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Looking for an easy way to start your online multi-delivery business? Pick a simple and easy way to generate more revenue with the Glovo Clone App, and grab the opportunity to serve online food ordering and multi-delivery facilities seeking customers.


There are three huge qualities of online delivery platforms: affordability, flexibility, and quick action. Business owners are planning to go with this app to get through this immense market of on-demand services. Coming to the point, the Glovo Clone app is a multi-delivery platform to satisfy your day-to-day life needs like food, groceries, etc. This clone uses the same functionality and features as the Glovo app.

In the Glovo clone app, you will get a customer app, a driver/delivery person app, a store app, an admin panel, and a store panel according to your requirements. Our on-demand multi-delivery clone script is ready to use and a complete white-label solution for your startup business. As this clone app offers a plethora of advantages, it enables business owners to serve their customers with a legion of delivery services. So, without mulling it over anymore, embrace the on-demand services market with us!


Food Delivery
Grocery Delivery
Water Delivery
Medicine Delivery
Alcohol Delivery
Courier Delivery


White Lable Fox offers a fully customizable and customer-friendly Glovo clone script that includes the below deliverables:

  Customer Android Application

  Customer iOS Application

  Driver/Delivery Person Android Application

  Driver/Delivery Person iOS Application

  Store Owner Android Application

  Store Owner iOS Application

  Super Admin Web Panel

  Store/Restaurant Web Panel

  Dispatcher Web Panel

  Billing Admin Account

  Static Landing Page Website

Features of Our Glovo Clone App

Browse and Search

Customers can browse through different categories, such as restaurants, groceries, or pharmacies, and search for specific items or services they need.

Ordering & Customization

Customers have the option to select items they want to order and customize them based on their choice or preferences.

Real-Time Tracking

Once an order is confirmed, customers can track the status of their delivery partner and can estimate the time of arrival.

Ratings and Reviews

Customers can provide feedback on their delivery experience by rating the service or leaving reviews for the restaurant or store owner.

Multiple Payment Options

Customers can make payments via different payment methods, such as credit/debit cards, mobile wallets, or cash on delivery as per their convenience.

Order History

The Customers can check their order history, and can also add them to favorites making it easier to reorder their favorite items.

Accept/Decline Orders

Drivers receive notifications for new delivery requests and have the option to accept or decline them based on their availability.

Order Status Updates

Drivers can update the order status in real-time, allowing customers to track the progress of their delivery.

Communication with Customers

Drivers can contact customers directly through in-app messaging or call them for clarifications, and updates, or to notify them about any delays.

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Order Details

Drivers can access detailed information about the order, including the pickup location, delivery address, and items to be delivered.

Navigation and Routing

Drivers can access built-in navigation tools or integrate with popular mapping services like Google Maps.

Online/Offline Status

Drivers have the option to set their availability status, indicating whether they are ready to accept new orders or temporarily unavailable at that moment.

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Order Manage

The Stores receive notifications when an order is placed and have the option to manage it through the Glovo app.

Real-Time Communication

Stores can communicate with delivery drivers through the app to provide updates, and clarify order details.

Special Offers and Discounts

Stores can create special offers, discounts, or promotional codes to attract more customers and drive sales.

Product Management

The Stores can manage their menu or product listings as per the product availability within the platform.

Order Preparation

Stores can update the status of an order and indicate its progress, so the delivery partner/customer has an idea about the order.

Order History and Analytics

Stores can access their order history and analytics to gain insights into customer preferences, popular items, and sales trends.

Escalate Your Multi-Delivery Business
With This Fascinating App!

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A Transcendent Technology Stack to Mould Your App
Our Glovo clone app web panels and Android and iOS app source code are developed using the below robust and scalable technology infrastructure. The new in-line technology implementation makes an entire script more efficient and authentic for your on-demand business.
Used technology

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the Answer to Every Rising Question In Your Mind!

Glovo Clone is the perfect multi-delivery platform for your daily essentials like food, groceries, etc. This clone replicates the same features and functionalities as the Glovo app.

Yes, we provide multiple modes of payment, like cash, debit or credit cards, etc.

No, we have no bars for users to join your platform; however, you can customize it as per your wish.

We always make efforts to give the best experience with clone apps like Glovo, which includes your requirements in terms of features and functionalities. Thus, it may take around 7–10 business days.

Yes, the user gets the option to track the orders that are placed.

No, there are no hidden charges; you will be informed in advance about the exact cost.

You will get respective web panels and dedicated apps to offer a unique experience to its users. The package comprises the app and panels for the customer, driver, store, and admin panel to make a coherent business flow.

Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any queries or doubts. Feel free to chat with us via any mode of communication.

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