing level of growth, as consumers now are more interested in having quick access to food towards the benefit of technology.

The way the figures are speaking, the market size is estimated to be going up to approximately 400 million by the coming year 2025, and the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) has been about 10% from 2020 to 2025. 

  • These factors include urbanization, expansion of internet networking, and most importantly a middle-class population that can generate additional income to spend.
  • Among the key growth engines of the South African food delivery growing smartphone usage is the development of online connectivity and internet robustness.
  • There is a significant number of people (more than 90%) owning smartphones in South Africa, which implies many consumers use the apps to order food with convenience. 
  • This transformation has paved the way for food delivery startups to grow and now reach the market with local restaurants and international chains no matter the cuisine.

Also, the food delivery service adoption has been jump-started by COVID-19 in South Africa as people embrace safety and convenience over many things, especially in the current times. 

A trend has emerged among restaurants during the periods of lockdowns, whereby many restaurants begin offering delivery and takeout as an extra option, and as a result, the previously established app-based food delivery remains very popular. 

As a consequence, both market leaders and newcomers have been able to dramatically increase their contributions from meager order volumes and incomes.

While the sector presents lots of good development opportunities, growth is still held back by competitive pressure, logistical impediments, and barriers to entry. However, increasing the investment in technology, infrastructure, and marketing promotion, the market is forecasted to have more upward development, which will bring better business opportunities to the existing competitors as well as newcomers hoping to address the increasing demand for convenient food delivery services.

Top 10 South African Food Delivery Apps to Use in 2024 

This detailed blog is going to analyze the leading 10 South African food delivery platforms in 2024 that are the key players in the market. 

Listing from already-established players to continuously emergent challengers, every app broadly features a wide array of eatery spots to cut across even the most demanding flavours. If you are up for popular South African cuisine or international tastes, these apps will make your delivery simple enough with their easy and responsive interfaces. 

Let’s find out about the gastronomic wonders from which you can choose to order thanks to the South African food delivery apps.

Mr D Food

Mr D Food app

Mr D Food has beaten all odds and stood out amongst the competition as the leading and trusted delivery platform in South Africa. Mr D Food offers a variety of restaurants and just as many menus of cuisines, from local South African tastes to international chains. 

This is a perfect match for the whole spectrum of food preferences of South African cookery gurus. The customer-centric app interface enables the customers to view menus, place orders and monitor delivery all from an easy-to-use app. Whether you miss the succulent taste of a burger, the zesty notes of an Indian curry, or the fresh sushi of today, Mr D Food makes sure your favorite dishes get to you in no more than a few minutes.

Uber Eats

Uber Eats has stepped up to take the lead in Food delivery having the best platform that allows customers to browse various restaurants. Uber Eats, with a range of food joints in it from fast-food joints to upscale restaurants to choose from, provides users with a variety of eating options. 

The tracking capability of the app in real time allows customers to watch the order moving from one node to another, thus providing a smooth and punctual part of the service. Among food delivery lovers in South Africa, Uber Eats demonstrates its reliability and diversity of options, which is all because of its fully operative food delivery service and partnering with numerous restaurants.

Checkers Sixty60

Checkers Sixty60 app

South Africa’s online food and grocery ordering experience has changed with Checkers Sixty60 shaking the ground with its powerful mobile application. Moreover, past Checkers Sixty60 features an assortment of ready-to-eat dishes and light snacks as a follow-up convenience. 

The web-based application is designed in such a way that the users can easily navigate to discover products, order, and specify desired delivery dates and times. It took not much time for Checkers Sixty60 to get on the list of the most rapid home delivery service providers with an attractive pricing policy because many people in South Africa were looking for a way to buy home products and have homemade tasty meals in a convenient setting.


OrderIn is a unique and original food delivery app that South Africa’s customers have grown to love because they find a lot of interesting restaurants and eateries through it. This world-class restaurant offers a wide variety of culturally diverse culinary options to satisfy your appetite. With this app, the interface is very simple and allows you to look through the menu, place orders, and check the deliveries in just a matter of seconds. 

As a food delivery service in logos, OrderIn works hand in hand with customer satisfaction and making its delivery service efficient, which makes it South Africa’s reliable choice for food delivery.


Zulzi app

Zulzi sets the tone in the grocery and alcohol delivery market in South Africa, since they have a less usual manner to attack the challenge. The app helps customers buy from the supermarkets and liquor stores in which they frequent and complete their deliveries even within an hour. 

Zulzi’s faculty enables ease of use via its clean interface and speedy delivery making it a go-to for a wide variety of people including those squeezed up for time and those looking to stay stocked up on daily needs without stepping out of their homes. Thanks to its comprehensive product line and quick delivery times, Zulzi has now been turned into the first option for fashion-conscious South African shoppers who choose a reliable and fast shopping experience.

Nando’s Delivery

Nando's Delivery app

The saucy fowl of South African origin, Nando’s Delivery, overcomes this problem by bringing peri-peri chicken to homes with its convenient food delivery service. From chicken rolls cooked in the flame to irresistible side dishes and desserts, Nando’s Delivery provides its clients with a large variety of Portuguese cuisine options. 

Thanks to its app and extremely effective delivery networks, Nando’s Delivery enables their beloved users to enjoy food from Nando’s at any time and in any place, without harming the quality of taste or the quality.

Mugg & Bean

Mugg & Bean app

The food delivery app of Mugg & Bean will now bring the familiar warm atmosphere and tasty meals everyone loves from the coffee shop chain right into a customer’s home. Whether you want to perk up your morning with a hearty breakfast, satisfy your midday hunger with a nice sandwich, or tease your appetite with a scrumptious dessert, Mugg & Bean via delivery is at your service. 

Mug-n-Bean features an easy-to-navigate website and dependable out-of-the-door services that ensure you do not miss out on your best comfort foods at home. Starving and the friends nearby? From your favourite signature Muggachino to classic eggs benedict, our delivery app allows you to satisfy your cravings with just a few clicks of your phone’s button.

Wimpy Delivery

Wimpy Delivery is making the lives of South Africans more comfortable and easy, as now they can enjoy their favorite burgers, breakfasts, and everything else via the service team from the comfort of their own homes. With a menu that covers the traditional Wimpy offerings and some new additions as well, the app emphasises its ability to serve the entire category of palates. 

Whether it is a craving for a juicy burger, a serene breakfast platter, or a cooling milkshake delivery, wimpy delivery makes them answer your cravings by just clicking a mouse. Being fully customer-oriented and employing a good order system and a professional delivery service, Wimpy Delivery is the place to be for those who crave the taste of original comfort food but wish to stay in the comfort of their abode.


JumiaFood app

Jumia Food is the titan in the food delivery market in South Africa having many restaurants and cuisines to capture every taste bud. The JumiaFood service is appreciated for its convenience. Customers are capable of ordering meals for home deliveries with the help of an easy-to-use mobile application. Whatever dish it is that you are passionate about eating, JumiaFood provides you with a reliable and easy means of ordering sumptuous food right at your fingertips.


SoFresh app

Innovation in meal delivery is being spearheaded by SoFresh into the South African food delivery scene. The delivery is of fresh, healthy, and nutritious meals and is done directly to the customer’s doorstep. 

Focussing on fresh salads, wraps, smoothies, and other similar foods, SoFresh is no doubt seeking to bring something new and fresh to fast food. With app simple interactions, customers can look through menus, form their orders, and make schedules for delivery at their own pace. Using premium ingredients and cooking nutritious meals, SoFresh is not only a respected brand but also a perfect companion for diet-conscious people in SA who are in search of convenient and mouth-watering food at the same time.

The Booming Food Delivery Market: Top Apps in South Africa

It is worth mentioning that the food delivery market in South Africa is growing at an impressive speed. It is not by chance that the food delivery market worldwide is also growing fast. With the rise of food delivery apps, South African traditional dishes, and international cuisines is the trend that has become a ticket for the convenience and accessibility of one’s favorite meal in no time.

If you’re a business person who wants to get on the growing trends of food delivery, nothing could be easier than to become an owner of your application for it! White Label Fox is an experienced on-demand app development company that helps you launch your food delivery in no time. 

Take advantage of our powerful food delivery app script that helps you go online in no time while hitting the market earliest.  Contact us now and we will discuss further your business and project, and govern the way to your success.

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