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Get your house chores done with our Uber for house cleaning app. Have a reliable on-demand home cleaning app that bridges the gap between house owners and cleaners.
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Uber For House Cleaning App

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If you have noticed the change in the on-demand industries; so, what about house cleaning services? Get the finest uber for house cleaning app solution. All kinds of house cleaning services in one platform, isn’t it cool? No booking appointment in advance. Our on-demand home cleaning apps offers a simple way to book cleaner online. We understand the demand of modern households and build the solution which is helpful to both user and cleaner.

White label fox develops a fully customized uber for home cleaning app script with user app, cleaner app, and super admin panel. We offer the best uber for maids clone script with all the necessary features to run your home cleaning business. Our home cleaning app script is the completely white label so you can easily start your own Uber for house cleaning app with your own brand name.


Stand Out From The Crowd With Our
Exclusive and Unparalleled Features
Easy to Login
Easy To Login

Our feature prioritizes simplicity and convenience for the customers when accessing the app. It also aims to streamline the login process and eliminate unnecessary complexities. Our login interface is clean and straightforward, giving users clear instructions and minimal input fields. Customers can quickly log in using social media platforms like Google or Facebook. It reduces the efforts required to create a new account and simplifies the login process. Likewise, they can also log in by simply entering their phone number.

An easy login feature in our house cleaning app focuses on minimizing customer effort, simplifying the authentication process, and leveraging modern methods to deliver more convenience and a better customer experience.

Booking per Hour & Square Feet

We have brought a fresh opportunity for you that offers the pricing and booking model based on the duration of service in hours and the size of the area in square feet. Here, the customer must specify the estimated duration of the service in hours and the total square footage of the area to be cleaned. Our app then calculates the cost of the service based on these factors.

It allows the customers to have flexibility in choosing the duration of the service based on their specific needs and the size of the area to be cleaned, ensuring transparency and accuracy in pricing.

Uber For House Cleaning
Check Provider Availability
Check Provider Availability

Customers can verify the availability of cleaning service providers for a specific date and time. They can schedule a house cleaning service through the app and can ensure that there are service providers who can accommodate their requested date and time. The customers need to select their preferred date and time slot from the app’s available options. They can efficiently find a suitable service provider to accommodate them.

It enhances user convenience and reduces the need for back-and-forth communication with the service providers to find a mutually agreeable schedule.

How Product Works

Simplistic and Cautiously To Find a Cleaner and
Get House Chores Done
1. Login/Signup

User can log in or sign up with providing basic information or through social sites like Facebook, or Google.

2. Search Provider

Users can search the nearest cleaner, they can view provider profile details with name, far from their location, service pricing, ratings, etc.

3. Place Order

After checking the cleaner profile and pricing; users can choose the service based on their requirements and place the order.

4. Provider Offer Service

After accepting user requests, the cleaner arrived at the user location and offer a service.

5. Secure Payment

Once the service is completed, the user has a flexible payment option like cash, card, and in-app wallet.

6. Rating & Review

Once payment completed, the user & provider both can give reviews and ratings to each other based on the service experience.

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A Glance at Our Thumbtack Clone App Scheme

Fox-Home Cleaning User App Features

Check Home Cleaning User App
Preview & Features
User features
Sign up-Login
Sign up/Login

To user home cleaning app, the user can sign up by providing the basic details with name, email, address and contact details.

Payment options
Payment options

To pay for cleaner services, a user has a flexible payment option such as cash, credit and in-app wallet.

In-app Wallet

Customers can make payments via cash or other wallet options and store funds digitally within the app. It offers greater transaction security and eliminates the need for external payment methods.

View Available Provider
View Available Provider

A user can view the list of nearest available providers with details of their name, pricing package, and reviews.

Review & Rating

After completing the service request, the user gives review and rating to a provider based on their offer service.

Booking per hrs or sqft

It allows customers to select pricing options based on the number of hours or the square footage of the area to be cleaned, providing flexibility and transparency in service bookings.

Fox-Home Cleaning Provider App Features

Check Our Home Cleaning Provider
App Preview & Features
new order list
Manage Order Request

A provider can view the new order request with all details and they have the option to accept or reject order requests.

Map Navigation
Map Navigation

If they have trouble to find the user location, a provider can use google map navigation within the app.

manage profile
Manage Profile

A provider can add or manage their profile details such as name, email, contact details, address and profile picture.

Manage Service Time

It lets customers schedule, modify, and track the duration of their cleaning service by offering great convenience.

order request
Add Package

A provider add or manage pricing package with details of package name, description, and amount.

easy call
Easy Call

A provider can call the user within the app if they have any query regarding the location or service request.

Provider features

Home Cleaning App – Super Admin Web Features

Check our super admin web panel features
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Uber For House Cleaning App Dashboard

Dashboard represents the total site statics, revenue details in the graphical form. Also, the admin can view new service requests.

manage provider
Manage Provider

Admin can approve or reject a new provider profile. Also admin view provider order history, review, and feedback.

Uber For House Cleaning Mass Notification
Mass Notification

To inform users and providers about important things, such as a discount, festival greetings, admin can send a mass notification.

manage document
Manage Document

Admin can set and manage required document details. And admin can view provider uploaded document.

manage promo code
Manage Promo Code

Admin can add or remove promo code details such as promo code name, amount/percentage type, expired date and etc.

earning report
Earning Report

Admin can view each earning report of cleaner and system total commission earning with all details.

payment option
Manage Payment Option

An admin can manage payment setting such as system commission, tax, and payment method.

view feedback
View Review & Rating

Admin can view all the ratings and reviews given to individual providers with details of services id, user, provider name, comment and date and time.

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Check Our Home Cleaning App Demo


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Home Cleaning Work Flow Video

Have A Look At The Home Cleaning App Step By Step Work Flow Works!
Home Cleaning Workflow

Reap the Benefits Of Our Striking Features ABSOLUTELY FREE!

We offer a below list of all features
Secure Payment option
Secure Payments

Our thumbtack clone ensures a fully secure payment gateway for users. With multiple payment options including cash, credit cards, and wallets, we also offer convenient internal wallet features.

Scheduled Bookings
Scheduled Bookings

Customers can conveniently schedule ride or order requests up to four days in advance. Whether they prefer an immediate booking or want to schedule for later, our platform provides flexible options.

language translator
Language Flexibility

Our versatile on-demand script caters to diverse regions with varying languages. With our clone script’s multi-language support, the system is accessible and adaptable to any location, ensuring seamless communication for users.

Provider User Communication
Provider-User Communication

Our clone script facilitates seamless communication between users, drivers, and service providers. With just a single tap, users and providers can easily connect with each other through our convenient call feature.

Customize App & Logo Colors
Customize App & Logo Colors

Looking to align your app and logo with your branding? Our platform offers customizable color options, allowing you to effortlessly match your brand’s identity and create a cohesive look and feel.

Free In App Messaging
Free In-App

Our thumbtack clone app provides a complimentary in-app live chat feature. Users, drivers, and providers can conveniently exchange text messages with each other during the order request process.

The Sparkling Home Awaits; Let Your Customers Enjoy
A Spotless Living Space With Our App!
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Tech-stack We Use to Develop Exceptional Solutions


Google Maps

Google Maps





















Android Studio

android studio


html 5


css 3

Start Other On-Demand Service Business and Cover Entire Market

Do you want to start other handyman service businesses like beauty, Tutor, Laundry, Pet Care, etc.
We customize the home cleaning app to other handyman services for your business startup.
Pet Care
Car Wash

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Quick Answers to Your Top Questions!

A house cleaning app allows users to manage and organize cleaning tasks, schedules, and supplies for more effective and efficient home cleaning. Individuals for personal cleaning or professional cleaners can use this amazing platform.

We offer a complimentary one-year technical support period to address any errors or issues you may encounter with your app.

Yes, our platform provides great support for multilingual apps.

Our script requires a dedicated server to operate effectively. It is compatible with Linux-based servers, and we recommend utilizing server options such as AWS and DigitalOcean for optimal performance.

Yes, our platform enables customers to select and order multiple services simultaneously.

We don’t provide web hosting services but can assist you with your server-related tasks.

Yes, we offer an adjustable source code that can be customized according to your specific requirements.

The time relies on the complexity of the project. However, we prioritize delivering the app before the agreed-upon deadline, ensuring timely completion.

Our script needs the following services: Twilio SMS gateway for SMS functionality, Payment Gateways like PayPal, authorize.net, and Stripe, a Google Map Key for map integration, an Apple Developer account, a Play Store Developer account, and PubNub services for real-time communication features.

Our platform supports business expansion with features like multi-location setup, multiple payment methods, currency conversion, and multilingual support. Expand your customer base and drive business growth by reaching a wider audience.

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