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Uber for tutoring app development solution for your education system. Simple and secure way to connect private tutors & students on one platform with our on-demand tutor app.
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On Demand Tutor App

uber for tutors

The on-demand uber tutor app script is the bridge between the student and tutors. In the COVID pandemic situation, every parent wants to provide safe and best education’s to thier children and they preferred the education at thier doorstep through an on-demand tutor app. Using the uber tutoring app students can search the nearest local tutors and fulfill thier needs.

A white label fox, we have an experienced developer team who develop tutoring apps like uber for you. We develop a fully customized uber for tutors script including user app, provider app, super web admin, and tutor web panel. We provide the best on-demand tutor clone script with all necessary features to run real-time on-demand business. Get our uber for tutor app clone script with source code.

How Product Works

Simplistic and Cautiously to find a tutor and
get an education at the doorstep
1. Login/Signup

Student can log in or sign up with providing basic information or through social sites like Facebook, or Google.

place order
3. Place Order

After checking the tutor profile and pricing; students can choose the service based on their requirements and place the order.

secure playment
5. Secure Payment

Once the service is completed, the student has a flexible payment option like cash, card, and in-app wallet.

search provider
2. Search Tutors

Students can search the nearest tutor, they can view provider profile details with name, far from their location, service pricing, ratings, etc.

provider offer services
4. Provider Offer Service

After accepting student requests, the tutor arrived at the student location and offer a service.

review & rating
6. Rating & Review

Once payment completed, the student & provider both can give reviews and ratings to each other based on the service experience.

Fox-Tutor User App Features

Check Tutor User App
Preview & Features
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social login
Social Login

A student can log in through social media sites like Facebook, Google, etc. So, a student can quickly login without fill any form details.

schedual appointment
Schedule Appointment

A student can book a new tutor service request now or schedule for future use. They can also cancel the booking request.

payment option
Payment Option

The app offers a flexible payment option like cash, credit, in-app wallet for pay for tutor services.

view tutor profile
View Tutor profile

A student can view tutor profiles with full details like tutor name, degree, packages charges, contact number, and address.

live chat
Live Chat

After the tutor accepts the service request, the student and tutor chat with each other if they have any queries.

review & rating
Rating & Review

A student can place their review and rating for the tutor after complete the service based on their experience.

Fox-Tutor Provider App Features

Check Our Tutor Provider
App Preview & Features
add package
Add Packages

After successful login into the app, the tutor can add service packages with details of package name, price, and more.

map navigation
Map Navigation

If a tutor can’t find the student address, they can use the map navigation within the app.

view order details
View Order Details

Once the new order request gets tutor can view the order with details and manage it.

manage request
Manage Request

A tutor can view the new request with full details they have the option to accept or reject the request with cancellation reason.

manage document
Manage Document

A tutor can manage the document which is required for the tutor service.

order history
Order History

A tutor can view the complete, running, cancel, and pending order history with details.

tutor provider

Tutor App – Super Admin Web Features

Check our super admin web panel features
of on-demand tutor app
admin panel mockup image

With the powerful dashboard, admin can view the total order request, total revenue, new order request, and new users.

manage promocode
 Promo code

Admin can manage promo code details including promo code name, percentage, offer type, usage limit and expired date of promo code.

mass notification
Mass Notification

Admin can send a mass notification to the user and tutor for new offers, festival greeting and more.

Reviews & Ratings
Review & Rating

Admin can see all the reviews and ratings with the service details and user details who provide it.

approve tutor
Approve Tutor

Admin can check approved tutor details with name, email, total pending and complete request. Admin has the option to blocks the tutor account.

earning report
Earning Report

Admin can view each earning report of tutor and system total commission earning.

tutor details
Tutor Details

Admin can see all the tutor details with name, email, contact number, address, history, and uploaded document.

manage document
Manage Document

Admin can add and edit the required document for a tutor like a Profesional id, education document, and more document.


Tech-stack We Use to Develop Exceptional Solutions


Google Maps

Google Maps





















Android Studio

android studio


html 5


css 3

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the best answers related to the
On-demand Tutor app development services

Yes, our quotation includes all costs related to design, development, and installation. We don’t charge anything extra or any kind of hidden charges.

The app offers features like flexible scheduling, automated payment processing, and a diverse tutor database to enhance your tutoring business reach and efficiency.

The app allows you to customize tutoring services based on your business needs, ensuring a tailored solution that aligns perfectly with your educational objectives.

Yes, the app provides tools for easy tutor management, allowing you to efficiently assign, track, and manage a network of tutors to meet the demands of your expanding business.

The app is designed for seamless integration, enabling compatibility with your existing educational platforms for a cohesive and unified tutoring experience.

The app provides comprehensive analytics and reporting tools, enabling you to track tutor performance, monitor student progress, and make data-driven decisions to improve your tutoring business.

Absolutely! The app includes marketing and promotion features, helping you reach a wider audience and attract more students to your tutoring services.

The app streamlines financial transactions with features like automated billing, invoicing, and secure payment gateways, ensuring a hassle-free payment process for your business.

Yes, the app offers comprehensive support and training resources, including tutorials and responsive customer support, to facilitate a smooth onboarding process for your business.

The app is designed to be scalable, allowing your tutoring business to grow effortlessly by efficiently managing resources, expanding services, and catering to the evolving needs of your students and clients.

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