On-demand Tutor App Development: Check Benefits, Ideas, and Features Right Here!

On-Demand Tutor App Development

On-demand Tutor App Development: Check Benefits, Ideas, and Features Right Here!

E-learning is the fastest-growing on-demand market. The global tutoring services market size amounted to USD 4.81 billion in 2019. The market is predicted to increase at 16.1% CAGR from 2020 to 2027.

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Being in the education sector or operating a private coaching center, it becomes essential for you to impart the best knowledge through a digital platform. Check the benefits, ideas, and features to include for your digital platform to make a smart choice for on-demand tutor app development right here.

A dedicated app for your educational startup enables learners to connect with experts in real time and get all their queries solved faster and easier than ever before. It enables learners to get instant access to multiple materials from the comfort of sofas rather than visiting physical colleges or training centers. 

Customized tutor on-demand apps make the interaction process much easier for teachers, students, and parents. It saves time and effort for students and helps them get quick access to online material at their fingertips. Before diving deep, let’s understand what Uber for a tutor is and how it makes the learning process easier for every user.

What is a Tutor On-demand App?

Tutor on-demand app is a digital platform where learners can vindicate their questions with experts and professionals through video chat and calls. The digital platform has been utilized widely in COVID-19 pandemic to satisfy the education demand of the pupils. In this challenging time, the need for mobile apps has heightened immediately, and one of them is tutor apps that have enormous advancement.

On-Demand Tutor App Development

Many educational sectors are stepping ahead to develop Uber for a tutor or other mobility solutions for tutors and learners. It makes it easier for pupils to have access to study material and solve their doubts with the help of educators and experienced teachers. There are numerous advantages of tutor on-demand apps; let’s help you understand them right here.

Benefits of On-demand Tutor App Development: Have a Look into Right Away!

Do you know how on-demand app development can benefit your institute? Mobile app development has proven profitable in the educational field. There are numerous advantages to developing an Uber for Tutor app. Below are a few benefits of developing an on-demand tutor app for your tutor or other education business.

Saves Time and Money
If you’re offering tutoring services, you are required to arrange a sitting area for the students and pay an electricity bill. But by crafting a tutor app, you can save the expenses. Event students benefit from the digital platform as they can save time and get quick access to the material with a few clicks.

New Learning Methods
An on-demand tutor app is the best platform for students to learn and understand the concepts from experts. Students can directly connect with the professionals and access material that makes learning more interesting for them. The learning process of the tutor on-demand app helps students learn the topics from a distinct perspective

Earning Options
Have you ever heard about online tests and certification courses that start at a specific time? To enroll with an online test, you can charge students. It can be considered as the best earning option.

Online Automatic Grading System
It’s pathetic to grade the students rather than prepare their lists as per the earned scores. The online options allow you to prepare an automatic grading list of students enrolled in specific tests.

Easier and Faster Process
How boring and frustrating it is to call parents or students regarding the change in tuition time, timetables, etc.? But the notification feature of the tutor app makes the process easier and faster than ever before. Even it helps manage other things more systematically within seconds.

Real-Time Conversation
Many students hesitate to ask questions. Whether they’re introverts or for other reasons, students are sometimes afraid of asking questions. Therefore, the tutor on-demand app provides a wonderful option for chatting. This option enables students to clear their queries during the real-time conversation with the professional.

Basic Framework and Features of Uber for Tutors to Dive into!

When talking about features and frameworks, you must develop an Uber for tutor app that is user-friendly and provides easy navigation for people who don’t have much time for their kids. There are three different frameworks White Label Fox focuses on while developing the tutor app for your regular use.

User App & Panel
It’s the students’ group who use the app the most. If you are seeking to develop the same app and gain popularity in the market with a tutor on-demand app, then you need to hire a professional developer or seek the support of the best app development company that can integrate innovative and exciting features within your digital platform. The list of features includes:

  • Direct & Social Media Login;
  • Browse Tutor;
  • View Tutor Details & Reviews;
  • Post Requirement;
  • Book a Tutor;
  • Chat with Selected Tutor;
  • Rate & Review Tutor.

Our app development team will include many more features as per your specified requirements. The above listed are essential features that make the app interesting for students to use.

Tutor App & Panel
One of the primary purposes of the tutor app or panel is to make it easier for tutors to teach and provide required material to students. The on-demand tutor app by White Label Fox makes it easier for a tutor to build their profile and update essential details in a list, helping them have more work. The list of essential features includes: 

  • Profile Setup;
  • Change Availability Timings;
  • Accept/Reject Requests;
  • View/Edit Bookings;
  • Check Weekly & Monthly Earning;
  • Chat with Students.

The tutor app or panel makes the interaction process easier for tutors and provides the best result as per their expectations.

Admin Panel
The feature-rich admin panel of Uber for Tutor provides complete control over every activity. It makes it straightforward for you to check how things would work. You can manage every activity with the help of features like:

  • Efficient Analysis;
  • Statistics;
  • Manage Tutors & Their Services;
  • Service Listing & Management;
  • Reports & Earnings;
  • Student Manager;
  • Jobs Assignment & Manager.

On-demand tutor app development makes it easier for you to control what happens and how things work, ensuring it takes your business to a new level.

Tutors Mobile App Development: Advance Features to Integrate!

The global tutoring market size is forecasted to reach 278 Billion by 2026, from 150 Billion in 2020. It is predicted to grow at a 10.82% CAGR during 2021-2027. Looking at the growing market, many tutors, schools, colleges, and others are developing digital solutions that ease their tasks and help them build a unique market presence. 

Multiple Payment Gateways
Integrating digital payment gateways in the tutor on-demand app benefits you in multiple ways. The digital platform makes it easier to offer multiple payment options like eWallet, net banking, credit or debit cards. It makes it easier for users to make payments within the app.

Heat Map View
Heat map view is a crucial feature of the uber for tutor app and showcases all relevant details required by the users. This feature is very beneficial as it displays all essential information like popular classes, subjects, areas, etc. It allows users to make productive and smart decisions. Users can visualize details about tutors and their services as well before appointing them.

In-App Calls
The built-in messaging feature facilitates the tutors and students to interact with each other transparently. Students can easily discuss all the queries with the tutors regarding topics that might arise during the session. Other students can take part in the communication; this way of discussion empowers the group learning.

Admin, as well as users, can track the location of the tutor in real time. Users can utilize a global positioning system (GPS) to recognize the users’ location, making it easier for them to identify if the tutor is taking a long route for arriving and suggest an optimized route accordingly. Thus it helps in cutting down the additional time taken for traveling.

There are numerous advanced features in the uber for Tutor app that make it easier for you to deliver a better result. Our developers use advanced technology that helps them craft a solution that eases your work and helps you stand out in the crowd. Have a look at our Uber for tutor features, working, and much more right away at https://whitelabelfox.com/uber-for-tutors/

Is It A Good Option To Own One?

Teacher and study material is all time required. The need for private teachers has grown steadily due to the rising demand for mastering a specific area and growing competition to stay ahead. People are ready to pay for private tutors, which has raised the demand for hiring them; this is why advanced technology has clubbed decently with demand.

To help you stay updated and meet the growing demand, White Label Fox is here with an easy-to-use and feature-rich tutor on-demand solution. If you have any doubt about the working of Uber for a tutor or want to know about the development cost and more, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at [email protected].

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