Top 7 Best Taxi Booking Apps in Dubai 2024


Best Taxi Booking Apps in Dubai

Top 7 Best Taxi Booking Apps in Dubai 2024

Worldwide, online taxi booking apps have become the backbone of urban transportation. With the immense growth forecasted for the global taxi booking market, it’s no wonder that Dubai, located in the UAE, is a modern infrastructure and tech-savvy city that offers unique transportation services to visitors. 

Get started with reliable taxi booking applications, book a cab, get details, track drivers in real-time, and even share your experience – all through a taxi booking app in Dubai. There are lots of ride-hailing apps in Dubai; if you have ever wondered which is the best, you have landed on the right page. 

If you are interested in launching a taxi business in Dubai, then you know how competitive it can be. There are many popular taxi booking apps that customers use to book a cab, but new apps are constantly popping up. To stand firm in the crowded market, we have compiled a list of taxi booking apps in Dubai. 

Best Taxi Booking Apps

Are you ready? Let’s go through the world of popular taxi booking apps in this bustling metropolis.

An Overview of the Ride-haling Market in Dubai 

Overview of the Ride-haling Market in Dubai Source: TechSci Research

A taxi is a crucial component of passenger mobility. In many global cities, taxi services rank among the most popular options for passenger transportation. 

  1. Several market participants in the UAE are driving the country’s online taxi industry. These companies consistently offer easy-to-use taxi services via their websites. 
  2. Since it is more affordable, people in the United Arab Emirates choose to use online taxis as a backup alternative when commuting small distances. Online taxi services, in general, and vehicle sharing, in particular, are increasing in UAE cities. 
  3. Twelve million foreign visitors are expected to have visited the United Arab Emirates in 2021, according to a World Bank analysis. 
  4. The Dubai Tourist Strategy 2020 is one of the several programs the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has introduced to support the travel and tourist sector. 
  5. Certain Middle Eastern countries are drawing a diverse range of tourists due to their well-developed infrastructure, global connection, rich cultural legacy, and growing business tourism industry.

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Top 7 Widely Used Taxi Booking Apps in Dubai

Let’s explore the leading taxi-hailing apps in Dubai. These user-friendly applications eliminate concerns about time and location, granting you the flexibility to use them at your convenience anywhere in Dubai. Let’s dive in!



Careem, the leading transportation network company in Dubai founded by Mudassir Sheikha and Magnus Olsson, operates its taxi app across more than 100 cities in 14 countries spanning the regions of the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. Notably, Careem has secured total funding amounting to $771.7 million.

Typically, the fare for rides is determined by a combination of factors, including an initial fee, a per-kilometer rate, and waiting time. Additionally, the total cost of the journey is influenced by the chosen vehicle type and the distance covered. This taxi booking app in Dubai is accessible on both Android and iOS platforms.


  1. Offers a extensive range of services under the one roof 
  2. Track orders/ rides everything in real-time, which adds trust and safety among users
  3. Book now / scheduling option ensures availability for upcoming events 


Uber UAE

Uber UAE is a prominent and top-performing ride-hailing platform operating in Dubai, earning good ratings from its satisfied users. Customers simply register on the app and enter their location, and the system calculates the most convenient pickup spot. The pricing of Uber’s taxi service can significantly fluctuate depending on the specific ride.

The Uber app extends its services to more than a thousand cities worldwide, making it accessible even when travelling far from one’s hometown. With over 500 million downloads, the app’s availability in multiple locations and support for over 25 languages have contributed to its widespread popularity. Its impressive rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 further showcases its reliability and customer satisfaction.


  1. When you download the Uber app, you can stay in touch with friends and family and allow them to know your whereabouts using the “Share your trip” feature. 
  2. There’s nothing more important than saving money and riding comfortably after a tiring day. Ask your friend or colleague to split the fare and avoid awkward conversation. 
  3. It’s hard enough to plan a group hangout without having to worry about how everyone is getting there and back. That’s why the ability to add extra stops along your route is built into the Uber app’s functionality.



S’hail plays a different role compared to other ride-hailing services. It was developed and operated by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai. The S’hail app was designed to provide various transportation services to residents and visitors in Dubai, including public buses, metros, trams, marine transport, and even taxis.

It allows customers to access additional features by creating an RTA account. It offers real-time departure times and helps find the cheapest or fastest routes for journeys, making it a handy tool for navigating Dubai’s public transport system.


  1. Provides “S’hail share”, a carpooling service that enable passengers to share a ride with fellow passengers. 
  2. A built in multiple swift and secure payment options that encourage cashless payments. 
  3. Let users allow book cabs for intercity travel or rent them for couple of hours. 


Dubai Taxi Corporation

Dubai Taxi Corporation is one of the most popular taxi services in Dubai. It allows you to travel very comfortably and conveniently and brings you to your destination within the expected time. You can easily take advantage of its excellent service through the mobile app called “DTC App “, which is very easy to use.

Not only taxis, but DTC also offers a limousine booking service. As a very professional and experienced brand in the industry, their service is quick and on-time, completing your journey within the desired time. The company is making efforts to provide a seamless service from start to finish, providing an easy and secure way to make payments as well. It also offers subscription-based services. In short, DTC is something you may want.


  1. With selection of reasonably priced taxi, limousine, and other transport services, the DTC App makes it easy and quick for you to explore Dubai.
  2. The creation of business highlights-focused points of interest on the DTC App, a school bus trip tracking system that enables parents to monitor journeys, the streamlining and automation of administrative processes, and the option to make payments via the portal are all examples of the smart income. 



Yango is likely to be a new taxi service provider in Dubai; it holds a well-established presence in over a dozen countries across the globe. This platform brings a wide range of promising features. 

These include the ease of booking multiple cars through a single phone and the option to discover alternative pickup points for faster and more cost-effective journeys. The car selection is comparable to other ride-hailing apps, offering vehicles like the comfortable Lexus ES in its fleet.


  1. User-centric platform enables simple and easy booking 
  2. Offers the option of hiring skilled drivers for a seamless and smooth riding experience 
  3. Also comes with airport pick up and drop services that enhance 



Blacklane, the award-winning transportation company, stands out as an excellent cab booking app, offering highly competitive rates. With a wide presence at 600+ airports and 300+ cities in over 60 countries worldwide, it provides unrivalled professional services. Remarkably, this top-notch taxi application has successfully secured over $103 million in funding rounds.

You can start your journey, whether it’s a business meeting or for any other occasion; Blacklane’s private chauffeur taxi solution is readily available for the next transfer. Whether it’s from the airport, hotel, or any event, customers can definitely count on Blacklane’s reliable service.


  1. With Blacklane’s recently renovated all-electric fleet, you can anticipate optimum comfort, seclusion, and elegance in addition to our dedication to sustainability.
  2. Furthermore, there’s no need to rush because their airport transfers include a free 60-minute wait period to give you enough time to clear customs and baggage claims before being driven in elegance.
  3. Go at your own pace. Remain adaptable and in command of your timetable.


Altair Chauffeur

Altair Chauffeur is a premium and brilliant transportation service. That offers an excellent option for those seeking luxurious travel in a limousine. After making a reservation, they will promptly pick you up in a limousine at the specified time and location and take you to your designated destination. 

This service offers the utmost luxury, ensuring exceptional quality. With their punctuality and professionalism, you can rest assured that your journey will be smooth and obstacle-free, leaving you with no worries during your travels.

Altair Chauffeur delivers a highly customizable and fantastic experience, allowing you to choose your preferred vehicle for travel. Charges are based on the hours you travel, and their responsible, customer-centric approach ensures excellent service.


  1. When selecting a chauffeur service in Dubai, travellers’ main concerns are about additional fees like gasoline or tolls but Altair Chauffeur gets rid of these kinds of hidden costs. 
  2. Their Airport Transfers facility guarantees that passengers will always have access to a clean car. When their car is in good shape, riders won’t have to worry about dirty or poorly maintained cars and can instead enjoy their vacation worry-free.

Wrapping Up!

The above-listed taxi booking applications in Dubai are the best apps. However, Uber tops the list. It is no wonder that startups and business owners are keen to enter this lucrative market by developing the Uber clone app and launch in their region. Comes with powerful features and functionalities with emerging technologies, the Uber Clone app is a scalable and robust solution that allows conventional transportation businesses to grow and flourish without breaking the bank. 

Digitization is at the pick, and demand for online solutions is increasing. If you want to sail in the same boat, connect with us. We will help you develop a professional taxi booking application that help you enter this profitable market with a bang. 

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