Shipt Alternatives: List of Best Apps Like Shipt for 2024

Shipt Alternatives - List Of Best Apps Like Shipt For 2024

Shipt Alternatives – List of Best Apps Like Shipt for 2024

The online delivery space is currently in the middle of revolutionary growth, which is this grocery delivery mechanic’s next big thing. Along with the rapid development of lifestyles and convenience emerging as a top priority, consumers are increasingly inclined towards online platforms for their grocery requirements. This trend has gained even more momentum recently, thanks to another dangerous global pandemic that shows us time and again that this industry plays a critical role in matters of preparedness and efficiency. 

Statistical data depicts an immense growth in the global online grocery delivery market, which is anticipated to reach $965.4 billion by 2032, ultimately expressing the choices of consumers opting for the comforts of doorstep delivery.

In this flourishing market, names like Instacart have carved out a niche as pioneers with accessible grocery shopping experiences. Shipt, on the other hand, has proven itself a formidable rival with a unique business plan that prioritizes quick delivery. The platform’s success shows that users seek convenience and comfort, focusing on customer satisfaction and timely deliveries.

However, the competition is still ongoing; there is a wide range of Shipt’s alternatives in the market, each with specialities and weaknesses of their own. They are streamlining their order procedures, tracking orders, and introducing new delivery options that have changed the way we do our grocery shopping. Let’s discover together some fantastic apps like Shipt that are moving grocery delivery online to the next level of convenience and effectiveness for 2024 and beyond.

What is Shipt?

As Shipt’s well-known on-demand grocery delivery service, it overturns the way customers shop for basic needs. 

  • Commencing the business in 2014, Shipt only needed a little bit of time to get the required momentum, thanks to its unusual approach to grocery delivery for individuals and families who are too busy shopping. 
  • Being based in the US, Shipt has facilitated and established partnerships with diversified networks in cities and regions nationwide, enabling them to serve and satisfy many customers.


Source: Second Measure 

The fundamental principle on which the Shipt platform was based is the coverage of the gap between customers and their favourite retailers to empower users to purchase groceries or house necessities online conveniently and comfortably. 

Customers place their orders via a user-friendly app or website, with Shipt pairing them with a network of professional shoppers who handle the shopping with attention to detail. The fact that Shipt guarantees quality, reliability, and impeccable customer service has made it popular with shoppers who order groceries online. Shipt has built a respected reputation in the online grocery delivery scene.

Considering a solid commitment to timeliness and customer experience, Shipt has managed to preserve a trustworthy user base, hence keeping an eye on new user demands to adjust its services to them. Its delivery superiority, broad range of available products, and customer-focused approach help it to occupy a leading position in the grocery delivery services market, which is the key to the tough market competition.

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Most Popular Shipt Alternatives in 2024

While Shipt is praised for its convenience in grocery delivery, some users may need help with specifics, such as coverage in certain regions or product selections. In this blog, we will discover Shipt alternatives known most in 2024 and offer services similar to Shipt with unique advantages and benefits. 



Instacart, established in 2012, has become a strong player in the grocery delivery market in a few years. Consequently, its revenue comes from providing services for its customers. These services facilitate their customers’ connecting with personal shoppers who deliver orders of groceries from local stores. This option offers convenience, fresh products, and punctual deliveries. 

The Instacart business model is straightforward and keeps all the stakeholders connected. Customers can quickly navigate through the groceries section and order them online. This brings additional convenience to the whole shopping experience.

Spanning over countries including the US, Canada, and some parts of Europe, Instacart has obtained a vast footprint and presence. They can order from numerous stores that are partners with Instacart; this allows them to get any product they wish. Instacart now stands out among other options, thanks to the scheduled deliveries, real-time order tracking, and personalized recommendations that make Instacart a first choice for customers eager for reliable and speedy grocery delivery.

Walmart Grocery


Walmart Grocery, which started as an online grocery shopping platform in 2015, has grown robustly and now provides a nearly endless variety of products, such as food, medication, and household goods. 

With Walmart taking advantage of its large and already well-established distribution centre, customers can get groceries right from their homes with no hassle.

Among the features of Walmart Grocery stands out is the membership program, Walmart+, which enables customers to enjoy free unlimited delivery, fuel discounts, and in-store buying and scanning via their mobile phones. 

This subscription system benefits the constant Walmart Grocery shoppers, adding convenience and cost savings to the total package, which is then countered as a digital grocery shopping alternative to traditional grocery delivery services. With many products on its shelves, excellent pricing, and discounted memberships, Walmart Grocery has become the favourite of many people simply looking for an all-in-one shop for their home needs.

Amazon Fresh 

Amazon Fresh

AmazonFresh, a service launched in 2007 and subsequently merged with Amazon Prime, is one of the significant changes in how people buy their groceries online now. A part of the Amazon ecosystem is Amazon Fresh, which has a good stock of fresh vegetables, staple foods, and household items. This helps those who manage challenging lifestyles. 

Among the notable benefits of Amazon Fresh is that it is embedded with Amazon Prime and allows Prime members to get free delivery on specific orders, reducing delivery fees that are not required to be charged again. 

The company Amazon Fresh utilizes Amazon’s vast infrastructure and logistics network to ensure on-time deliveries and reliable service, thereby meeting the demand of the customers for a convenient and efficient service. Prime members are also given opportunities to enjoy exclusive deals, discounts, and additional features like access to Amazon’s digital content library that boost the app’s overall value. 

Seamlessly placing orders, having an extended menu of offerings, and saving customers who are Prime members give Amazon Fresh a leg up on its competitors and keep it a dominant figure in the grocery delivery industry.



GoPuff, founded in 2013, has been a game-changer in the on-demand delivery world because of its exciting concept of delivering everyday products straight from the provider to the customer’s doorstep. 

While there are quite a few players in the traditional grocery delivery market, GoPuff instead concentrates on a narrow category of convenience items, including snacks, beverages, household goods, and even alcohol, thus satisfying the needs of contemporary customers. An entrepreneur seeking to join the on-demand delivery industry can also opt for the option of building a GoPuff clone script, which comes with all the features of the original app. This allows them to partake in the growing market segment of this industry.

GoPuff offers a vast distribution network, using 500 regional micro fulfilment centres to operate in over 650 US cities. 



Rappi has grown to become one of the key players in the world of on-demand delivery, with a predominant presence in Latin America, where it has been very successful in offering a broad range of applications. Rappi already has a dominant position and a growing customer base in Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina. They are preparing to take advantage of the increased demand for on-demand delivery services by rolling out the platform across other Latin American markets. 

The on-demand delivery market is always in high demand, making many entrepreneurs aspire to develop a Rappi clone app as Rappi’s success and innovation inspire them. Because the on-demand delivery industry is no longer an emerging trend, Rappi and its completed iterations are at the centre stage, proffering convenience and accessibility to comprehensive coverage of consumers across different geographical areas.


Fresh Direct

Among the many grocery delivery services, FreshDirect excels with a solid commitment to offering customized shopping services to clients. Launched in 1999, FreshDirect has become known for providing the best quality fresh produce, groceries, and gourmet food items to customers who deliver them to their doorsteps. 

One of its main strengths is that it emphasizes supplying products directly from local farms and suppliers, thus ensuring freshness and contributing to the development of local communities. Customers can customize their orders on the user-friendly platform to accommodate the collection times of their schedules. They also can access a wide variety of organic and speciality products.

The platform helps target your choices by enabling users to receive personalized recommendations based on their preferences and past shopping, not to mention the benefit of a customized shopping experience. 



Despite being only three years old, Dumpling has created a fair name in the online grocery delivery business with its sophisticated model of empowering personal shoppers and entrepreneurs. Unlike traditional grocery delivery services, the Dumpling model enables customers to become independent personal shoppers and start their own delivery business using the Dumpling platform. 

This unique concept lets customers get a more personalized shopping experience. It brings up new chances for small businesses and people who want to work in the gig economy to be successful.

One of the main advantages of Dumpling’s pricing system lies in its clarity and flexibility. On the other hand, Instacart always charges a delivery fee and a markup on the goods, but with Dumpling, personal shoppers can set their prices and costs and allow their clients to save on their purchases. This concept is an ethical tool that helps promote confidence and openness between clients and shoppers, which should lead to a more personalized and cheaper shopping experience. 



Peapod, one of the first grocery delivery providers established in 1989, has become a forerunner in the online shopping arena by providing a service that allows customers to purchase groceries online with the click of a mouse from their home. Peapod buyers select their grocery list from various items, including fresh produce, pantry items, and speciality products. 

Hence, Peapod continues to be a trusted name for busy people. It is easy for customers to look through the products, create shopping lists, and set up deliveries during convenient times on its user-friendly website and mobile application, making the shopping experience smooth and hassle-free.

Featuring personalized suggestions, repeat purchase options and time-saving delivery abilities, Peapod keeps evolving and transforming to meet changing user needs, thus making grocery shopping something to look forward to and be delighted with.



Postmates is well known for its variety of services, including grocery delivery, and therefore, has become the first pick for customers who want easy and flexible ways to cater to their food cravings and needs. Postmates delivers groceries in partnership with local stores and supermarkets, making it possible for customers to order various grocery items that can be delivered to their doorstep directly. 

Postmates’ most significant milestone was the acquisition by Uber Technologies Inc. in 2020. The acquisition provided an additional push to Postmates’ position in the delivery market. It helped it to spread globally, allowing it to benefit from Uber’s resources and technologies that helped it take its services to existing standards and beyond. 

Entrepreneurs are attracted to this business and take a keen interest in the Postmates clone app because it is easy for them to replicate the successful business model and have an extensive delivery network. The rising demand for on-demand delivery services is another reason. 

Coping with the significant delivery market by creating an analogous platform, entrepreneurs can also cater to customers’ requirements for convenience and create a new field of activity in the fast-changing delivery environment.



BigBasket is a leading online grocery delivery platform that is well-known in India because it has firmly established itself as one of the market’s best performers. Starting in 2011, BigBasket provides its customers with a rich array of products, including fresh fruits and vegetables, everyday household items, and other grocery items that can be under one roof. 

The user-friendly platform, which has made online shopping easy, and the delivery option have played an essential role in the high popularity among most consumers. Now, consumers can shop online without having to go from one store to another and have their goods delivered home.

A strong side of BigBasket is its extensive solution for suppliers and farmers, thanks to which fresh and quality products are always available in the customers’ selection. In addition, the interface provides different payment methods, including cash on delivery, digital payments, and others, to fulfil customers’ needs on a broad spectrum. 

BigBasket enjoys loyal customers across India, including millions of shoppers who increasingly prefer this brand for online grocery needs. BigBasket has contributed substantially to developing India’s online grocery delivery sector.

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Choose the Best Grocery Delivery App For Your Needs

In conclusion, the choices above are some of Shipt’s most excellent alternatives; they are all differentiated by unique qualities and cater to various markets and tastes.

From Instacart’s prevalent footprint to Amazon Fresh’s privileges integrated with Prime benefits, aggregators of local entrepreneurs like Dumpling and ecosystem disruptors like BigBasket mark the vibrance of the online grocery delivery industry. 

If you have taken an idea from one of the mentioned grocery delivery apps and decided to build your own, the advice below can significantly help. Our team has the know-how to help you create a high-grade grocery delivery app that caters to the modern consumer’s needs and outperforms competitors. 

Contact us now, and let’s work together to fulfil your dreams.


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