Gopuff Business Model Explained – How Does the Delivery Giant Make Money?

Gopuff Business Model

GoPuff Business Model Explained – How Does the Delivery Giant Make Money?

Online meal delivery services enable customers to order essentials and get them delivered to their place at their convenience. The industry has proliferated due to the COVID-19 spread. Top players provide a platform that customers can use to order the needed thing with a few clicks.

One such on-demand ordering and delivery platform is GoPuff. The go-to delivery service provides solutions for everyday requirements. GoPuff offers delivery for food, grocery, drinks, and other day-to-day essentials; the company tries to satisfy all the customers’ needs. The delivery platform operation is based on an inventory business model.

Recently Gopuff announced that it is working with Goldman Sachs Group Inc for an initial public offering. The delivery platform has taken a step to go public with a $1.5 billion pre-IPO. The convertible note will convert to boost the company’s valuation to $40 billion. GoPuff sets a great example of how small delivery business investment can provide significant payoffs and have huge lasting equity for the company.

What is GoPuff?

Headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the delivery platform, GoPuff was founded in 2013. The food and consumer goods delivery platform was founded by Yakir Gola and Rafael Ilishayev. As of October 2021, Gopuff operates in more than 650 US cities through 500 micro fulfillment centers; the company also operates in a handful of cities of the UK, following the 2021 takeover of ‘Fancy.’ The company was valued at $ 15 billion as of July 2021.  

Gopuff Business Model

GoPuff is the go-to solution and fulfills customers’ orders of home products and cleaning, food and drinks, medications, and more. The delivery platform delivers almost everything to customers’ doorsteps for a $1.95 delivery charge. With the motto to provide “what they need and when they need,” Gopuff offers around-the-clock service to its customers.

GoPuff Success Story and Funding History

The Philadelphia-based company, Gopuff delivers everything on customers’ whim; the company has earned around $615.9 million in the last few years. A convenience store delivery service, Gopuff has started its service to Homewood. It makes it easier for customers to order from more than 3,000 products in categories.

The go-to platform which offers immediate delivery service to customers has announced the launch Basically. The launch has helped the company expand to Private label, Basically provides customers access to home essentials, snacks, and home essentials as well.

The immediate delivery service provides about 2,00,000 free at-home tests to consumers nationwide through 15 Feb 2022. GoPuff raised around 3.4 billion dollars in funding in 2015. The funding round Series G and H together has raised 2.2 billion, showing rapid growth in 2021.

gopuff rapid growth

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The delivery company confirms around $1 billion cash injection at a $15 billion valuation to boost its instant grocery delivery service. For some funding context, Gopuff raised around $1.15 billion, which increased the company’s valuation to $8.9 billion. Instant Gopuff’s grocery model comes from funding in the space of 10 months.

Looking at the growing usage and popularity of delivery anything app, most delivery brands choose to build an app similar to GoPuff. The easy-to-use solution helps them manage various business activities and complete more orders speedily and efficiently than ever before. 

GoPuff Business Model: Everything You Want to Know!

“Order anything in seconds and get everything delivered in minutes.”

Unlike other delivery players, Gopuff also provided instant access to customers to get everything delivered within a few minutes. Gopuff business model is based on an integrated model which helps the company to deliver instant pickup and delivery service to end-users. The platform makes it easier for customers to order drinks, food, and other essentials in a few seconds.

Customers do not have to pay any surge price for the service. Let’s have a look over the customer segment, resources, and value proposition of Gopuff right here.

Customer Segments


  • People who don’t have enough time to purchase groceries and food for their daily use
  • Customers who want to enjoy doorstep deliveries


  • Those entrepreneurs who want to expand their reach
  • Those who wish to provide online service

Value Proposition of GoPuff

The all-in-one platform, GoPuff, adds value to customers, local stores, and delivery providers. Learn how all the parties leverage the use of the delivery platform.
Value for Customers

  • The convenience of ordering essentials from anywhere and at any time
  • Save time and efforts
  • Provide a wide range of options

Value for Partners

  • Brand awareness by listing products
  • Expand business reach

Value for a Delivery Provider

  • Great earning opportunities

How Does Gopuff Work?

Gopuff is an online food and grocery delivery service operating in hundreds of cities across the US. Once a customer enters the delivery location, users are directed to the inventory and selection available from the local Gopuff warehouses. Consumers can easily add items to the cart as well as pay online, much like a traditional digital order platform.

Once customers place the order, the partner store or merchants get notified. They pick the ordered item from the warehouse shelves and bag them. Bags are then held to every driver, often grouping multiple delivered to location close proximity when possible. 

The delivery provider then collects the bags and delivers them to the customer’s location. An app similar to Gopuff makes it easier for customers to get anything delivered within 15 to 30 minutes.

How Gopuff Makes Money: Revenue Model Explained

Gopuff revenue model is four revenue streams that help them make money. Let us take a look at each money-making method of Gopuff to know how the delivery giant makes money? 

Marking up products is the very first method of Gopuff to generate money. However, most online meal and grocery delivery apps complete the orders by delivering products from a restaurant or supermarket. 

The delivery company purchases the products and stores them in its warehouses. When a customer places an order, the products are sold by the company, and the difference between buying plus and selling price is the profit earned by the delivery provider.

Delivery Fees
Gopuff charges delivery fees and take-home profit for the company. Gopuff charges around $1.95 for each order and an additional $2 for alcohol delivery. However, the delivery fee is more when the order is more than $49, and the company generates adequate profit to cover the delivery cost.

The delivery platform offers a membership program, Gopuff Farm, for customers. The company charges around $5.95 per month; this is the primary revenue stream. Gopuff motivates its customers to subscribe to the membership program by providing benefits like free delivery, discounts, and more.

Being placed in the product category can be extremely valuable for a brand with a large number of customers every month. Gopuff uses opportunities as a revenue stream by selling priority placements on online delivery platforms. Gopuff generates around $600,000 by emphasis placement of Nightfood.

How is Gopuff Different & Revolutionary?

Gopuff is a unique service provider that stands out in the market. It is a one-stop shopping platform for end-users. The supply chain aspects that contribute to this are:

Personally Owned Warehouses

Gopuff owns a warehouse to deliver services instead of acting as a service that picks up items from partner businesses. Orders directly from the warehouse can help to cut down the logistics involved.

Upfront Inventory
Gopuff owns a physical distribution center; it purchases product inventory in prevalence at wholesale price from suppliers. It helps to keep prices low and eliminates the requirement for delivery fees. The predictive algorithm of the company enables it to stay on top, reduce the risk, and the need for substitute products.

Contract Drivers
The delivery giant does not need to hire third-party services or middlemen to transport orders. The contract with delivery providers to act as gig workers in free time. It saves delivery time and eliminates fuel costs. Gopuff drivers tend to earn around $ 10 to 20 an hour.

The combo of all the above-listed factors results in quick offering and convenience. You can even start providing the same service with an app similar to GoPuff.

What’s Next For GoPuff?

There are various ideas on which Gopuff can work to improve its sales in upcoming years, these includes:

  • Adding depth and breadth to its operations in North America;
  • Expand service beyond North America;
  • Improve customers service and provide a unique shopping experience;
  • Push the vertical integration with Gopuff labelled products.

You can choose to develop a unique grocery delivery app similar to GoPuff; all you need is to partner with the right tech partner. Have a look at our website to know how we can help you with the development: https://whitelabelfox.com

Ending Note

On-demand meal and grocery delivery app, Gopuff is improving its service and expanding to hundreds of cities in the US and UK. The inventory-based Gopuff business model and revenue model helps entrepreneurs launch an app similar to it. Let’s connect to solve all your queries about cost, features, and more at [email protected].

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