Step by Step Guide to Start Doctor Appointment Booking App

Doctor Appointment Booking App

Step-by-Step Guide to Start Doctor Appointment Booking App

In your doctor’s clinic, office, or other medical centers, you might be using a high-tech system that helps you handle everything starting from scheduling to secure record-keeping. Moreover, the process of managing appointments, securing record-keeping, and handling everything can be a frustrating task without an impressive doctor appointment booking app. An appointment booking system is advantageous for both patients as well as doctors. Let’s explore a step-by-step guide to start a doctor appointment booking app for your business.

The health sector globally was valued at around $8.45 trillion in 2018, while healthcare spending is predicted to reach around $10 trillion by 2022. However, it was found that the on-demand healthcare services are estimated to increase. Thus creating a mobile app that provides convenience is a better option. This advanced appointment booking system will help you improve overall customer satisfaction and bring more business.

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Statistics Representing the Importance of Doctor Appointment Booking App

On-demand healthcare has grown steadily and is valued at around $692M. DocsApp, an on-demand platform, has raised $1.2 million in seed funding.

The healthcare market reached $8,452 billion in 2018; it has increased at 7.3% of CAGR since 2014. It is expected to increase at 8.9% and reach around $11,908.9 billion by 2022. Fitness and healthcare are considered as the highest businesses to accelerate the development of digital apps and devices. Moreover, the healthcare market of mobility is predicted to reach $90.49 billion by 2020 from $21.17 billion, a growth of 33.7% CAGR.

Doctor Appointment Booking App

The most downloaded doctors app by users are:

Weight losses: 50 million

Exercise: 26.5 million

Women’s health: 10.5 million

Sleep and Meditation: 8 million

Pregnancy Care:7.5 million

Devices and instruments: 6 million

Other: 18 million

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It becomes crucial for you to stay competitive to provide an amazing patient experience. With more than 1.7 billion people using one or other health-related apps in 2017, the global healthcare app is predicted to grow and reach around US$200 billion by 2024; you cannot afford to get left behind.

It’s a wise choice to invest money in an appointment booking system. Reports Data shows that the market will double in the next few years; the doctor appointment booking app market is valued to reach around 234.8 million in 2018. It’s forecasted that it will reach USD 612.5 million by the year 2026 and grow at 12.7% CAGR.

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The importance of doctor appointment booking solutions cannot be underestimated in the healthcare service delivery landscape. With the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, mobile medical and telehealth services have helped provide needed care to patients without increasing exposure risk.

However, most things like symptom monitoring might not be a part of the app design, the ability to contact experts and schedule the appointment helps to a great extent. Even this decreases the risk of virus spread and helps to keep affected people out of waiting rooms. It also provides distance care as well as peace of mind for quality services.

What is the Need for Appointment Booking System for Your Doctor Business

Past was the days when you had to call a doctor and wait for them to come and provide their service. Now it has become much easier, and all thanks go to an appointment booking system. Let’s explore what drives the phenomenal growth in mHealth and web-based doctor appointment booking apps. Also, let’s check some of the benefits of the doctor appointment app for patients and healthcare service providers right below.

For Healthcare Service Providers:

  • Doctors can easily schedule the time slots using the appointment booking system;
  • Healthcare experts can show the qualification and other details to aware the patients about the expertise;
  • A doctor can look at the bookings with a simple click;
  • Healthcare professionals can choose to accept or reject the booking.

For The Patients:

  • Patients can enjoy medical benefits at any time and from any place without hassle;
  • Any of the patients can choose to schedule an appointment to enjoy it for later;
  • On-demand doctor appointment booking app helps in saving time for the patients by eliminating the hassle of visiting the healthcare expert;
  • Patients can easily choose the preferred doctor after having a look at ratings and reviews provided by other patients;
  • Patients get the benefits of making payments online.

There are many benefits that mobility offers. Want to leverage all the above-listed advantages and want to give a digital touch to your business? Then you can choose to develop an online doctor appointment booking system for your business. The advanced and feature-rich solution makes it easier for you to manage every appointment and provide the best service than ever before.

How Does an Online Doctor Appointment Booking System Work?

Every doctor appointment booking has its own workflow and modules that make every process easier and speedier. Let’s explore how the appointment booking system works right here:

  • Patients who want to receive treatment from the doctor need to download the app and log in to the system and give a detailed description of the symptoms;
  • Doctors can explore the symptoms of the patient, and based on that; doctors can prescribe the medicine;
  • A patent can set up the appointment if needed;
  • Patients can communicate with the doctors about the uneasiness;
  • Once detecting a patient’s problem, a doctor can recommend the necessary treatment, assign lab tests, as well as all the other related stuff;
  • Once the process is completed, the patients can complete the payment process online;
  • Patients can even provide ratings and reviews for doctor’s service after enjoying it.

With on-demand fitness and healthcare apps, people now feel engaged with the information and easily get doctors’ recommendations whenever and from wherever they want. If you want to develop an on-demand medical app to level up the playing field in favor of patients and are bound to bring change in your healthcare business, then White Label Fox can help you with the same.

Guide to Follow for Launching Appointment Booking System for Your Healthcare Business

Wondering about how to create an appointment booking system for your healthcare business? Then have a look over every step right below as it makes it easier for you to come up with an excellent solution that efficiently caters to all your business requirements.

It’s the initial step for creating a successful doctor appointment booking app; also, make sure to select unique features. The whole process begins with an in-depth consultation about your business requirements. It includes what you aim to provide for patients; everything needs to be weighed against the budget to make it workable.

Creation of UX/UI
Capabilities provided by the programming mean little if they’re not delivered to the end-users intuitively and effectively. Make sure to make the UX and UI of your doctor appointment booking app encourage people to use your doctor on-demand app.

App Development Process
You can hire developers with the knowledge essential to create an appointment booking system but also to comply with app store rules. The handle creation can concentrate on offering quality medical help to all the people who require care. It’s part of the process that takes longer than any others.

Quality Assurance
The quality assurance step makes all the difference when it comes to releasing a glitch-free and high-quality product. Regioures testing helps you find all the issues and optimize usability and speed. For better results, QA involves inspection for security weaknesses as well.

Successful Launch
Your task doesn’t end just after developing the app; you can enjoy no benefits if customers don’t know about your doctor appointment booking system. Let your patients know about your app; you can opt for an effective healthcare appointment booking system marketing methods like:

  • Advertise your branded website;
  • Advertising on play stores as well as healthcare business directories;
  • Send email to patient lists;
  • Share information on social channels;
  • Tell users to share the news with family, friends, and followers;
  • Business matters the most for doctor’s appointments.

When you choose to develop a doctor scheduling app, the primary goal is to offer primary advantages to patients. Moreover, that doesn’t mean you should ignore the possibilities to grow revenue or reach for the medical business itself. The feature-rich app can provide more than a convenient way to fill office hours.

Must-Have Features for Your Medical Appointments Booking System

If you want to leverage online doctor appointment booking apps, it becomes crucial to include all features. What most of the customers these days look for is the security and convenience of mobile healthcare management.

Full Profile Creation
People who use the program require a way to save the details securely, so they don’t have to input them every time. Make sure that you develop an app keeping your customers as a central focus, also look that it satisfies all your business requirements. Allow app users to create their profile and manage details like name, contact details, and other details as well.

Manage Information
Any appointment booking system must include up-to-date information about the physicians, locations, etc. Make search robust and straightforward, including information related to experience, specialties, etc. Share nearby medical and clinics with map information.

Calendar-based Scheduling
Enable your patients to schedule the appointments with a calendar in real-time to show availability. It includes guidance for time limits for different types of treatments and checkups.
There are many more features to include in your appointment booking system. Make sure to include needed and effective ones.

Cost to Develop a Medical Appointment Booking System?

An online medical appointment booking system’s estimated cost depends on various factors. From starting to ending, developing a doctor appointment booking app takes a long time because there is a lot of complexity and steps to be considered. The more features you want, the more cost and hours are needed. Numerous factors that affect the development of doctor appointment booking system includes:

  • Platform selection: Android, iOS, Cross-platform
  • UI & UX design
  • Features
  • Third-party integration

Many more factors affect the development cost. If you want to have an estimated cost, please feel free to get in touch with us at [email protected].

Wrapping It Up

Digital technology and modern apps have changed the medical care segment; it helps to engage more patients. Advanced mobility solutions make it easier for patients and doctors to discuss health issues from anywhere and at any time. However, the medical care app helps you stay ahead in today’s competitive market and bring more business.

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