Top 7 Fuel Delivery Services In 2023


Top fuel delivery apps

Top 7 Fuel Delivery Services In 2023

During the pandemic, online businesses witnessed a significant surge in importance, far surpassing their previous levels of popularity. While these businesses did exist before the lockdown, it was only during the lockdown period that people truly recognized the numerous perks and benefits of on-demand online services. The restrictions imposed by the pandemic made online businesses more essential than ever before.

We live in a society where having food, groceries, or medicine delivered to your doorstep in a matter of minutes is very normal. It is the best time for on-demand businesses to hit the marketplace.

In today’s tech-driven world, we are habituated to the services and products that eliminate our physical efforts and save time in order to bring more convenience and practicality to our day-to-day lives. Just a few clicks for service completion are not enough, as there are more domains of services that are supposed to be explored.

Let’s throw a light on one of them, the fuel delivery app. The fuel delivery service and on-demand fuel delivery app development have already been prepared to reduce your effort even more. However, these services are in high demand in the UK and the USA.

The on-demand fuel delivery sector is a rapidly growing and innovative field that is causing significant disruption in the current business landscape. With its user-friendly and revolutionary approach, the mobile gas delivery industry is expected to experience continuous expansion and success. It’s not wrong to say that today we reside joyfully in the realm of the on-demand app economy.


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What is a fuel delivery app?

The concept of having food, medicine, and groceries delivered to our doorsteps is not new; or you can have a seamless service experience of delivery anything. We all know pretty much about it and deal with it regularly. In fact, purchasing items online and receiving them conveniently with a few taps is something we all cherish.

Well, fuel delivery operates on a similar principle. The key distinction is that instead of delivering goods, the fuel delivery app brings fuel directly to your present location. A fuel delivery person refills your vehicle, ensuring you’re all set and ready to hit the road.

The demand for these fuel delivery service apps is high enough to draw your attention, and they don’t fail to create a buzz in the on-demand service industry. It just disguises itself as a savior for those who get stuck in remote areas due to running out of fuel or vehicle malfunctions. The platform is experiencing a surge in popularity in the USA and various European countries. The on-demand fuel delivery market will have substantial growth by 2028.


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Benefits Of Fuel Delivery Apps

  • The fuel delivery service offers flexibility to order fuel from anywhere and anytime.
  • It provides a faster fuel delivery service than spending time at the gas station to refuel your vehicle.
  • Check pricing and take advantage of a cost-effective solution.
  • Track your fuel delivery person and stay updated with GPS and notification features.

Best On-Demand Fuel Delivery Service Providers 2023

Every on-demand service has its best service providers. In recent years, it’s no surprise that several fuel delivery apps have swiftly gained popularity and taken the lead in this sector, given the prevailing market trend.

If you are planning to get your hands on this incredible fuel delivery app development, then it is advisable to go through some of the most prestigious fuel delivery providers in the market. These are mentioned below,




Cafu, the fuel delivery platform, stands out as one of the most renowned fuel delivery apps, providing its services in the UAE. It offers fuel delivery services for a diverse range of vehicles, serving customers in Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, and Umm Al Quwain. To avail of contactless fuel delivery at their desired location, customers need to register on the app, enter their vehicle details, and choose a preferred time slot. With this simple process, they can receive the fuel at the same price as the fuel station.

Cafu offers two methods in their service, monthly subscription-based and on-demand service model. On the other hand, Cafu offers a range of other services, including engine oil change, car wash, battery service, and tire change, for various vehicle maintenance needs.




Booster is a renowned mobile gas company based in the United States, known for supplying fuel directly to customers’ doorsteps. Its mobile app contains a user-friendly interface that allows customers to easily order fuel for their vehicles. For vehicle owners who are away from home or occupied with office work, the company’s workers will arrive at the location specified in the app and efficiently fill their car tanks.

Placing a fuel delivery order through this app is very straightforward. Users simply need to specify the required amount of fuel and the delivery location by dropping a pin on the map. When the fuel delivery person arrives, the users can open their car’s hatch for refuelling.




From the Yoshi app, vehicle owners can conveniently schedule their fuel delivery up to one week in advance. Additionally, It ensures that the fuel prices are matched with the lowest-priced gas station in the region. Which helps the customers eliminate the waiting time at the gas station. Besides providing fuel delivery services, this app also enables users to book various vehicle maintenance services such as car washing, oil changes, tire checks, wiper blade changes, windshield cleaning, and more. The customers need to select their required service and get their job done.



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Repos Energy is a very remarkable on-demand fuel delivery service provider. Which was founded by Chetan Walunj and Aditi Bhosale Walunj in Pune in 2017. As they are popular in India, they are providing their service in more than 130 cities. Repos Energy offers a convenient solution by delivering petrol to individuals who find it challenging to go out for refueling. This not only reduces petrol waste but also utilizes the latest IoT tools to optimize fuel deliveries.

ReposEnergy has developed an excellent on-demand fuel delivery solution, serving individuals who face challenges refueling their vehicles outside. With this innovative service, customers can now have their fuel delivered directly to their doorsteps.




Fuelbuddy, the pioneer in on-demand fuel delivery services, commenced its operations in 2016, with its headquarters based in New Delhi. It operates nationwide across India, providing gas delivery services to various locations, including Mumbai, Chennai, New Delhi, and Kolkata. Their fuel delivery services are accessible to users through a mobile app. Their service app supports almost every well-known payment option. Once the delivery is complete, they send the payment receipt to the customers. In addition to delivering fuel directly to customers’ doorsteps, FuelBuddy offers clients smart gas monitoring and dispensing containers, enabling them to track and analyze their fuel consumption efficiently.

Not only that, FuelBuddy has also established partnerships with three major fuel companies in India, namely IOCL, HPCL, and BPCL. Notably, the company has recently secured seed funding of Rs. 17 crore.




EzFill is a fuel delivery app that allows customers to effortlessly get fuel for their vehicles delivered to their preferred location. By downloading the app and placing a fuel request, users can avail themselves of the services. The drivers will then promptly arrive at the user’s desired location to carry out the fuel delivery, resulting in significant time and cost savings for the users. EzFill provides comprehensive notifications and reminders for gas delivery, ensuring a seamless and well-informed customer experience.




Fuelster is a USA-based fuel delivery service founded by Mark Webber and Peter MacEwan in 2016. For vehicle owners seeking an exceptional fuel delivery service app to easily order fuel to their doorstep, the Fuelster app is an excellent option. Fuelster provides a modern app-based on-demand fuel delivery solution, to serve people’s need for high-quality fuel conveniently delivered to their location. Using Fuelster’s app, customers can effortlessly place their orders by choosing the type of fuel and specifying the desired quantity for delivery. 

In addition to on-demand fuel delivery, Fuelster provides customers with the option for scheduled deliveries, allowing them to receive fuel at their preferred time and convenience. 

Wrapping Up!

Providing fuel delivery directly to the customer’s doorstep is not only highly efficient but also environmentally friendly. Moreover, the fuel delivery sector faces less competition compared to other industries. And undoubtedly, the on-demand fuel delivery business holds significant potential. Now is the perfect time to consider developing a fuel delivery app to generate revenue by assisting customers in accessing fuel anytime and anywhere. Don’t hesitate! Create a seamless fuel delivery solution and begin boosting your profits right away. And If you have similar thoughts and want to build your own fuel delivery service platform, contact us right now, and let’s discuss further:[email protected]






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