Saas Business Model for On-Demand Delivery App

Saas Business Model

Saas Business Model for On-Demand Delivery App

Now globally there is much need for on-demand delivery apps due to the coronavirus outbreak.

During this critical situation, online delivery business supports every business to run seamlessly and earn more profits.

By using the delivery services app, customers can make delivery simple with a few easy clicks.

With the delivery app, the customer can choose the time slot and book delivery service. They can receive the SMS notification about the order confirmation, estimate delivery time, and more.

Many shops or restaurants vendor want to start their delivery services apps. For that, the on-demand delivery clone app script is the best solution to develop a delivery app.

How On-Demand Delivery App Work?

The working of the on-demand delivery system is the same as e-commerce websites.

Whenever your customer is busy with work and wants any of the on-demand delivery services at doorstep they can simply open the delivery app and book delivery services which they want.

Once the delivery request is placed, they can get a notification and get the delivery at the doorstep.

Benefits of On-Demand Delivery App:

The main function in any on-demand services is to match demand and supply in the fastest way possible.

On-demand delivery offers several benefits for both business and customers.

It usually takes 10 minutes to 24 hours to execute the order. It is dependent on the delivery order request. Yet, to place delivery orders within the app is take just a few taps, so it’s fast and convenient for both customers and providers.

From placing an order to making a payment or tracking delivery status in real-time, on-demand delivery apps are make convenient to use. From the business point of view, it cut the process of micro-management and connect the customer directly to the delivery person.

Feedback and rating provided by the customer for the delivery person which allow for trust-building and better visibility. Also, as a business owner, you can monitor feedback and handle the issues if you arise.

With the on-demand delivery app, you don’t need to hire

What is Saas?

Saas is known as software as a service. It also is known as cloud-based software is.

Saas is a method of software delivery that allows the data is accessible from any device with the internet connection and web browser.

With Saas, the buyer doesn’t require any expensive hardware, which allows them to outsource most of the IT responsibilities and maintain the software.

Also, the Saas model allows the subscribed payment method which allows you to pay for the services monthly, Annually.

Buy Delivery App with Saas Business Model:

This COVID-19 situation, many store vendor or entrepreneur wants to start their on-demand delivery app.

Some of them out of the money or some thought that the application is not running well. For that, we announce the new Saas Business Model.

Using this, you can buy an on-demand delivery app and pay for monthly and yearly. Also, we offer the on-demand delivery app for rent.

Benefits in Our On-Demand Delivery App for Saas Business Model

Free hosting
With our on-demand delivery app, we offer free web hosting with all features and we build a website for your delivery app.

Free Maintains
We offer free maintains services for your website and application for on-demand delivery apps.

Ready to launch solution
We can launch your delivery application in the respected store. So, you have not to worry about lunch the application.

No huge upfront investment
With our Saas business model, you can not invest more amount to launch your application.

Automatic software updating
With our on-demand delivery app, we offer automatic software updation as per the package that you purchase.

Domain/Brand Name
You just purchase our application and get licenses for the code for a lifetime for your Brand / Domain.

Pay Monthly/Annually
You can purchase an on-demand delivery app and pay monthly or annually.


White Label Fox is a leading web and app development company in India. We offer the best on-demand delivery app script solution for your restaurant and shop business. We have a passionate and great technical team who develop a best on-demand clone script as per customer requirement. You can buy our clone script for rent or pay monthly/yearly based on your availability.

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