Get a secure, well-built, and white label roadside assistance app solution to hire the nearest tow truck drivers. We offer Uber road assistance app solutions with advanced technology.
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Roadside Assistance App Development

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All the people face the situation where the repair or dispatch vehicle needs to tows by trucks. Not all the vehicle breakdown in the middle of the cities. Some might get damaged outside of the city, and people don’t easily find tow truck drivers. But uber understand the different things for different peoples. Today, people interact with various on-demand services, and an on-demand tow truck app is one of them. Uber roadside assistance app ensures the people deliver the best roadside assistance apps services to meet user’s needs.

Are you looking to build an app like the uber towing app for the market? We offer the finest uber for tow truck app with advanced features to reach your requirements. At White Label Fox, offer an on-demand uber road assistant app clone script solution. Get the best roadside assistance app clone script for both Android and iOS platforms.

How Product Works

A smart and innovative way to book tow truck
and get service done for towing
1. Login/Signup

A user can log in or sign up by providing information or through social sites like Facebook or Google.

3. Place Order

After checking the towing provider profile and pricing; the user can choose the service based on their requirements and place the service request.

5. Secure Payment

Once the service is complete, the user has a flexible payment option like cash, card, and in-app wallet.

2. Search Provider

A user can search for the nearest towing person; they can view the towing profile details with name, far from their location, service pricing, ratings, etc.

4. Provider Offer Service

After accepting user requests, the provider arrived at the user location and; provides a service.

6. Rating & Review

Once payment is complete, the user & provider can give reviews and ratings to each other based on the service experience.

Fox-Tow Truck App Features

Tow Track Live Location
Track Live Location

After booking a towing service, the user can track the towing service provider located within the app.

Flexible Payment Option
Flexible Payment Option

Along with multiple payments, users can make an easy transaction within the app through a card and in-app wallet.

Select Tow Vehicle
Select Tow Vehicle

Provide a form for customers to enter details about their towing needs, including location, vehicle type, and specific requirements.

Add & Manage Vehicle
Add & Manage Vehicle

Customers have to add and manage their vehicles, including make, model, year, color, and license plate number.

In-App Live Chat
In-App Live Chat

Users can easily interact with a service provider in the case they have to face some issues.

Reviews & Ratings
Rating & Reviews

After completed the tow truck service, the user can give a review and rating to a provider based on their provided services.

Easy Login-Singup
Easy Login/Singup

Tow truck provider registers with information like name, email, contact no, and password.

Manage Request
Manage Request

After the admin approves the provider account request, they get a towing service request and manage it.

Map Navigation
Map Navigation

A provider can use Google map navigation within the app to find the exact location of a user.


A towing provider can set their available toggle ON and OFF based on their necessity.

Order Statics
Order Statics

Display a detailed list of all completed service requests, including date, time, location, and service type.

Update Status
Update Status

Allow drivers to update the status of the service request (en route, on-site, job completed, etc.).

A Glance at Our Tow Truck App Scheme

Roadside Assistance App – Super Admin Web Features

Check our super admin web panel features
of  roadside assistance app 
tow truck web admin panel
Uber Tow Truck App Dashboard

The admin can view all users, towing providers, ongoing services in the application, new requests, and more with a powerful dashboard.


Admin can manage the payment setting of towing services, commission, tax percentages, and payment type.

Manage Services
Manage Services

An admin can manage the services ongoing, completed, pending, and cancel with all information.

Manage User
Manage User

An admin can manage registers user’s details and ensure to provide the best roadside assistance service.

Manage Provider
Manage Provider

An admin can verify towing provider registration request before they offer services to users.

Tow Truck Real Time Tracking
Real-Time Tracking

During the towing service, the admin can track and monitors provider movement with an advanced dashboard.

Elevate Your On-Demand Business With Our Supreme Tow Truck Service App!
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Tech-stack We Use to Develop Exceptional Solutions


Google Maps

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Android Studio

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about our
Uber for tow trucks assistance app for tow trucking business.

Yes, we customize the platform as per your business requirements. Moreover, our solution is scalable and can be modified later to meet the evolving needs and preferences of customers.

Towing apps like Uber is surely a profitable idea to get started with because it reduces the investment cost and ensures an attractive yield on the investment.

Don’t worry about that. We develop an app as per the business’s requirements and sign an NDA before developing your app so your unique business idea is safe with us.

We keep on working constantly to make sure your app stands out in the competitive market, so we will try our best to complete the project within a stipulated time frame.

Roadside assistance is defined as a helping app that works best if a person is in the middle of something and needs assistance. Say, for instance, you are travelling to another destination and suddenly your car gets punctured, this is where the Uber for tow truck service app comes to the rescue and helps you to come out of this situation.

Yes, we offer 1-year free technical support after your app goes live. After that, we offer paid plans that include all kinds of services like bug fixing, feature add/remove, or other kinds of issues.

Towing and roadside help services can be requested by drivers via an app for roadside assistance. The driver’s location and service requirements are then matched by the app with local towing companies that are available to accept the request and offer the required help.

The price of creating an app depends on several variables. The features you wish to incorporate into your app will be the only determining factor. To acquire a thorough understanding of the price, give us a call and let us know what you need.

We, White Label Fox assure you that we offer a plethora of benefits to our clients. And there are different ways to monetize your app including in-app advertising, commission, surge pricing and much more.

The simplest method to launch a towing company is to establish an online marketplace for towing services. You can create an online marketplace for tow truck drivers with the aid of a towing app that functions similarly to Uber.

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