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App Features
Services in App
Bike Ride lists_page_icon_3
Taxi Ride lists_page_icon_3
Courier Service lists_page_icon_3
Food Delivery lists_page_icon_3
Grocery Delivery lists_page_icon_3
Liquor Delivery lists_page_icon_3
Flowers Delivery lists_page_icon_3
Medicine Delivery lists_page_icon_3
Water Delivery lists_page_icon_3
Stationery Delivery lists_page_icon_3
Fuel Delivery lists_page_icon_3
You can add more Delivery Services with similar flow of Food/Grocery services lists_page_icon_3
Coupon Deals lists_page_icon_3
Dog Walking lists_page_icon_3
Baby Care lists_page_icon_3
Pet Care lists_page_icon_3
Workout Trainer lists_page_icon_3
Security Service lists_page_icon_3
Tutors lists_page_icon_3
Beauty Services lists_page_icon_3
Massages Services lists_page_icon_3
Home Cleaning lists_page_icon_3
Gardening lists_page_icon_3
Snow Blowers lists_page_icon_3
Laundry Service lists_page_icon_3
Maid Service lists_page_icon_3
Fire Fighters lists_page_icon_3
Mobile Technician lists_page_icon_3
Sofa Repair lists_page_icon_3
Interior Design lists_page_icon_3
Pest Control lists_page_icon_3
AC Repair lists_page_icon_3
Electricians lists_page_icon_3
Plumbers lists_page_icon_3
Car Wash lists_page_icon_3
Car Repair lists_page_icon_3
Tow Truck lists_page_icon_3
Car Rental lists_page_icon_3
Bike Rental lists_page_icon_3
Carpenter lists_page_icon_3
Tour Guide lists_page_icon_3
DJ lists_page_icon_3
Insurance Agent lists_page_icon_3
Home Painting lists_page_icon_3
Lawyer lists_page_icon_3
Locksmith lists_page_icon_3
Real Estate Agent lists_page_icon_3
Carpet Repair lists_page_icon_3
Catering lists_page_icon_3
Computer Repair lists_page_icon_3
Mechanic lists_page_icon_3
Photography lists_page_icon_3
Physiotherapy lists_page_icon_3
Language Translator lists_page_icon_3
TV Repair lists_page_icon_3
You can add more Handyman services lists_page_icon_3
Applications & Web Panels
Customer Android App lists_page_icon_3
Customer iOS App lists_page_icon_3
Store / Restaurant Android App lists_page_icon_3
Store / Restaurant iOS App lists_page_icon_3
Driver / Delivery Person Android App lists_page_icon_3
Driver / Delivery Person iOS App lists_page_icon_3
Service Provider Android App lists_page_icon_3
Service Provider iOS App lists_page_icon_3
Driver Web Panel lists_page_icon_3
Super Admin Web Panel lists_page_icon_3
Dispatcher Admin Panel lists_page_icon_3
Billing Admin Panel lists_page_icon_3
Service Provider Web Panel lists_page_icon_3
Store / Restaurant Web Panel lists_page_icon_3
Customer Website (Can place transport, delivery, handyman service order from web) lists_page_icon_3
App Features
App introduction slider lists_page_icon_3
Easy Login with Just Contact Number & Login through Social Accounts lists_page_icon_3
Login through Face Id and Fingerprint lists_page_icon_3
Facebook, Gmail Register/Login lists_page_icon_3
Master Search for Services, Food, & Groceries lists_page_icon_3
SMS OTP Verification lists_page_icon_3
Real-Time Tracking lists_page_icon_3
Schedule Service Request lists_page_icon_3
Handicap Accessibility lists_page_icon_3
Child Seat lists_page_icon_3
Book / Accept Service lists_page_icon_3
Estimated Calculation of Services lists_page_icon_3
Transport Service – Bike/Taxi Ride Fare
(1) Estimated – fare calculated as per Google estimated time.
(2) Actual – fare calculated based on the actual time & distance that driver taken from pickup to drop locations
View Service Provider’s Rating/Reviews lists_page_icon_3
Payment Option COD + Wallet + Digital Payment
Any Local Payment Gateway Integration COD + Wallet + Digital Payment
View Booking Summary lists_page_icon_3
Get Invoice lists_page_icon_3
Manage Customer Profile lists_page_icon_3
Manage Vehicle Profile lists_page_icon_3
Set Gender lists_page_icon_3
Multi-Stop Features lists_page_icon_3
Manage Password lists_page_icon_3
Google Map Navigation lists_page_icon_3
Auto Fetch Phone Number from Device lists_page_icon_3
In-App Live Chat For Customer & Service Provider lists_page_icon_3
Any Local SMS Gateway Integration lists_page_icon_3
Emergency Panic Button lists_page_icon_3
Promo Code lists_page_icon_3
Invite Friends & Referral Code lists_page_icon_3
Wallet System (In All 4 Apps) lists_page_icon_3
Wallet Transaction with Advance Filter Options lists_page_icon_3
Cancellation Charge lists_page_icon_3
Topping for Food Service lists_page_icon_3
Master Search for store/product with single tap lists_page_icon_3
Grocery & Medicine delivery product with categories & sub-categories lists_page_icon_3
Multi Device Login Support lists_page_icon_3
Show provider’s portfolio gallery and review & Ratings before order place lists_page_icon_3
Show provider’s portfolio gallery and review & Ratings before order place lists_page_icon_3
Tip For Driver/Provider (Tip option for delivery service before order place) lists_page_icon_3
Favorite store & restaurants lists_page_icon_3
Surge Pricing lists_page_icon_3
Favorite Driver lists_page_icon_3
Book Ride for Others lists_page_icon_3
Chat with Admin/Support Team lists_page_icon_3
Pickup/Take Away Orders lists_page_icon_3
Wallet to Wallet Money Transfer (In All 4 aps) lists_page_icon_3
Product/Store Searching on Name in all Delivery Services lists_page_icon_3
OTP verification Ride/Order Start lists_page_icon_3
Multiple Order Delivery
Delivery person can get more delivery service orders before delivering the current delivery order. They can pick up & deliver multiple orders at a different locations. (The option for all delivery services – food, grocery, medicine, etc)
Subscription Plan for Driver, Store, Providers
Driver/Provider can purchase the subscription plan, after the subscription plan purchased not need to pay X% commission per ride/order. Without subscription they work as normal X% commission need to pay per ride/order. Admin can add multi subscription plans like weekly, monthly, yearly with pricing.
Product Features
Lifetime Usage Licence lists_page_icon_3
Free Technical Support 365 Days
White Labeling Product lists_page_icon_3
Web Admin Source Code lists_page_icon_3
Apps Source Code lists_page_icon_3
Language Integration Any 10
Currency Integration Any 10
Customize Colors Theme in App lists_page_icon_3
Store Listing Design lists_page_icon_3
Customize Icons, Graphics, Colors lists_page_icon_3
Publish Android App to Play store lists_page_icon_3
Publish iOS App to App Store lists_page_icon_3
Upload Web Admin Panel to Your Server lists_page_icon_3
After Sales Support for Play Store & App Store lists_page_icon_3
Charges Based on Time & Distance Both lists_page_icon_3
Customer can access other features of the app during Transport/Courier services lists_page_icon_3
Chat Support with Project Manager lists_page_icon_3
Web Admin Panel Features
Service Wise Dashboard with Statics Data lists_page_icon_3
View/Manage Customers lists_page_icon_3
View/Manage Providers/Delivery Persons/Store Owners lists_page_icon_3
View/Manage Payments lists_page_icon_3
View/Manage Commission lists_page_icon_3
View Booking Details lists_page_icon_3
Store Wise Commission lists_page_icon_3
View Earning Reports lists_page_icon_3
View Referral Discounts Reports lists_page_icon_3
Manage Tax, Delivery Charges, Ride Fare, etc. lists_page_icon_3
Manage Vehicles lists_page_icon_3
Manage/Verify Documents for Driver, Store, & Providers lists_page_icon_3
Manage Support Pages lists_page_icon_3
Manage Recommended Providers, Stores, & Products lists_page_icon_3
Site Settings for Business (like manage logo, SMS & Payment Gateway keys, Referral Code discount setting, etc.) lists_page_icon_3
CSV export for Reports lists_page_icon_3
Set Featured restaurant & store on customer app home screen lists_page_icon_3
Mange sliders for home page, delivery service, and providers services lists_page_icon_3
Manage Services City Wise lists_page_icon_3
City/Region Wise Sub-admin (Rights based on services) lists_page_icon_3
Heat Map View for Admin & Driver App lists_page_icon_3
2 Algorithm Driver Ride/Order Request
(1) Competitive – all nearest driver get request at the same time.
(2) Nearest First – first nearest driver get request; if he reject the request goes to second nearest driver
Manual Delivery Order Booking from Admin lists_page_icon_3
Private Delivery Person for Store lists_page_icon_3
Store add Product through CSV Files lists_page_icon_3
Ride/Order Amount Rounding Off lists_page_icon_3
Push notifications to Customer & Provider lists_page_icon_3
Email notifications to Customer & Provider lists_page_icon_3
God’s View lists_page_icon_3
Manage Email Templates lists_page_icon_3
Manage Geo-Fence (Restrict Services in specific region) lists_page_icon_3
Paid Add On
Carpooling / Ride Sharing
The customer can allow rides to other customers who want to go same locations, after the rideshare the ride fare is divided into multiple customers. In short, multiple customers can hire the same vehicle for thier destination.
VOIP Call Masking
The call is happening through third-party services like Twilio or Sinch instead of the default device call. The VOIP call is used to protect the contact number of customers/providers. They can’t show each other’s contact numbers through VOIP calling. (The option for all services)
Video Consult Service
Customer can do video call to consultant/providers like Doctor, Nurse, Tutor, Trainer, etc. Admin has option to add & manage video consult services.
Replace Google Map to Other Map API
Google Map API can replace with your local MAP API. The selected Map must work in your region and provide required all Map APIs which we required. Few options of other Map – TomTom, Here.com, MapBox, MapQuest.

Our Product List

We develop an on-demand white label product script like taxi booking script,
food delivery app, Gojek clone app, and more Uber for X
Fox-Taxi Product

Fox-Taxi is an on-demand taxi booking app script like Uber

Fox-Food Product

Fox-Food is an on-demand food delivery app like UberEats


Fox-Handyman offer 30+ on-demand provider services

Fox-Carpool Product

Fox-Carpool is a ride-sharing app like Uberpool & BlaBlaCar

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