On Demand Laundry App Development

Take your laundry business online with our on-demand dry cleaning app solution. We offer on-demand laundry & dry cleaning app solutions for both Android and iOS platforms.
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On-Demand Dry Cleaning App Development

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Today, people life is pretty busy, but they have enough resources for all the task. The working people and students have not time to wash their clothes or go to a laundry shop. So, they spend some weekends or holidays to complete the task. Therefore, the on-demand dry cleaning app is the best solution. With the laundry app, customers can book services with a few taps and get services done at the doorstep. At White Label Fox, we offer scalable and ready-made on-demand uber for laundry service app solutions for your startup business. We offer a laundry app solution with a user app, provider app, and super web panel to run your laundry business. We provide the best on-demand dry cleaning app clone script with all necessary features as per your customized requirement.

How Product Works

Simplistic and Cautiously to find a laundry service and
get a dry cleaning service done at the doorstep
On-Demand Dry Cleaning Login Signup
1. Login/Signup

A customer needs to create a new account or log in to their existing account on social sites like Facebook or Google to access the app.

4. Set Pickup & Delivery Time

A customer can schedule the pickup and delivery times for their laundry and choose a convenient time slot based on their availability.

7. Order Delivery by Provider

Once the laundry is ready, the provider will deliver it back to the user’s location. The user will receive a notification about the delivery status and estimated arrival time.

browse nearest providers
2. Browse Nearest Providers

Customers can search for laundry service providers near their location. It shows list of available providers along with their ratings & services.

5. Provider Pickup Clothes

Here, the assigned laundry service provider will arrive at the user’s location to pick up the clothes and the customer hands them over to the provider.

secure payment
8. Secure Payment

After the completion of the service, the customer has a flexible payment option like cash, a card, or an in-app wallet to pay the provider and get a seamless experience with all safety standards.

3. Laundry Preferences

A customer needs to select their laundry preferences for men/women, shirts and t-shirts, wash type, etc. 

Laundry Processing new
6. Laundry Processing

The provider takes the laundry to the facility for processing. The clothes will be sorted, washed, dried, and folded as per the user’s preferences.

ratings and reviews
9. Ratings and Reviews

Once payment is completed, customers can rate and review the provided service. They can share their feedback and experiences to help other customers of the same service.


Social Login

A customer can create a new account or log in with social accounts like Facebook, Google, or email to book the laundry services.

service selection
Service Selection

Once logged in, a customer can see a list of laundry service providers with details and select the service type according to their requirements.

Service Scheduling

A customer can schedule the pickup and delivery of their laundry items conveniently. Which eliminates the need for physical store visits, saving time and effort.

track order status icon
Track Order Status

Once the provider accepts the job request, the user can check the service status and track the live location of the service provider from the app.

In-App Live Chat

It gives a customer the option to send a text message to a service provider for direct communication from the app.

flexible payment option
Flexible Payment Option

Here, a customer has a flexible payment option like cash, credit, or an in-app wallet to pay for the laundry services.

Set Service Area

A provider can define their operational area by specifying the geographic region where they offer their services.

On-Demand Dry Cleaning App Process
Manage Processing Status

It enables customers to track and manage the status of their laundry items throughout the processing cycle.

Pickup & Delivery Order

It lets the customer place orders conveniently for laundry pickup and delivery services. They can schedule pickups, specify item details, and select preferred delivery times.

Manage Clothes & Categories

The provider can organise and categorise their laundry items efficiently to eliminate any confusion or misunderstanding in the whole laundry service.

map navigation
Map Navigation

It allows customers to track the real-time location of the pickup or delivery agent on a map, ensuring accurate short-route navigation to their specified location.

Review & Rating

After the service is completed, the service provider can give a review and rating to the customer based on their experience with them.

On-Demand Dry Cleaning Dashboard

With the powerful & intuitive dashboard, admins can monitor and manage all the service requests and other activities, total users and providers, system commission, and total revenue.

settle payment
Settle Payment

The admin can track and manage customer payments. It also provides the ability to tack payments, integration with payment gateways, and the ability to handle pending and completed payments.

push notifications
Push Notifications

It allows the admin to send customised notifications to specific customers and providers. It provides a centralised interface for composing, scheduling, and sending targeted messages to specific user groups or all users of the application.

Commission Management

The admin can set commission rates, track earnings, and generate reports for staff or service providers. It provides real-time commission calculations, comprehensive tracking, and streamlined payout management.

Order Monitoring

The admin can track and manage customer orders, see order details, track order status, update status manually, search and filter orders, and receive notifications from the dashboard. It also includes analytics, customer communication, and reporting capabilities.

Manage Customers & Providers

It allows administrators to manage customers and providers, manage user accounts, verify and approve service providers, handle customer inquiries or issues, and maintain a database of users for effective communication and support.


On Demand Dry Cleaning Mockup
On-Demand Dry Cleaning Mockup
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Check Our On Demand Dry Cleaning App Demo

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On-Demand Dry Cleaning App Store
On-Demand Dry Cleaning Store Provider
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Start Other On-Demand Service Business and Cover Entire Market

Are you want to start other handyman service businesses like beauty, Home Cleaning, Tutor, Pet Care, etc.
We customize the laundry app to other handyman services for your business startup.
Home Cleaning
Home Cleaning
Pet Care
Car Wash

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover the power of efficiency, customization, and
profitability in the answers to these frequently asked questions.

The laundry service app provides features such as bulk order management, real-time tracking, and customized pricing for businesses.

Your business can benefit from streamlined laundry management, efficient scheduling, and cost-effective operations, ultimately enhancing productivity and customer satisfaction.

Yes, the laundry service app can be tailored to meet your unique business requirements, ensuring a seamless integration with your existing operations.

The app employs robust security measures to protect your business data, including encrypted transactions and secure user authentication.

The app provides detailed analytics and reporting tools, allowing businesses to track performance, analyze trends, and make informed decisions to optimize operations.

Yes, the laundry service app is designed to be scalable, ensuring it can grow alongside your business and handle increasing order volumes seamlessly.

The app streamlines bulk order processing through features like batch scheduling, automated invoicing, and efficient route optimization for delivery.

Yes, the app offers integration capabilities, allowing seamless connectivity with your existing business software for a more cohesive and efficient workflow.

Comprehensive support and training are offered to ensure a smooth onboarding process for your business, including tutorials, documentation, and responsive customer support.

The app helps businesses reduce operational costs through optimized routes, efficient resource allocation, and automation, while also opening up new revenue streams by reaching a broader customer base.

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