How To Develop Your Glovo Delivery App Solution?

glovo delivery app solution

How To Develop Your Glovo Delivery App Solution?

There are lots of local on-demand delivery app services launch in the market. Glovo is an also local delivery service available in Spain.

If you doubt in your mind, why local delivery service app demand is massive in the market? We all of one wants to someone done our works.

The on-demand delivery is the same concept to someone completed our works, and we save our time in a busy life.

According to Statista delivery merchandise is projected to reach 3.35 billion US dollars in 2018 and in 2014 the amount is only 0.1 billion US dollars.

According to Forbes same day delivery service is attracting more than 22.4 million users annually and 57.6 billion dollars in spending.

72% of Americans have used on-demand services as per Pewinternet Statistics.

What is Glovo App?

Glovo is a Barcelona-based company, founded in 2015. It is a Spanish start-up on-demand delivery service company.

Glovo promise to get you anything which you want from any store or restaurant in your city and delivery it within one hour.

The Glovo has 3000+ courier fleet in the worldwide; They offer a service whenever you want to pick-up and delivery services.

Nowadays, Glovo delivery offers its services in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Bolivia, France, Chile, Argentina, Peru, and plan to expand in more cities.

Glovo delivery app provides multi on-demand services like Food, flowers, pharmacy, alcohol, groceries, games, costume, laundry, and more services.

Glovo Clone App:

If you are also want to build the same on-demand delivery app like Glovo, we have a solution for you.

We offer an on-demand delivery app that works the same as Glovo delivery app. We provide a separate application for users, delivery people(Courier man), and for store/restaurant.

The user’s app is for, who wants to order or send couriers to other places. A user browses and search their popular services from store/restaurant and book the order.

Store/Restaurant app manage their menu, price, offers, and more details. Using the app, they executed their orders and delivered through courier peoples.

The driver app for the delivery people, they picked up the product from store/restaurant or pickup location and delivered at the drop location.

We also offer a super admin who manages the whole system payment structure and site reports, and dispatcher panel for tracking the live orders and control the system.

The benefits of the Glovo delivery clone app, user send or receive any parcels from one place to other places.

Does Glove Clone Generate Revenue?

Yes, Glovo clone generates revenue. Nowadays, no one spends time or money if they did not get revenue. You get income from the store partner based on the order commission. You also obtain cash from courier boys through two ways, hire your delivery people or as a freelance and commission based on delivery.

Contact Us White Label FoxIn case, If you are want to develop the same app like Glovo delivery yourself, it takes years to complete the app with research and creation. You must spend billions of dollars on improving the app. So instead of self-development, purchase the ready-to-use script and launch Glovo delivery app soon. For more information regarding Glovo Clone App development, feel free to contact us.

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