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A team of proficient Laravel programmers that create intuitive online applications

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Creating efficient Laravel web applications for outstanding outcomes

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Use skilled Laravel programmers to develop unique, reliable, scalable Laravel web applications.

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    Hire Dedicated Laravel Developers for Your Next Project

    Leverage our team of seasoned Laravel programmers to bring
    your vision to life with precision and quality

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    Being a top Laravel development company, White Label Fox is delighted to provide innovative solutions to companies of all sizes. We create scalable, reliable, and user-friendly online apps with a team of skilled Laravel developers.

    Employ our remote Laravel developers to ensure your project is designed using the newest available tools. They are well-versed in Laravel frameworks and technologies. We adhere to flawless coding standards to further improve the program’s efficiency. This ensures that your application will function as intended and be simple to maintain going forward.

    Because of our efficient workflow, we can always meet deadlines regardless of the quality of work done. From developing the concept through the implementation process, we ensure that our client’s vision has been fully implemented.

    End-to-End Laravel Development Services

    Leverage our wide variety of Laravel development services to turn your ideas into solutions.
    We have professional Laravel developers who offer their best to meet all your needs
    and requirements for your project.

    laravel developer - SaaS Development Services 

    SaaS Development Services

    Elevate your business with our Laravel developers, offering expert SaaS development services tailored to your unique needs.

    laravel developer - Laravel eCommerce Development

    Laravel eCommerce Development

    Our eCommerce solutions are focused on providing top-level functionality, performance and symbiotic security for your site and users.

    laravel developer - Laravel WebApps Development

    Laravel WebApps Development

    We develop always-tailored solutions that can be smoothly added to your current system, extending and enhancing its functionalities.

    laravel developer - Custom Enterprise Solutions 

    Custom Enterprise Solutions

    Experience seamless integration and scalability with our Laravel specialists, delivering top-tier custom enterprise solutions for your business growth.

    laravel developer - Migration to Laravel

    Migration to Laravel

    Our team ensures they grant you an improved, future-compliant application with minimal downtime & little data loss.

    laravel developer - Native + Hybrid Mobile App Development

    Native/Hybrid App Development

    Professional and user-friendly applications that fit your business process work on Android and iOS environments.

    Why is White Label Fox the Best Laravel Development Company to Partner With?

    When you decide on White Label Fox, you will benefit from the best service and get a fantastic Laravel development completed for you. Here’s what sets us apart from the competition:

    laravel developer - Rich Expertise


    The Laravel developers working for our team know the framework and have lots of experience working with it. Our solutions are currently to plug the technological gap and offer unique industry trends and technologies.

    laravel developer - Dedicated Team


    Our professional approach is based on assigning a dedicated team to each project, strictly adhering to client communication. Our developers are dedicated to meeting not only your core needs but also your specific needs.

    laravel developer - Transparent Pricing 


    We do not have any hidden charges or subscription fees, and the prices quoted are all-inclusive. All our services are affordable, and cost is calculated upfront; hence, you do not pay extra charges you were unaware of when using our services.

    laravel developer -Quick Onboarding 


    Because we care about your projects, our onboarding process is simple and short, which means your project will be on the go shortly. Since our developers can easily fit into your system, there will be less downtime, thus improving productivity.

    laravel developer - Time-Zone Compatible Team

    Compatible Team

    As a team of Laravel developers working in multiple time zones, we are ready to provide you with the most convenient hours to connect. This is important for quick and effective communication regardless of geographical location.

    laravel developer - Detailed Code Documentation

    Detailed Code

    All projects delivered by our team are equipped with all-sided code documentation. This makes it easy to maintain and scale, as your internal teams can always grasp the code and how to deal with it.

    Seeking Trusted Laravel Developers
    for your Project ?

    Experience Laravel development services by our expert Laravel web developers to unlock the full potential of your web applications. Our team at White Label Fox integrates professional experience with innovative ideas to give our clients the highest quality services per their requirements. Feel free to contact and hire remote Laravel developers now !

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    Commitment to Code Quality in Laravel Development

    Regarding code quality at White Label Fox, we know our applications should be reliable, easily maintained, and perform well. Thus, our team works according to the industry’s highest standards to ensure your project is completed accurately and professionally. Here are the critical aspects of our approach to maintaining top-tier code quality:

    public function userRegister(AddEditUserRequest $request)
            //validate guard non-authenticated api using custom key
            $validate_authorization = $this->commonFunctionClass->validateAppAuthorization($request);
            if ($validate_authorization->getData()->status != 1){
                return $validate_authorization;
            $user = new User();
            $user->name = ucwords($request->get('name'));
            $user->email = $request->get('email');
            $user->contact_number = $request->get('contact_number');
            $user->country_code = $request->get('country_code');
            $user->currency_code = $request->get('currency_code');
            $user->language_code = $request->get('language_code');
            $user->status = 2;
            //sanctum token to access user api
            $user_token = $user->createToken('user-auth-token', ['role:user'])->plainTextToken;
            //generate invite token
            $user->InviteCode($user->id, $user->name);
            //send verification otp
            try {
                //sending mail to user regarding registration in app
                $mail_type = "user_register";
                $to_mail = $user->email;
                $disp_data = array(
            catch (Exception $exception) {
            return $this->userClass->userLoginRegisterUpdateDetails($user,$user_token);
    Hire laravel developer check

    We adhere to the best coding standards in our line of work to deliver quality work that will give you optimal, effective, and sustainable code for your applications.

    Hire laravel developer check

    Intensive unit testing aims to explore the application for possible bugs and resolve issues at the early stages of development so that the outcome meets all functional expectations.

    Hire laravel developer check

    We have expertise in MVC and OOP that determines the structures our developers will give to the code.

    Hire laravel developer check

    We create compact and finely tuned databases and then write optimal SQL code to improve the speed of data acquisition and the velocity of the applications.

    Hire laravel developer check

    To combine efficiency and affordability, we maintain three essential guidelines throughout the project development process:

    Hire laravel developer check

    We want to remain open with you about your development because we understand how important it is for you to know what is happening to your brand.

    Hire Laravel Developers

    Hire Dedicated Laravel Developers from India

    If you are searching for the best Laravel developers, your search is over now. Our team welcomes you with personalized services as per the requirements. Our engagement models ensure you obtain the appropriate resource input at the required phase of your project. Our developers are dedicated to providing your organization with the best customer experiences, performance, and adaptability. Hire Laravel Programmers and be guaranteed uninterrupted communication, clear workflow, and outstanding outcomes.

    Laravel developer - Hire Dedicated Laravel Developers from India Image

    Effortlessly Hire Laravel Developers in Just 3 Simple Steps

    Save time while hiring a dedicated Laravel developer by adopting our easy three-step method for the recruitment process.
    In the same way, we simplify the process of finding and hiring the right Laravel developers for your project.
    Here’s how it works:

    laravel developer - Requirement Gatherings

    Requirement Gatherings

    The first stage of implementing your project involves taking considerable time to understand your project needs and expectations. It will be our pleasure to consult with you to discuss your specific needs and what skills and experience you may require to offer you the best workforce.


    Shortlist Laravel Developers

    To meet your needs, we sift through the talent pool to ensure we only present the best and most qualified Laravel developers. You can review the profiles, pick the most suitable candidates for your project, and personally interview them.

    laravel developer - Shortlist Laravel Developers
    laravel developer - Onboarding


    After identifying the candidates for developers, we ensure that you go through the hiring and onboarding process seamlessly. Our team guarantees that the developers are incorporated into your project and will continue to support your project to attain increased success.

    Empower Your Business with Laravel

    Harness the expertise of our Laravel developers to revolutionize your business with block architecture, seamless server management, and bespoke Shopify store apps


    Utilize our Laravel experts to design and implement scalable block architectures, optimizing performance and enhancing maintainability for your software solutions while allowing for agile development and future scalability.

    Server Management
    (Load Balancing) Installation & Setup

    Trust our Laravel developers to handle server management tasks precisely, including load balancing installation and setup, ensuring optimal performance and high availability for your applications.

    Shopify Development
    (Store Apps)

    Partner with our skilled Laravel developers to develop bespoke Shopify apps tailored to your business requirements. Expand the capabilities of your Shopify storefront with innovative solutions developed by our Laravel experts.

    These Numbers Speak
    Than Words

    These numbers are proof of our competence and passion for delivering quality services. Having completed over 200 projects for different industries and technologies, our Laravel development team comprises over 40 certified specialists to provide the highest quality performance. We aim to be innovative, precise and customer-centric.


    Projects Delivered


    Years Of Experience


    Team of Professionals


    Countries Served

    Streamlined Laravel
    Development Workflow

    Our Laravel development process helps to make your project efficient and delivered on time with the best quality work. We adhere to a well-defined process to ensure the dependability, extensibility and freeness from defects in the software we build. Here’s how we bring your vision to life:

    1. Requirement Gathering

    We work with you to identify the specifics of your project and your goals for it. This phase involves thorough consultations to define all requirements clearly and ensure you get all the important details.

    2. Design

    Our design team focuses on creating the best user experience by developing clear and convenient interfaces. Our emphasis is on usability, so we set a clean and easily readable design layout.

    3. Development

    Our developers use this feature to implement the design through Laravel, an efficient framework. We follow the best practices and produce clean and efficient code that perfectly fits all the necessary features.

    4. Testing

    The application undergoes a strenuous test to determine and isolate the problem areas. We ensure that your application is stable, protects against attacks, and is optimized for use across all gadgets.

    5. Deployment

    After this, we promote the application to the live environment after passing all the applicable tests. We guarantee absolute continuity, maximum availability, and additional services without delays.

    6. Maintenance

    Our team is here to offer constant care for your application to ensure it runs and operates correctly. We have constant updates, enhanced and improved performance, and can address and correct problems swiftly.

    Insight into Our Hiring Models

    To fulfil the demands of our valuable clients, White Label Fox offers various hiring models for each project.
    Take a look at our engagement models, which are developed to fulfil your business objectives.

    Hire Hourly

    $18 / Hour

    Flexible schedule to work on projects

    24 hours minimum

    Sr. Laravel Developer for your project

    Suitable for small size projects

    Sign NDA & Time tracking access

    Hire Monthly

    $2500 / Month

    Monthly payment cycle

    160 hours per month

    Minimum one month

    Sr. Laravel Developer for your project

    Suitable for Short term engagement

    Sign NDA & Time tracking access

    Hire Dedicated Team

    $7000 / Month

    Setup a team of 3 Senior Laravel Developer

    Minimum Three month

    Sr. Laravel Developer for your project

    Suitable for long term engagement

    Sign NDA & Time tracking access

    Elevate Your Laravel Projects with In-house White Label Fox Developers

    Collaborating with our skilled and experienced Laravel developers will certainly give you a competent price for your projects. Our developers will be working on the project from start to finish. They will also provide post-launch support, such as maintenance and updates of your Laravel web app, to ensure its success. When choosing us, you can be 100% sure you are getting developers and long-term partners in your success.


    Time to find the right developer

    Time to start a project

    Recurring cost




    4-10 Weeks

    5-6 weeks

    Too Much


    Direct Communication

    White Label Fox

    1-5 business days

    5-10 business days



    1:1 communication channel to streamline workflow


    1-5 Weeks

    5-6 weeks



    Depends on his/her experience

    Leveraging Laravel Development with Modern Tools and Technologies

    Technological solutions and tools are advanced, and we put them to work to ensure we provide solutions that fit your requirements. We base ourselves on state-of-the-art frameworks and platforms to minimize complications and maximize the work’s extensibility. Our focus is always on the future, so we take our time to research and implement developing technologies to suit your needs.

    Hire laravel developer - Digital Ocean

    Digital Ocean

    Hire laravel developer - PHPMyAdmin


    Amazon Web Service

    Amazon Web Service

    Hire laravel developer - GoogleMap


    Hire laravel developer - Microsoft Azure

    Microsoft Azure

    Hire Laravel Developer - Firebase


    Hire laravel developer - Docker


    Hire Laravel Developer - Firebase


    Hire laravel developer - PostgreSQL


    Hire laravel developer - Realtime database

    Realtime database

    Hire laravel developer - SQL Server

    SQL Server

    Hire laravel developer - My SQL

    My SQL

    Hire laravel developer - Mongodb


    Hire laravel developer - PyroCMS


    Hire laravel developer - lavalite


    Hire laravel developer -October CMS

    October CMS

    Hire laravel developer - Coaster




    Hire laravel developer - Statamic


    Hire laravel developer - GitHub


    Hire laravel developer - BitBucket


    Hire laravel developer - GitLab


    Hire laravel developer - PHPStorm


    Hire laravel developer - Postman



    Visual Studio Code

    Hire laravel developer - Putty






    adobe xd

    Adobe XD

    Hire laravel developer - adobe after effects

    Adobe After Effects

    Laravel Solutions: Leveraging Your Vision into Seamless Digital Experience

    Laravel is a powerful framework for effectively fixing bugs, implementing MongoDB integration, and developing CRM that produces incredible results and capacity for your projects.

    Hire Laravel Developer - Front-end JS

    Front-end JS

    Improve user engagement by using dynamic front-end Javascript frameworks and libraries that can easily fit into your Laravel-based applications.

    Hire Laravel Developer - Bug Fixing and Optimization

    Bug Fixing and Optimization

    Hire our skilled Laravel developers and have the bugs analyzed and fixed immediately. This will boost your app’s responsiveness and improve the user experience.

    Hire Laravel Developer - MongoDB Integration (NoSQL)

    MongoDB Integration (NoSQL)

    Utilize MongoDB’s strength in flexibility and scalability by integrating it with Laravel to store non-relational data.

    Hire Laravel Developer - Firebase Integrations

    Firebase Integrations

    Extend your application using Firebase with Laravel to manage real-time applications, authentication services, and cloud messaging.

    Hire Laravel Developer - Web App Development

    Web App Development

    Discover how to maximize Laravel and use Laravel to build professional, high-performance web applications customized to your line of business.

    Hire Laravel Developer - SMS Gateway Integration

    SMS Gateway Integration

    With Laravel, extend your communication channels and send SMS alerts to your audiences by incorporating SMS gateways into your applications.

    Hire Laravel Developer - ERP Development Solutions

    ERP Development Solutions

    Optimize your operations utilizing ERP solutions designed based on Laravel and adjusted to your company’s specifics.

    Hire Laravel Developer - Google Map Integration

    Google Map Integration

    Integrate Google Maps easily into your Laravel apps and go beyond standard GPS-based features, delivering users precise geographical data.

    Hire Laravel developer - Payment Gateway Integration

    Payment Gateway Integration

    Implement a safe payment system to work with Laravel, providing your customers seamless transactions and increasing their confidence.

    Hire Laravel Developer - CRM Development Solutions

    CRM Development Solutions

    Implement efficient CRM solutions utilizing Laravel and equip your team with detailed customer data and management tools to develop deeper engagement with clients.

    Hire Laravel Developer - API Development

    API Development

    Develop gateways in Laravel that check your applications against other systems and ensure smooth and efficient data interchanges.

    Hire Laravel Developer -Video Consultancy Solutions

    Video Consultancy Solutions

    Integrated video solutions created on Laravel should allow clients to enable virtual consultations, facilitating collaboration and communication.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Resolve all your common doubts related to hiring Laravel developers from us

    Our Laravel programming team is comprised of highly skilled individuals who understand Laravel frameworks and how to create bespoke web applications.

    Yes, we have profiles of our Laravel developers where you can have a look and hire the one developer who is best suited for your project.

    We adhere to industry standards and incorporate code reviews to achieve a high-quality, well-built product free of issues such as duplicated code.

    We have different ways you can work with us depending on your needs, which are full-time, part-time, and hourly.

    We work on clarity and openness, which are communicated through updates, meetings, and the availability of proper project management tools.

    Yes, we have active developers who can be part of your team and start working on the existing projects.

    Our expert Laravel developers adopt agile process models, which makes our work flexible, transparent, and customer-friendly with faster project delivery.

    Yes, we provide post-delivery support and maintenance for Laravel applications that will set up your applications for long-term success.

    It adheres to all regulatory guidelines and industry-standard security measures to guarantee the safeguarding of your data.

    The time it will take before developers are hired may vary depending on your specifications, but we ensure that the ball is rolled out as soon as possible.

    Develop Next-gen Laravel Web Applications with Our Experienced Team

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    Building On-demand Solutions with Modern Technology Solutions.


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