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Accelerate Your Conventional Food Delivery Business Growth with Our Feature-rich food delivery app script
Launch your food delivery business with a fully functional on-demand food delivery script and upscale your business in no time. Whether it be a restaurant, startup, or an entrepreneur, enjoy the privileges of powerful features designed to automate processes and make your customers happy. Go online seamlessly and stay ahead of the competition with our scalable white-label food ordering app.
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Launch Your Own White Label Online Ordering System

Make the most out of modern technology, empowering restaurants
and entrepreneurs in the digital waves.

fox food about us

Technology and innovation occupy the centre stage in the restaurant industry, and the least you can do to stay ahead is turn out great food. At White Label Fox, we are aware of the difficulties that are encountered by restaurants and entrepreneurs while transitioning to the digital environment. Our mission is to empower businesses to succeed in this fast-paced digital age. To do this, we have developed a comprehensive on-demand food delivery script.

We are experts at assisting entrepreneurs in the transition of their business online, offering a one-stop-shop solution that speeds up the operational process and improves the ability to reach more people. Our white label food delivery system has a particular configuration of modules that make it easy to order processing, deliver orders, entire menus, and customer management processes. From quick order processing to real-time tracking and customer feedback, our online food ordering system has powerful integrated functions that aim to improve the overall customer experience continually.

Implementing the technology provided by White Label Fox can increase revenue and keep businesses competitive in an ever-changing economic environment. Whether you are a restaurant owner planning to strengthen your digital opening or an entrepreneur entering the food delivery business, our food delivery app script is your key to a successful entry into the online food delivery industry.

Serving a Wide Range of Food Delivery Domains

Our food delivery platform has customized solutions, which fit
perfectly with the requirements of every enterprise in the food industry

Our food delivery system is created in such a way as to meet the different needs of all businesses, whether they are food delivery startups, established food chains or single restaurants. Through our food delivery service that addresses the variety of needs of startup restaurants, restaurant chains, and single restaurants, we provide small and large businesses with a chance to excel in today’s market, where the food industry has become very competitive. We equip businesses with the necessary tools, technology and services to run their business in the digital marketplace and ensure that the customers get excellent service.

food-delivery Single Restaurants

Single Restaurants

From one restaurant to even the largest, our online food ordering platform is designed to enhance its online presence, attract new customers, and optimize delivery operations.

food-delivery Restaurant Chains

Restaurant Chains

For restaurant chains, our white-label food delivery platform is the optimum choice. It offers central management of multiple locations, controlled order processing, and detailed analytics.

food-delivery Startups


Our platform aims to equip startups with all the necessary tools to prepare and scale their food delivery services promptly. Imagine the infinite potential for growth without the technical complexities as being a barrier.

Unlock Limitless Possibilities with
Our All-Inclusive Food Delivery Platform

The food delivery platform we build is equipped with a comprehensive set of features, segments and modules intended to consistently address the requirements of customers, stores and system managers. Admins have access to analytics, reports, and settings that can be customized to manage and improve the supply chain in some way. By employing our white label food delivery app, business owners can streamline operations, enhance customer experiences and get more attractive yields in the saturated food delivery market.

food-bullet-icon  Customer Android Application

food-bullet-icon  Customer iOS App

food-bullet-icon  Driver/Delivery Person Android App

food-bullet-icon  Driver/Delivery Person Android App

food-bullet-icon  Store Owner Android App

food-bullet-icon  Store Owner iOS App

food-bullet-icon  Super Admin Web Panel

food-bullet-icon  Store/Restaurant Web Panel

food-bullet-icon  Billing Web Panel

food-bullet-icon  Dispatcher Web Panel

food-bullet-icon  Customer Website


How Does White Label Food Delivery Platform Work ?

The food delivery system powers up our platform through various modules
that ensure all involved stakeholders’ smooth and delicate operation.

Fox-Food youtube work flow

Nowadays, consumers can look at menus online, place orders, and track the delivery process, which makes the ordering process faster and easier from the comfort of their homes.

Restaurants enable a more efficient order tracking system and inventory management to prepare customers’ orders promptly and accurately.

This flows down to the drivers and admin as they continue to act similarly, simplifying and being effective throughout the delivery process. As a result, our food delivery platform automates the process with a built-in mechanism facilitated through collaboration/ communication that is ultimately satisfied by the customers, restaurants, drivers, and stakeholders involved.

The Dynamic Admin Panel Workflow

Our admin panel provides administrators with all the necessary features and tools to control and monitor the whole food delivery platform highly efficiently. The admin panel features extensive reporting capabilities, generating monthly reports, examining vital indicators, and making data-driven decisions to maximize effectiveness and productivity. Making decisions driven by data provides managers with real-time and accurate information. It allows them to grow, improve customer satisfaction, and ensure excellence in operations on the food delivery platform.

youtube super admin workflow

White Label Food Delivery Customer App Features

Enjoy a modern and advanced food ordering application with
our White Label Customer Application for Food Delivery.

fox food White Label Food Delivery Customer App Features
Fox food Easy Search

Easy Search

Easily access your favourite restaurants and dishes with the filters, categories, and cuisines mechanisms, thereby making browsing easy.

Fox food Real-Time Tracking

Real-Time Tracking

Track the order’s progress online by real-time tracing, including preparation, pickup, and delivery, which lets customers manage their schedule ahead of time.

Fox food Seamless Payments

Seamless Payments

Witness a diverse range of secure payment methods, e.g., credit/debit cards, e-wallets and COD(Cash on delivery), to make the check-out process smooth-sailing.

Fox food In-App Call

In-App Call

Communicate directly with the restaurants or delivery partners through in-app calling and help them solve any queries accurately.

Fox food Favorite Restaurant Mark

Favorite Restaurant

Make it easier to put favourite restaurants aside and get the food that you want quickly by marking them for quick access.

Fox food Review and Ratings

Review and Ratings

Share dining experiences with the community and contribute by rating and reviewing restaurants helping others get an informed choice.

Fox food Share Referral Code

Share Referral Code

Encourage customer’s friends and family to download the app using your unique referral code and receive rewards and discounts for referrals successfully made.

Fox food Social Login

Social Login

Instantly login with social media accounts such as Facebook or Google to eradicate the hassle of a long manual process.

Efficient Driver App Features for Seamless Food Delivery

The Driver App simplifies delivery workflow, as it allows drivers
to deal with orders correctly and deliver top-notch service to customers.

Fox food Receive Order Requests

Receive Order Requests

Get and fulfil orders quickly and correctly in a real-time manner, as it would be part of the prompt delivery and customer satisfaction process.

Fox food Profile Management

Profile Management

Drivers can easily update and manage their profiles, which include personal information, vehicle information, and availability status.

Fox food View Past Orders

View Past Orders

Review the previous order history and delivery details for referential and record-keeping purposes.

Fox food Map Navigation

Map Navigation

Utilize mapping integrated navigation for accurate directions as well as efficient route planning during delivery trips.

Fox food Submit Documents

Submit Documents

Submit required documents, such as licenses and insurance certificates, straight through the application for authentication and compliance with the laws.

Fox food View Income Reports

View Income Reports

You will receive daily, weekly and monthly reports through which you can evaluate your performance and make changes if needed.

Fox food Availability Options

Availability Options

Indicate the desired number of shifts and schedule breaks to avoid excessive workloads and achieve a healthy work-life balance.

Fox food In-App Chat

In-App Chat

Access to customers and the support team via live chat in the app will allow for order updates and answering queries or feedback, thus improving communication and the quality of services.

fox food Efficient Driver App Features for Seamless Food Delivery

Food Ordering Script Restaurant App Features

Leverage modern features that make the dining experience
better for customers, and operations easier for restaurants.

fox food Food Ordering Script Restaurant App Features
Fox food Table Reservation

Table Reservation

Enable customers to book tables ahead of time, organize seats properly & allocate just the right amount of seating places for comfortable dining.

Fox food Seamless Payments

Feedback and Ratings

Overlook customer reviews and ratings in improving the service quality, investigating complaints, and customer retention.

Fox food Analytics and Reports

Analytics and Reports

Leverage data analytics, including sales trends, customer preferences, and operational efficiency, to make data-driven decisions for marketing strategy on the dashboard.

Fox food Multi-Language Support

Multi-Language Support

To satisfy a large number of customers, multilingual customer support will help them browse and order things in the language they prefer for better usability of the platform.

Fox food Order Management

Order Management

Effectively handle incoming orders by keeping track of each order status and communicating with the customers for a seamless order process and delivery in the stipulated time.

Fox food Customizable Menu

Customizable Menu

Update or customize menus as restaurants can swiftly alter dish descriptions, prices, and availability for accurate and captivating listings.

Fox food Online Payments

Online Payments

Use reliable online payment methods such as credit/debit cards, digital wallets, and Unified Payments Interface (UPI), among others, for frictionless and unanswered transactions.

Fox food Share Referral Code

Promotions & Discounts

Run promotion campaigns, give discounts, and implement loyalty programs to attract and retain customers, driving improvement in sales and revenue.

Deliver the Feast With Ease Through Your Feature Packed Food Ordering Platform
food delivery cta image

Food Delivery Script – Admin Panel Features

Make the most of the powerful and intuitive features that allow admins to competently control
all the processes of online food order activities and evaluate results and client satisfaction.

fox food Food Delivery Script - Admin Panel Features
Fox food Dashboard Overview


Gain a complete comprehension of the delivery business’s performance, which includes the acquisition of statistical data relating to orders.

Fox food Menu Management


Quickly implement the system on your existing menus, add new dishes and price updates, and organize categories to keep menus fresh and attractive.

Fox food Order Management


Track the orders coming in real-time, assign orders to drivers or delivery persons and monitor delivery status to have a seamless order fulfilment process.

Fox food Customer Management


Managed customer profiles, checked order history, and replied to customer queries and feedback to ensure ultimate customer service satisfaction.

Fox food Analytics and Reports

Analytics &

Get insights on sales performance, customer preferences, and operations. Managers are provided with the critical information required for making informed business decisions.

Fox food Multi-Location Support


Make it simple for management to oversee several locations from a single admin panel to take charge of operations and develop a cohesive brand experience.

Fox food Promotions and Discounts

Promotions &

Develop and run promotional campaigns, discount offers, and loyalty programs to attract new customers and retain existing ones, resulting in more sales.

Fox food User Permissions


Grant roles and permissions to employees, limit functionality and data access, as well as security and accountability in the system.

Enjoy Rapid Success with Our Feature-rich Food Delivery Script

Are you willing to remove obstacles that your existing food delivery business faces? Our white label online ordering system is designed for startups, food delivery entrepreneurs and outlet establishments like yours. Wave goodbye to the lengthy development process and go digital in a few days! We ensure that you beat the competitors by implementing the state-of-the-art tech stack.

Make digital operations smooth with a complete solution that you can start using immediately. From online order management to a simple user interface, we have integrated the core features that you need to launch an online food delivery business. Be a part of digital transformation with our end-to-end, customizable food delivery script.

Contact us now to understand the complete workflow of our next-generation food delivery script. From workflow optimization to improving customer experience, our solution is designed to provide hands that will boost your success in the continuously growing food delivery environment. The virtual world is already here; stop waiting and harness the power of technology to succeed beyond the digital realm.

Restaurant Web Panel

Get access to a powerful and feature-rich restaurant web panel as it ensures efficient order management and growth.
Take control of your menu, online orders, offers and much more with ease.

Fox food Product Management

Product Management

Building your menu online could not be easier—add, update, and organize your items anytime you wish. Display your offerings spaciously to attract more consumers and outperform your sales department.

Fox food Profile Management

Profile Management

Let your restaurant’s profile be customized with images, descriptions, and contacts. Make a lasting impression and reach out to your diners.

Fox food Set Discounts and Offers

Set Discounts and Offers

Develop appealing discounts, offers, and promotions to draw people’s attention and drive sales. Save yourself time by quickly setting up discounts as time-limited deals or recurring offers.

Fox food Other Settings

Other Settings

Turn on your setup, including operational hours, delivery zones, payment options, and many others. This will facilitate the smooth functioning of your business and improve customer satisfaction.

food Restaurant Web Panel

How Does the White Label Food Delivery Platform Work ?

Placing online orders is as easy as it seems. From advanced search to
smooth payment, our online food delivery script has covered all.

fox food How Does the White Label Food Delivery Platform Work
  1. Download the app or visit the website to place an online food order.
  2. Customers can browse the menus, add their favourite dishes to the cart, and place orders with just a few clicks.
  3. The security checkout is excellent and supports different payment platforms, making the transaction experience outstanding.
  4. Users may choose meals from menus and customize their orders, and they can easily place their orders.
  5. This intuitive interface automates the ordering process so the customer has a pleasant ordering experience.
  6. Our online ordering system is equipped with solid gateways for payment processing that guarantee unbreachable transactions for customers and restaurants.
  7. Different payment options will enable us to cater for a wide range of customer tastes to improve convenience.
  8. Upon placing an order, restaurants and all the order details are immediately alerted of this. As a result, this convenient communication technique allows restaurants to prepare the food quickly, be accurate in orders, and ensure that the customer has the food at the promised time.
  9. Our platform speeds up the delivery process by cleverly assigning a delivery agent who is nearby. This guarantees the quick despatch of orders, thus shortening customers’ waiting times and enhancing the quality of the service as well.

The delivery platform features a user-friendly interface, secure payment processing, real-time order notifications, and efficient delivery management, thus offering a complete solution for business entities to beat the competition in the food delivery business worldwide.


Get into the lucrative online food delivery market with our robust food delivery app script

Get a food delivery script developed with the capability to incorporate multiple languages and currencies, allowing you to expand your business without any boundaries.

With our food delivery app solution, you receive one year of dedicated technical support, ensuring any issues or updates are promptly resolved to keep your app running smoothly and efficiently.

Offering a comprehensive suite of panels and apps and editable source code files, offering full control and customization options to meet your specific business requirements.

We understand that every business is unique. Hence, we offer fully customized food delivery scripts developed to meet your specific requirements.

We are assisting our clients in launching their food delivery applications on both the App Store and Play Store, ensuring a smooth and successful deployment.

Our team of experienced designers build visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces, boosting the overall user experience.

An Inside Look at Our White Label Food Delivery
Platform’s Development Process

Experience how our methodical development approach converts your app idea into reality. On-time project delivery, stunning UI, and integration of modern features allow entrepreneurs to stand tall in the growing food delivery market.
1. Requirement Gathering

We collect the client’s requirements first and everything required, which results in a tangible roadmap for development. During the collaborative conversations and brainstorming, we scrutinize your business objectives, target audience, and the features of its functions and establish a basis for the app’s success.

2. Collect Third-party Accounts

Integration with third-party services will help your app get extended functions and a superior user experience. We achieve the extension of your app services through an interconnection with the services and means you usually use, like payments, social media APIs, mapping services and such.

3. Design & Development

Our excellent designers and developers ensure that all the app’s features are nicely integrated. By doing so, we emphasize the development of easy-to-use navigation, catchy images, and dynamic layouts. With the most advanced tools and technology, your crafted app is born with specific features, backend functionalities, and data management platforms designed to meet your unique needs.

4. Test and Launch

Before the launch, we perform complete testing across a wide range of devices, platforms, and scenarios. The testing phase of our white label restaurant app includes functionality testing so that the user has the finest experience. After a successful pilot run and client approval, we see that the app deployment process is simple and smooth, with ongoing support and updates to ensure continued success.

What Makes Our On-demand Food Delivery Script Special ?

fox food Suitable for All Domains

Suitable for All Domains

Our versatile food delivery script caters to various domains, including restaurants, food delivery startups, hotels, etc. Whether you’re a small eatery looking to go digital or a large hotel chain seeking seamless delivery solutions, our script adapts to your unique needs.

fox food Apps Launch on Android and iOS

Apps Launch on Android and iOS

We help clients launch their apps on Android and iOS platforms, adhering to all the guidelines. Our seamless deployment process ensures a smooth transition from development to launch, allowing businesses to focus on other core objectives.

fox food Stunning UI

Stunning UI

Our online food delivery script has a stunning UI design precisely developed to provide clients with an immersive, eye-catching, appealing experience. From navigation menus to calm colour schemes, we ensure every screen is carefully designed to boost usability.

fox food Customization as Per Your Needs

Customization as Per Your Needs

We will customize your food delivery platform according to your business standards. We will customize the entire solution based on your business model and taste. We can customize everything, be it logo, theme, features, or anything else.

fox food Friendly Customer Support

Friendly Customer Support

Our experienced and dedicated team of tech professionals is always ready to assist our customers, and they always get ready to solve any challenges you encounter in operation.

fox food White Label or Pre-built Solution

White Label or Pre-built Solution

With our white-label food ordering system, businesses can brand their platform as their own. Our food delivery app script is a ready-to-launch platform with minimal technical set-up required, allowing clients to kickstart their food delivery business without any delay.

Get Add On Features of Our Online Food Delivery
Script Without Spending a Penny

Offer something extra to your customers with exclusive
modern features of the food delivery solution

fox food Payment Option

Payment Option

Our food delivery platform offers a secure payment gateway for users. We offer local payment integration services to customers along with internal wallet features.

fox food Change App & Logo Color

Change App & Logo Color

Give your business a completely personalized touch as our food delivery script lets you change the app colour, logo, and theme as per your business standards.

fox food In-App Live Chat

In-App Live Chat

With our white label food delivery app, we provide free in-app live chat services. To finish the order or delivery request without any hiccups, they can text one another.

fox food Call Between Provider & User

Call Between Provider & User

Our white label food delivery script offers communication features for a user, drivers, and restaurants. A user and providers can call each other with a single tap.

fox food Schedule Booking

Schedule Booking

A user can schedule an order request four days before the current time. A user has the option to book an order now or schedule it.

fox food Multilingual Script

Multilingual Script

Our white label food ordering system comes with multiple language options. Hence, business owners can expand their operations without any geological boundary.

White Label Food Delivery Platform’s Benefits

You need to utilize our White-Label Food Delivery Platform, which is powered by
a set of services that make it easier for businesses to thrive in the digital era.

Our solution is feature-rich with comprehensive tools and functionalities that will ensure our processes run smoothly, customers have a better experience, and the business grows. With order management, real-time location, secure payment processing, and customizable branding solutions, our platform gives businesses everything they need to stand out in today’s competitive food delivery markets.

Hence, by adopting our readymade food delivery solution, businesses may enter the online space without the huge expenditures and complications of custom development. Say goodbye to the traditional method of continuous development cycles and switch to fast-paced market entry with our White Label Food Delivery Platform.

Moreover, the platform not only provides expense savings and effectiveness but is also scalable and flexible. This helps companies stay relevant to the new transformation of the market situation and customers’ needs. Through constant updating and continuous support, businesses will remain at the forefront and play at a level of excellence with their customer support. Embrace digital transformation using our White Label Food Delivery Platform and open a new world of opportunities for your business.

fox food White Label Food Delivery Platform’s Benefits

Wide Range of Revenue Streams to Explore

Find out the variety of revenue streams which can be used to the maximum to get higher profits
and sustainable growth for your food delivery business.
fox food Commission on Food Orders

Call Between Provider & User

Our white label food delivery script offers communication features for a user, drivers, and restaurants. A user and providers can call each other with a single tap.

fox food Cancellation Fees

Cancellation Fees

Give your business a completely personalized touch as our food delivery script lets you change the app colour, logo, and theme as per your business standards.

fox food Delivery Charges

Delivery Charges

With our white label food delivery app, we provide free in-app live chat services. To finish the order or delivery request without any hiccups, they can text one another.

fox food Surge Charges

Surge Charges

Our white label food delivery script offers communication features for a user, drivers, and restaurants.  A user and providers can call each other with a single tap.

fox food Promotions


A user can schedule an order request four days before the current time. A user has the option to book an order now or schedule it.

fox food Subscription Model

Subscription Model

Our white label food ordering system comes with multiple language options. Hence, business owners can expand their operations without any geological boundary.

Key Features

Check Fox-Food Delivery
App Key Features
Wide Range of Food Categories

Our system offers a wide range of food categories, so you can comfortably find your favorite food based on the food category.

Wide Range of Food Categories
Real-Time Tracking

User and Restaurants both can see the live location of food delivery person using GPS function.

Real-Time Tracking
Search Nearest Restaurants

A user can search the restaurant based on their current location or based on the city.

Store Settings
Key features of food delivery app
Product Customization
Product Customization

Users can order food with various topping options based on quality, single-section, and multi-section.

Promo Code
Referral Code

Reach your product to more customers through a referral system and the user rewarded after sharing the product with every person.

Add to Cart
Add to Cart

A user can add the food in add to cart and after he/she can edit food quantity and also remove food from the cart.

Fox food GIF Video

Add Addons/Toppings in Products

With the Topping features, you can offer the product with various topping options to your customers. You can add three different types of addons to your products:

Quantity: You can provide the products with quantity like Regular Pizza, Medium Pizza, and Extra size Pizza with the amount.

Single-Selection: When you want to offer the single selection topping as a radio button, you can create a single selection category and add toppings, like Preparation of Bread as Plain Bread, Toasted Bread, Toasted Bread with Cheese Slice.

Multi-Selection: You can also offer the multi-selection topping as a checkbox, with multi-selection you add the addons like Choice of sauce, Choice of vegetables, extra cheese, etc. You have an option to add the topping with and without their extra amount.


Tech-stack We Use to Develop Exceptional Solutions


Google Maps

Google Maps





















Android Studio

android studio


html 5


css 3

Frequently Asked Questions

Resolve all the common doubts related to food delivery app development here in no time

The on-demand food delivery applications are like UberEats, Doordash, Zomato and GrubHub; where users can order the food online. These applications are developed using emerging technologies where the client pays a certain amount of money and gets things done to transform his/her existing business.

To grow their business and customer base, restaurants should invest in custom food delivery app development solutions as it allows them to reach a broad audience in no time.

Why not? The food delivery app is suitable for all kinds of restaurant owners and business models. Be it a restaurant chain or a single cafe, the custom food delivery platform can benefit your business in multiple ways.

It is tough to estimate the accurate cost of a food delivery app because the cost is influenced by multiple factors such as features and functionalities, the platform you want to target, the development team’s location and much more. If you want to get a quote for the same, please mail us at: [email protected]

The time it takes to build a food delivery app can be varied from business to business. From a few days to months to years, it depends on the complexity of the project.

Why not? Professional developers at White Label Fox have enough experience to work on client’s custom requirements. Whether it is multiple languages currencies or payment options, our developers can seamlessly integrate the feature as per the client’s requirement.

There are multiple ways to earn money from food delivery such as:

  1. In-app advertisement
  2. Commission on order
  3. Affiliate programs
  4. Restaurant promotions
  5. Surge pricing

The customer can order online from a nearby restaurant through the app. The restaurant prepares the food and assigns the order to the delivery provider for seamless doorstep delivery of the food.

We incorporate dependable APIs, such as Google Maps, to effectively handle delivery logistics. This makes it possible to track orders precisely and optimise delivery routes for a more seamless experience.

Yes. To expand the functionality of your app to meet your business needs, we provide third-party connectors.

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