Start your on-demand delivery business with Postmates Clone. It enables you to streamline all business operations, boost business efficiency, and delight all customers with a customised clone like the Postmates app
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The online delivery market is booming globally because entrepreneurs globally come with powerful apps that make people’s lives more effortless than ever before. Online food and grocery delivery holds immense potential today and is tipped to surpass $200 billion; on-demand multi-delivery clone script is here to stay. With a ceaseless market demand and giant user base, there could not be any other time for business owners to make the most out of this momentum.

At White Label Fox, we offer you the Postmates clone application that is drenched with amazing features and functionalities but with an appealing user interface. So what are you waiting for? Boost operational efficiency from our Postmates clone app and generate a more extensive customer base with a more personalized experience.

Features of Our Postmates Clone App


Customers can browse through a variety of restaurants and stores in their area & place orders for delivery or pickup.

Delivery Tracking

Customers can see the status of their delivery and track the delivery driver’s location on a map.

Ratings and Reviews

Customers could provide ratings and reviews for the restaurants, stores, and delivery drivers.

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Scheduled Deliveries

Let customers schedule future deliveries by entering specific dates and time.

Payment Options

Customers can choose various payment methods, including credit or debit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

In-App Messaging

Customers can interact with delivery providers within the app to resolve delivery related issues

Request Management

The driver will see the display of available delivery requests in the driver’s area.

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Order History

The driver can see the order history, which includes details about past deliveries, earnings, and customer ratings.

Delivery Status Updates

Drivers can update the delivery status in real time, such as “en route,” “arrived at destination,” or “delivered.”

Postmates Clone App Driver
Earnings Tracking

Drivers could track their earnings on a daily, monthly, and weekly basis in real-time within the app.

Customer Communication

The driver can communicate with the customer regarding the delivery, so he can use the in-app messaging feature.


Drivers can switch their availability anytime to online or offline. The driver can’t receive a pickup request while he is offline.

Update Profile

Stores can edit their profiles with information such as their name, working hours, photographs, and more.

Order Management

The store could receive and process incoming orders, track order status, and communicate with the delivery driver if needed.

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Order History and Reports

Stores have access to order history, including past orders, order details, and receipts.

Postmates Clone App Store
Order Tracking and Notifications

The store could receive real-time updates and notifications about the status of an order.

Promotions and Special Offers

Stores can create and manage campaigns or offer special discounts to attract customers.


Stores can see daily, monthly & weekly earnings reports, which provide all essential data.


A comprehensive admin dashboard to monitor and manage all aspects of the platform, including orders, deliveries, users, and payments.

Notifications and Alerts

The ability to send push notifications, SMS messages, or email alerts to users, drivers, and merchants regarding order updates, promotions, and important announcements.

Payment and Commission Management

An admin panel to manage payment processes, including tracking transactions, managing payment gateways, calculating commissions, and generating reports for financial analysis.

Geolocation and Mapping

A admin can manage integration with mapping services like Google Maps to enable real-time tracking of orders, drivers, and delivery locations.

Settings and Configuration

The admin can configure various platform settings, such as delivery fees, service areas, operating hours, supported payment methods, and other customizable options.

Integration with Third-Party Services

Integration with external services like payment gateways, SMS providers, customer support systems, or analytics platforms to streamline operations and enhance functionality.

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Order Management

The ability to view and manage all incoming orders, including order details, customer information, delivery addresses, and order statuses.

Ratings and Reviews

Access to user ratings and reviews for drivers, merchants, and overall service quality. Admins can review and moderate feedback to maintain a high-quality experience for users.

Dispatch Management

A dispatch system that allows admins to efficiently assign and manage deliveries based on driver availability, proximity to the pickup location, and other relevant factors. Admins can also reassign orders if needed.


Postmates Clone App Food Delivery
Food Delivery
Postmates Clone App Alcohol Delivery
Alcohol Delivery
Postmates Clone App Medicine Delivery
Medicine Delivery
Pet cares
Pet Supplies
Flower Delivery
Flower Delivery
Postmates Clone App Grocery Delivery
Grocery Delivery
Witness An Exceptional Multi-Delivery Workflow With
Sterling Features From Postmates Clone


We Have More to Give You the Same Experience!
We would happily help you design similar on-demand apps like the Ola, Lyft, and Uber clone apps.
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The DoorDash clone app is appropriate for single restaurants, restaurant franchises, or food delivery businesses.

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Groubhub Logo

The Grubhub clone script allows food businesses to accept online orders and develop their food business.

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Gojek Logo

Gojek is a platform that offers diverse on-demand services like transportation, food delivery, shopping, etc.


Tech-stack We Use to Develop Exceptional Solutions


Google Maps

Google Maps





















Android Studio

android studio


html 5


css 3

Frequently Asked Questions

See the Solution to Each Rising Query!

Postmates Clone is a ready-made white-label solution specifically developed for startup business owners to launch their service within a short time. It is the perfect stage to encourage food and other online delivery businesses.

Of course, we offer a fully customizable Postmates clone script, and you can also integrate desired functionalities and features as per your choice.

We offer a highly scalable solution; you can add your desired features and functionalities as per your needs and run your business smoothly.

Everyone wants their daily necessities on hand quickly and without any trouble, and this clone app fulfils all the requirements.

The app script comes with English language support by default; however, this is a multilingual platform, so other languages can also be integrated.

Yes, you will get complete ownership or the rights to your on-demand all-in-one delivery app source code.

Yes, we provide 1 year of free technical support to solve all your difficulties regarding your app.

Of course, a package will be delivered to the doorstep without any physical contact. The package will be kept outside the door, and once the customer confirms receiving the deliverable, the delivery partner will depart.

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