How To Develop On-Demand Uber For Laundry App?

Uber For Laundry AppHow To Develop On-Demand Uber For Laundry App?

Recently,on-demand services play an essential role in our lives. The facilities like taxi booking, food ordering, grocery shopping, and many more services which require in our daily life are a few clicks away.

The global success of uber has motivated entrepreneur in many industries, and they equivalent the uber business model and start their on-demand businesses.

The laundry and dry cleaning services, which is developing in this type of industry, and it has thoroughly mixed with the on-demand treads.

Why On-demand Uber For Laundry App?

The Uber taxi booking app allows a user to book a taxi while sitting at home, with their smartphone. A user just needed a few steps to book a cab, and the cab of your choice arrives at the user home to pick up.

By using the payment gateway method in the app user can pay for a taxi in a cashless manner, and so it will make all the more convenient. Then this model has been extended for the laundry business.

Using uber for laundry app, with pickup and drop services for laundry as well as same day laundry services this business is gaining in more demand.

With the use of uber for laundry app, just a few step and user are ready to get their laundry done.

According to Statista,on-demand laundry services worldwide in 2016 and gives a forecast for 2024. By 2024, the global on-demand laundry services market will amount to over 96 billion U.S. dollars.

Features To Develop On-Demand Uber For Laundry App:

For use an on-demand laundry app, a user must require login in the app. If a user has not login credential, they can signup with necessary information; they provide basic information like name, email, contact details, address, etc.

2)Select from a wide range of services
Once the login is done successfully, allow the user to choose from a wide range of services like dry cleaning, wash, and fold. If your app provides several choices to the user to determine, then it will be easy for the user and hold to the platform for a long time.

3)Pickup/Drop off
When the order is placed, it is time to pick up the laundry. For user convenience, provide an option to schedule the pickup timing according to they convenient. A user can pick up laundry services now or in advance. So, timing decided by the user; the person will come and pick up the laundry from the user doorstep.


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4)Payment Method
The user can calculate the cost of the services according to the number of cloth. The app allows permission to a user to pay within the app. This feature will enable users to pay online through multiple payment options like pay using credit cards, debit cards, and any digital methods.

5)Track Order
Once the laundry is dispatch, allow the user to track their order in real-time. With the track order feature, user can check the status of the law.

6)Order History
Any user can monitor their previous order details. They can view order id, date & time, the status of the order, and order cost.

7)Review & Rating
When the request is completed, the user gives a review of the laundry service. The review & rating important features to interact with your user with the app.

Final Word:

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