Top 10 Grocery Delivery Apps In Italy to Bring Fresh Products

Top 10 grocery delivery apps

Top 10 Grocery Delivery Apps In Italy to Bring Fresh Products

Whether it’s on paper or in your head, you probably made a grocery list before you went to the store. But how frequently do you actually remember to bring that list with you so that you can shop for groceries more quickly? Change how you start a shopping list, so you don’t end up aimlessly wandering the aisles wondering how much milk you have left or having trouble remembering every item on it. The next time you go grocery shopping, use your phone as your personal assistant; It might be preferable to ordering groceries online.

Due to their convenience and accessibility, online grocery delivery apps have gained popularity over the past few years. The growing demand for grocery delivery services online is indirectly being met by the increase in digitization and smartphone use. Online grocery delivery services are becoming increasingly popular due to macroeconomic factors like increased spending per capita on household and grocery items and rapid urbanization.

The global market for online grocery delivery services is anticipated to expand significantly in the coming years. And Italy is not something immune from this phenomenal growth. 

Top 10 grocery delivery apps

Online grocery shopping is currently used by 10.8 million Italian households or 42% of households. E-commerce accounts for nearly 10% of this group’s total grocery spending.

The above statistics show that more and more Italian grocery stores are going digital and expanding their services. However, numerous grocery delivery apps have emerged due to this industry boom. Because of this, many people aren’t sure which one to choose, so this article will walk you through the best grocery delivery app in Italy to help solve the problem.

10 Best Grocery Delivery Apps Offering Amazing Services Across Italy 

10 Best Grocery Delivery Apps Offering Amazing Services Across ItalySource: Grand View Research

Consider the scenario in which you have a hectic day ahead of you and have no time to shop for groceries or prepare a meal. Grocery delivery apps would be extremely helpful in this circumstance. You can get the groceries you need to be delivered to your door by placing an online order.

In Italy, numerous grocery delivery apps help Italian grocery store to provide an easy shopping experience. It makes it easier for them to offer discounts to new users, discounts for referring others, or even free delivery. You’ll be able to test out various apps and stick with the ones that work best for you.

Top 10 Grocery Delivery Apps In Italy

Look at these ten excellent grocery delivery solutions that provide various payment options, lucrative offers, and amazing doorstep grocery delivery services. 


Eataly Grocery Delivery App

Eataly is a large-format Italian market with a bakery, restaurants, a cooking school, food and beverage counters, and various retail items. Oscar Farinetti collaborated with Slow Food to start the business. 

Eataly has been called a “megastore” by the New York Times. This platform combines aspects of a top European open market, a high-end food court, a New Age learning center, and a Whole Foods-style supermarket, among other things.  Today, the company only sells a small number of Italian products online. Thanks to the platform, customers can learn about and shop for unique Italian cuisines more easily.


Everli Grocery Delivery App

Everli, formerly Supermercato24, performs your grocery shopping in nearly all of Italy’s major supermarkets: You register, choose a store, add items to your shopping cart, and plan the delivery, all of which can be completed in under two hours. 

The actual shopping is handled by an Everli shopper, who will call if something is not on the shelves. You can sign up for a subscription plus for unlimited deliveries, including the fast ones, for €12.90 per month or €118 per year. The fast delivery costs €6.30.


Tulips Grocery Delivery App

Tulips were established in 2019 by CEO Enrico Martini and COO Mattia Mordenti. It currently serves 4,500 customers per month in the Emilia-Romagna region, including Bologna, with an average order value of €75.

Preparing orders and picking them up in-store are free, and home delivery is free for orders over €49. Tulips, an Italian online supermarket, plans to invest at least €4 million in a dark-store network through the CrowdFundMe platform.


Getir Grocery Delivery App

Getir is undoubtedly the most widely used app for grocery delivery in Turkey. Nazm Salur, an entrepreneur from Turkey, introduced it in 2015. The unicorn from Istanbul will be available in London and Birmingham in the United Kingdom in 2020 and 2021, as well as in other European cities like Berlin in Germany, Paris in France, Amsterdam in the Netherlands, and Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

Getir has made its first acquisition, acquiring Barcelona-based Spanish online grocery company BLOK. As a result, it is reasonable to anticipate their imminent availability in BLOK’s operations in Spain, Portugal, and Italy. Getir is also getting ready to make its debut all over the United States.


Soplaya Grocery Delivery App

Soplaya is a platform for online marketplaces that sells groceries from various categories. The mobile platform that connects merchants and restaurants. The platform allows restaurants to start placing orders by creating a profile and recording all of their suppliers. 

Businesses can use the platform’s historical logs and vendors to plan future purchases and receive real-time notifications about their orders. It sells meat, spices, fruits, and vegetables, among other things.


Quomi Grocery Delivery App

Andrea Bruno and Daniele Bruttini, both thirty years old, came up with the idea for Quomi because they knew they were working for Zalando and needed a way to bring home high-quality Italian food while living in Berlin comfortably.

A food technology startup called Quomi delivers meal kits to customers. The Mediterranean diet’s basic principles state that it enables customers to subscribe to the service, receive new recipes, and have dinner with fresh products. Red meat, fish, vegetables, and cereals are just a few of the Mediterranean-inspired dishes in each box, including fresh and pre-dosed ingredients.

Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh Grocery Delivery App

The grocery ordering options available through Amazon Fresh are similar to those available at most major grocery stores. You can browse the most significant brands and Amazon’s confidential mark, from meat and produce to storage room staples and family cleaning supplies. Some areas can get same-day shipping, which isn’t as common for most of these services.

It functions as usual for Amazon: You can select, add to your cart, and purchase with one click.

The service is available through Amazon’s shopping app or directly on the website in Milan, Turin, Rome, Bologna, and the surrounding areas.


Gorillas Grocery Delivery App

Gorillas have already expanded to more than 12 cities, including Amsterdam, London, and Munich, since it was established in Berlin in May of last year by Kaan Sümer and Jörg Kattner. The business allows you to place on-demand orders for groceries and other household goods, with an average delivery time of ten minutes.

It employs a vertical or “dark store” model to establish 40 micro fulfillment centers across Germany, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. Customers can select from “more than 2,000 essential items at retail prices” and pay just over $2 for delivery.

Glovo Express

Glovo Express Grocery Delivery App

Users, partners, and couriers are all connected through Glovo, a hyper-local marketplace. The majority of interactions with platform participants are automated. With a relevant menu or a virtual shelf of goods, app users see stores and locations within a certain radius. The automated order distribution system locates the closest couriers who will pick up and deliver an order when a user confirms it.


Esselunga Grocery Delivery App

Esselunga, an Italian supermarket chain, has added delivery options and more online shopping options for its customers. “Presto a casa,” one of the new features, offers home delivery for purchases made through a specific app within three hours of ordering.

Only the areas and times specified on the app and by the customer are available for grocery delivery. A free delivery service is available for disabled customers.

Get Your Groceries Delivered To Your Doorsteps within Minutes

In 2020, the Italy online grocery delivery market was expected to reach its maximum heights. People expect immersive experiences due to innovations, trendy items, technological advancements, and the smartphone and digital world. 

Apps for on-demand grocery delivery “drive” food to a home platter. It’s hard to imagine how Italian grocery stores embrace technology at each level.  Consider the extent of a service’s reach in your area and whether it can deliver products from your preferred establishments when choosing an on-demand grocery delivery app. Consider which services charge extra, though it can be hard to find out because many delivery fees are set by the store owners you order from.

Check to see if a service offers a monthly membership program if you intend to use it frequently. That membership fee frequently has the potential to eliminate delivery costs or reduce other costs. If you have membership status, you may even receive your order sooner in some instances.

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