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Empower your online grocery store with our Instamart Lite clone script and carve your path to success in the growing online grocery delivery market to unlock infinite possibilities.

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Leverage Digital Transformation with Our Instamart Lite Clone Solution

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In today’s internet-connected world, most people prefer to perform daily tasks online, and getting groceries at their doorstep is not new. The on-demand grocery delivery market is booming at an exponential rate. People are turning to online platforms, and brick-and-mortar grocery stores are filling these gaps by implementing an app like Instamart lite, which allows them to browse products and get them delivered to their doorsteps with real-time tracking features.

If you own a conventional grocery store and want an app like Instamart lite, White Label Fox is a leading on-demand grocery delivery app development company that helps you digitize your business with robust and scalable solutions. Our experienced team of developers enables you to build a grocery delivery app like Instamart Lite with all the powerful features.

Our solution comprises a feature-packed admin panel, user app, store app, and delivery provider app, which keeps all the stakeholders connected. With the Instamart Lite clone app, you can track the entire business, deliver a seamless ordering experience to customers, and anticipate better outcomes for your grocery business.

Instamart Lite Clone – User App Features

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instamart lite Easy Registration

Easy Registration

Let customers register or log in using their existing social media accounts to make the registration process easy.

instamart lite Real-Time Tracking

Real-time Tracking

Allow customers to track each activity of their order, from order confirmation to delivery.

instamart lite Multiple Modes Of Payment

Multiple Modes of Payment

Let users make payments for their grocery orders through multiple payment options including cash, wallet, and others.

instamart lite Quick Search

Quick Search

Customers can quickly search for products using advanced search features, which makes the ordering process quick.

instamart lite Order History

Order History

Keep a track record of customers’ previous orders for easy repeat ordering, ensuring a quick shopping experience.

instamart lite Feedback And Rating

Feedback and Rating

Users can add reviews and submit ratings on the products they have ordered to help future customers.

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Instamart Lite Clone – Provider App Features

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instamart lite Document Submission

Document Submission

To accept grocery orders, delivery providers need to submit the necessary documents for verification purposes.

instamart lite Order History

Order History

Allow delivery providers to check previously completed orders to get a bird’s overview of their earnings.

instamart lite Delivery Location

Delivery Location

Allow providers to view the exact location of the customers, ensuring on-time doorstep grocery delivery.

instamart lite Reject Orders

Accept/Reject Orders

Let service providers accept or reject orders as per their availability, they can turn off the toggle to go ideal.

instamart lite Accept Bookings

Accept Bookings

Delivery providers can accept online orders placed by customers and view all the related details.

instamart lite View Earnings

View Earnings

Enable delivery providers to view earnings monthly, weekly, and day-wise to get a quick overview of their earnings.

Instamart Lite Clone – Store App Features

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instamart lite Manage Orders

Manage Orders

Track and manage all the online orders placed by customers in one place, ensuring smooth order management.

instamart lite Check Reports

Check Reports

Allow store owners to check sales reports, the number of online orders placed, etc. to make informed decisions.

instamart lite Manage Delivery Providers

Manage Delivery Providers

Allow stores to manage delivery providers and related details to make the doorstep delivery experience smooth.

instamart lite Product Management

Product Management

Let stores update and manage all the products and related details such as name, description, etc. with ease.

instamart lite Manage Profile

Manage Profile

Let stores update the profile details such as name, address, operating hours, and much more.

instamart lite Manage Reviews

Manage Reviews

Stores can view and manage the reviews submitted by customers and reply to their reviews.

instamart Store app

Expand Your Online Grocery Delivery Business with Instamart Lite Clone App in this Ever-competitive Environment

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Instamart Lite Clone – Admin Panel Features

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instamart lite Admin panel
instamart lite Comprehensive Order Management

Order Management

Manage all aspects of orders efficiently, including tracking, editing, and assigning deliveries, ensuring a seamless experience for customers.

instamart lite Real-Time Analytics Dashboard

User-friendly dashboard

Use a user-friendly dashboard to gain valuable insights into sales, customer behavior, and delivery performance, empowering informed decision-making.

instamart lite Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Easily track and manage inventory levels, update product availability, and receive alerts for low stock, ensuring a well-stocked and efficient operation.

instamart lite Flexible Pricing And Promotions

Set Pricing & Promotions

Set dynamic pricing strategies, create promotional campaigns, and apply discounts easily to attract customers and boost sales.

instamart lite Driver And Fleet Management

Driver Management

Efficiently manage drivers, assign deliveries, track their locations in real time, and optimize routes for faster deliveries and improved customer satisfaction.

instamart lite Customer Support

Customer Support

Provide exceptional customer service with tools like chat support, order status updates, and issue resolution capabilities, enhancing customer loyalty.

instamart lite Reports And Analytics

Reports & Analytics

Generate customizable reports on sales, orders, inventory, and customer feedback, facilitating data-driven decisions and business growth.

instamart lite Multilingual Languages

Multilingual Languages

Let admins expand their business reach without any geolocation barrier by offering multiple languages, catering to a diverse customer base.


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Leveraging cutting-edge technology akin to Android and iOS, our instamart lite clone integrates specialized panels and modules, enabling seamless business operations. With scalability at its core, our solution empowers businesses to adapt and expand effortlessly, ensuring sustained growth in dynamic market landscapes.


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What Makes Our Instamart Lite Clone Distinct From Others?

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Our platform grows with your business, adapting to increased demand and expanding operations seamlessly.

Tailor our Instamart Lite clone to match your brand’s unique identity, ensuring a personalized and engaging customer experience.

Get unparalleled support from our team of experts, ensuring smooth operations and quick resolution of any issues that may arise.

Our platform is designed with simplicity in mind, making it easy for you to navigate and manage your grocery delivery business effectively.

Benefit from competitive pricing plans that fit your budget without compromising on the quality and features of our solution.

Access our solution seamlessly across various devices with native Android and iOS apps, ensuring convenience for administrators and end-users.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The Instamart Lite clone app is a pre-built solution allowing entrepreneurs to launch online grocery delivery businesses with unlimited customization options instantly.

Our Instamart Lite clone is customizable, allowing you to personalize the app’s look and feel to align with your brand’s identity and create a unique user experience.

Yes, we provide comprehensive support to help you set up and use the solution effectively, including training sessions, documentation, and ongoing assistance as needed.

Yes, you get native Android and iOS apps for seamless access and management of your grocery delivery business across different platforms.

Our solution offers real-time tracking of orders, deliveries, and driver locations, allowing you to monitor operations and ensure timely customer deliveries.

You can access a variety of analytics and reporting features in the admin panel, including sales data, customer behavior insights, inventory reports, and performance metrics, empowering data-driven decision-making.

Yes, we’ve designed the platform with simplicity in mind, ensuring an intuitive user interface that makes navigating, managing operations, and making informed decisions effortless.

Yes, we will hand over the source code after completing the project. You can make necessary changes in the future if you have a technical team to do so.

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