How to Launch Your Own Local Food Delivery App Like Postmates?

food delivery app like postmatesHow to Launch Your Own Local Food Delivery App Like Postmates?

In a busy life, our most daily routines activities go through digitalised. Nowadays, delivery services demand is more popular.

Nowadays, no one has much time to complete their every task. Food Delivery is one of the high demand services in the current market.

If food delivery service not available than what to do in the fast life? Someone will go and bring your order and fulfil your requirements. If nobody is possible for the task what to do? The on-demand delivery app solves the problem. You can order anything from anywhere not need to go and get the required things.

There are lots of on-demand delivery services available in the current market. Postmates is one of the favourite delivery apps in the US. As per Statista analysis, in last five-year food delivery service demand is double in the US.

What is the Postmates App?

Postmates is an American company that works with on-demand services. They take orders from online using the mobile application and after order accepting find out the nearest deliver people and delivery the things through delivery persons to customers.

Postmates is a similar online delivery service like Uber and Lyft because it uses the mobile application to receive orders and delivery to customers.

Postmates was founded in 2011 by Bastian Lehmann, Sam Street, and Sean Plaice. At the end of 2014 Postmates offers their services in 18 US cities and in October 2015 they available in more than 100 metropolitan areas.

postmates app clonePostmates is the first mobile app that delivers a anythings whatever you want. Postmates delivery food and any product from a restaurant or store. Nowadays Postmates have a more than 200,000 delivery people.

Postmates offers various delivery products like food, grocery, alcohol, birthday gifts, and cleaning supplies delivered in minutes in your city.

As per statics, Postmates revenue is $250 million in 2017 and projected revenue in 2018 is $400 million. Postmates is handling a 2 million delivery per month across in 385 cities.

Required Components to Develop Local Food Delivery App like Postmates:

App UX/UI Design: Like Postmates app, you need an app design for a user to browse a restaurant & store and find menu list and order from the app. After an app design for a local delivery app, you require a backed for the app.

API & Server: You offers a pertinent order to users from the app. If you are want to expand your delivery systems in the new area, the API merely scaling your service.

Map Integration in the Application: Postmates system is working on pickup and delivery an item one location to other, so map integration is required. Using the feature user can real-time track their order live on the map.

Restaurant and Menu list Database: To implement the data in a system is straightforward for the development team, but gathering data is difficult — the database for a list of a restaurant with a menu and its price, offers, images of a menu, and more store & restaurant information.

Payment system: Payment system offers users to pay for their orders within the application. Postmates offers only Credit Card option in the app, but we can also add the PayPal, Wallet, and other payment structure.

How to Successfully Launch Your Own App Like Postmates?

If you are also want to start up your business model like Postmates, then you are at right place. First of all, you need an all required component as we discussed in the above section.

You need a three separate application one app for a user, a second app for the delivery person, the third app for restaurant/store and admin web panel for developing a system like Postmates.

User App Features:

  • Search Restaurant & Store
  • View Menu List
  • View & Edit Cart Details
  • Submit Order
  • Manage Order
  • Order Payment
  • Track Order
  • View Order History
  • Manage Profile Settings

Delivery Person App Features:

  • Manage Account Profile
  • Vehicle Profile
  • Manage the Required Document for Verification
  • Accept/Reject Order Request
  • Pickup & Delivered an Order Item
  • Collect Payment
  • View Order History

Store/Restaurant App:

  • Manage Profile
  • Add/Edit Menu List
  • Manage Orders
  • Prepare an Order Menu
  • Shipped Menu to Delivery Person
  • Manage Offers
  • View Earning Report

Admin Panel Features:

  • Verify Restaurant & Delivery Person
  • Manage Payment Structure
  • Site Commission Manage
  • Track Orders

If you have all the required components like Postmates app, is its ending?. No, not still you launch your delivery business. You need a business analysis based on current trends. You must face the following challenges:

Select Right Audience & Market Analysis:

Every startup business have an initial problem, how to find your target audience? You also need to understand the current market analysis of your competitors where you want to launch your business.

At the initial level, you find out the which type of order delivery services(food, grocery, liquor) demand is high in your city and about your competitors to that which kind of service they offer to users.

As per your analysis, you can determine which type of services you need to add in your system and price to set at the initial level.

Relationship With Partners:

After your market analysis, you have an idea of business competitors, which store/restaurant get more orders from the user. You must set a good relationship with store/restaurant; You can offer free services at the initial level like not a fixed commission from the partners and also marketing your startup in your region. If you have a vast number of partner, a chance to get more revenue in the delivery system.

Increase Users:

The success formula in the delivery business is that you have more users, more orders. The more laws make more revenue. How to grow your users at the initial level – start your business in small areas, doing advertising through social media sites, give an attractive offer like discounts, vouchers to users.

Hire Delivery Person:

Without a delivery person in an order delivery system, the whole system is useless. You hire a more delivery person to scale your business. You can hire a delivery person as a freelance or salary based as per your demand.

List of Local Delivery App Services You Can Launch:

  • Food Delivery
  • Grocery Delivery
  • Laundry Services
  • Courier Services
  • Catering Services
  • Flowers Delivery
  • Liquor Delivery
  • Medicine Delivery

The number of various services is to build using on-demand app services. If you want to develop your own any on-demand service contacts us; our experts help you to converts your dream to a successful business.

How to Get Revenue From Local Food Delivery Apps?

Every local delivery system has a unique pricing structure. You can set various pricing structure like fixed delivery fee per orders, commission fee established for a restaurant based on rules. You can hire your delivery person or hire freelance delivery person its decided on your self.

postmates clone revenueWhen you start up your business, you can set an offer for your marketing in new areas. You offer free services like not a fixed commission from the restaurants and delivery persons. When UberRush launches their services, they do not take any commission, nowadays $3 fee per delivery. It means at the time of initial you expand your business marketing through this type of offers and expand your business to the next level.

In simple words, you get a commission from a store/restaurant, and a delivery person stands in order and get more revenue through the local food delivery system.

Bottom Line

If your focus is to startup and builds your local food delivery app like Postmates, please contact us. Our expert team listened to your requirements and based on their experience, help you to approach your business startup. Hire us today for your local delivery mobile app development. If you have any query regarding on-demand food delivery app development, feel free to contact us.

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