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Bike Ride lists_page_icon_3
Taxi Ride lists_page_icon_3
Courier Service lists_page_icon_3
Food Delivery lists_page_icon_3
Grocery Delivery lists_page_icon_3
Liquor Delivery lists_page_icon_3
Flowers Delivery lists_page_icon_3
Medicine Delivery lists_page_icon_3
Water Delivery lists_page_icon_3
Coupon Deals lists_page_icon_3
Dog Walking lists_page_icon_3
Baby Care lists_page_icon_3
Pet Care lists_page_icon_3
Workout Trainer lists_page_icon_3
Security Service lists_page_icon_3
Tutors lists_page_icon_3
Beauty Services lists_page_icon_3
Massages Services lists_page_icon_3
Home Cleaning lists_page_icon_3
Gardening lists_page_icon_3
Snow Blowers lists_page_icon_3
Laundry Service lists_page_icon_3
Maid Service lists_page_icon_3
Pest Control lists_page_icon_3
AC Repair lists_page_icon_3
Electricians lists_page_icon_3
Plumbers lists_page_icon_3
Car Wash lists_page_icon_3
Car Repair lists_page_icon_3
Tow Truck lists_page_icon_3
Car Rental lists_page_icon_3
Bike Rental lists_page_icon_3
User Android Native App lists_page_icon_3
User iOS Native App lists_page_icon_3
Store / Restaurant Android App lists_page_icon_3
Store / Restaurant iOS App lists_page_icon_3
Driver / Delivery Person Android App lists_page_icon_3
Driver / Delivery Person iOS App lists_page_icon_3
Service Provider Android App lists_page_icon_3
Service Provider iOS App lists_page_icon_3
Super Admin Web Panel lists_page_icon_3
Dispatcher Admin Panel lists_page_icon_3
Billing Admin Panel lists_page_icon_3
Service Provider Web Panel lists_page_icon_3
Store / Restaurant Web Panel lists_page_icon_3
Static Landing Web Page lists_page_icon_3
App Features
Facebook, Gmail Register/Login lists_page_icon_3
SMS OTP Verification lists_page_icon_3
Real-Time Tracking lists_page_icon_3
Schedule Service Request lists_page_icon_3
Handicap Accessibility lists_page_icon_3
Book / Accept Service lists_page_icon_3
Estimated Fare Calculation of Services lists_page_icon_3
View Service Provider’s Rating/Reviews lists_page_icon_3
Payment Gateway COD + 1 Local Payment Gateway
View Booking Summary lists_page_icon_3
Get Invoice lists_page_icon_3
Manage User Profile lists_page_icon_3
Manage Vehicle Profile lists_page_icon_3
Set Gender lists_page_icon_3
Multi-Stop Features lists_page_icon_3
Tip Features lists_page_icon_3
Manage Password lists_page_icon_3
Google Map Navigation lists_page_icon_3
Push notifications to User & Provider lists_page_icon_3
Email notifications to User & Provider lists_page_icon_3
In-App Live Chat For User & Service Provider lists_page_icon_3
Twilio SMS Gateway Integration lists_page_icon_3
Emergency Panic Button lists_page_icon_3
Promo Code lists_page_icon_3
Invite Friends & Referral Code lists_page_icon_3
Wallet System (Customer & Driver App) lists_page_icon_3
Cancellation Charge lists_page_icon_3
Topping for Food Service lists_page_icon_3
Search Product lists_page_icon_3
CSV export for Reports lists_page_icon_3
Manage Home Page Banner & Handyman lists_page_icon_3
Services Banner from Admin lists_page_icon_3
Tip For Driver/Provider lists_page_icon_3
Geo-Fence (Restrict Services in a specific region) lists_page_icon_3
Product Features
Lifetime Usage Licence lists_page_icon_3
Free Technical Support 365 Days
White Labeling Product lists_page_icon_3
Web Admin Source Code lists_page_icon_3
Android App Source Code lists_page_icon_3
iOS App Source Code lists_page_icon_3
Language Integration Any 5
Currency Integration Any 5
Customize Colors Theme in App lists_page_icon_3
Logo & Store Listing Design lists_page_icon_3
Customize Icons, Graphics, Colors lists_page_icon_3
Publish Android App to Play store lists_page_icon_3
Publish iOS App to App Store lists_page_icon_3
Upload Web Admin Panel to Your Server lists_page_icon_3
After Sales Support for Play Store & App Store lists_page_icon_3
Charges Based on Time & Distance Both lists_page_icon_3
Sub-admin (Rights based on service wise) lists_page_icon_3
Web Admin Panel Features
View/Manage Users lists_page_icon_3
View/Manage Providers lists_page_icon_3
View/Manage Payments lists_page_icon_3
View/Manage Commission lists_page_icon_3
Store Wise Commission lists_page_icon_3
View Earning Reports lists_page_icon_3
Manage About Page lists_page_icon_3
Manage FAQ Page lists_page_icon_3
Manage Contact Page lists_page_icon_3
Paid Add On
Surge Pricing lists_page_icon_3
Heat Map View for Admin & Driver App lists_page_icon_3
Manage Services City Wise lists_page_icon_3
City Wise Sub Admin lists_page_icon_3
Auto Toll Calculation lists_page_icon_3
2 Algorithm Driver Ride/Order Request lists_page_icon_3
Carpooling / Ride Sharing lists_page_icon_3
Favorite Driver lists_page_icon_3
Multiple Order Delivery lists_page_icon_3
VOIP Call Masking lists_page_icon_3
Book Ride for Others lists_page_icon_3
Chat with Admin/Support Team lists_page_icon_3
Child Seat lists_page_icon_3
Pickup/Take Away Orders lists_page_icon_3
Subscription Plan for Customer/Providers lists_page_icon_3
Wallet to Wallet Money Transfer lists_page_icon_3
Customer Website lists_page_icon_3
Manual Delivery Order Booking from Admin lists_page_icon_3
Replace Google Map to Other Map API lists_page_icon_3
Private Delivery Person for Store lists_page_icon_3
Store add Product through CSV Files lists_page_icon_3
Ride/Order amount Rounding Off lists_page_icon_3
Product/Store Searching on Name lists_page_icon_3
OTP verification Ride/Order Start lists_page_icon_3

Our Product List

We develop an on-demand white label product script like taxi booking script,
food delivery app, Gojek clone app, and more Uber for X
Fox-Taxi Product

Fox-Taxi is an on-demand taxi booking app script like Uber

Fox-Food Product

Fox-Food is an on-demand food delivery app like UberEats


Fox-handyman offer 20+ on-demand provider services

Fox-Carpool Product

Fox-Carpool is a ride-sharing app like Uberpool & BlaBlaCar

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