Rappi Clone Script | All-In-One Delivery Solution

Quickly Launch Any Type Of On-demand Delivery Business with Rappi Clone App
Be it food, grocery, vegetable, or stationary, opt for our Rappi clone script and run the entire on-demand delivery business hassle-free while allowing your customers to get all the products at their doorsteps.
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Rappi Clone – A Fully Customizable Turnkey Delivery Solution

In this era of fast pace, the online delivery industry is thriving as never before. Global entrepreneurs seek the best technologies to transform their operations and let them participate in the market, gaining momentum. Our superior Rappi like app has a sense of business innovation, and we are here for you to provide you with a tailored turnkey delivery system that is going to make your business leap up to the next level.

Rappi, a popular LATAM startup, has established a new pattern in the delivery industry through the ingenuity and creativity of its business model. Entrepreneurs admire and emulate its success, and therefore, by all means, they want to replicate its efficiency. Our Rappi clone platform will appeal as the number one choice for the marketplace because it has a cutting-edge tech stack and up-to-date options that are just right for the modern online customer.

Beyond just delivery, you get a one-stop-shop solution that will enable you to effectively manage your operations and increase efficiency and customer satisfaction while maximizing revenue generation. Our customization feature provides unique solutions for your business, distinct from a crowded market where you can stay ahead with this uniqueness.


rappi food delivery
Food Delivery
rappi grocery delivery
Grocery Delivery
rappi water delivery
Water Delivery
rappi medicine delivery
Medicine Delivery
rappi alcohol delivery
Alcohol Delivery
rappi courier delivery
Courier Delivery

How Does Rappi Clone App Work ?



Users can easily log in to the Rappi Clone app using their credentials or social media accounts, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience.


Choose Services

Once inside, users are greeted with a plethora of services to choose from. Whether it’s food delivery, grocery shopping, medicine delivery, or more, the app caters to their diverse needs, making them feel valued and catered to.


Place An Order

With just a few taps, users can browse various options, select their desired items or services, customize their order as needed, and add them to their cart for hassle-free ordering.



Our secure payment gateway allows users to choose from multiple payment methods, including credit/debit cards, digital wallets, and cash on delivery, ensuring convenience and trust with every transaction.


Track Order

Users can track their orders in real-time, from the moment they are placed to the point of delivery, keeping them informed and updated throughout the process for a seamless customer experience.



After receiving their orders, users can share their feedback and reviews directly within the app, helping other users make informed decisions and providing valuable insights to improve overall service quality.


Rappi Clone App Filters
Scheduled Deliveries
Scheduled Deliveries
Location based Search
Location-based Search
Find Services
Find Services
Rappi Real Time Tracking
Real-Time Tracking
Customer Support
Customer Support
Product Details
Product Details
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Rappi Clone App Driver Profile
Driver Profile
Check Earnings
Check Earnings
In App Communication
In-App Communication
Order Status Updates
Order Status Updates
Accept Decline Order
Accept/Decline Order
Order Details
Order Details
Earnings and Payouts
Earnings and Payouts
rappi features section driver mockup
Update Menu
Update Menu
In App Communication
In-App Communication
Manage Store Hours
Manage Store Hours
Order Notification
Order Notification
Manage Order
Manage Order
Order History Icon
Order History
Order Accept Reject
Order Accept/Reject
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Gojek clone app
Gojek Clone App Images

Gojek is a platform that offers diverse on-demand services like transportation, food delivery, shopping, etc.

Postmates Logo
Postmates Clone App

Postmates was an on-demand delivery service to order a variety of items, including food, groceries, alcohol, and other goods.

thumbtack logo
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Thumbtack clone is smart solution to get daily stuff done and scaling up your on-demand business in marketplace.

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Bring Digitization to Your On-demand Delivery Business with the Rappi Clone App

Upscale Your Delivery Business with
Rappi Clone Script’s Comprehensive Modules

rappi-clone Customer App
Customer App

Enable your customers to harness the power of a user-friendly app that comes with modern features such as easy search, ordering, tracking their orders, and much more.

rappi-clone Delivery Provider App
Delivery Provider App

Empower your delivery service providers with the ability to conveniently manage orders, navigate effectively, communicate with customers, and optimize their routes to deliver faster and more efficiently.

rappi-clone Store Panel
Store App

Leverage our store app for inventory management, order receiving, sales tracking, and customer engagement to improve their operations and ensure proper business visibility.

rappi-clone User Panel
User Panel

Provide a user-friendly hub where users can see their profiles and order history, track their deliveries, manage payments, and leave feedback, thus saving time and providing a convenient experience.

rappi-clone Store Panel
Store Panel

Equip partner stores with an all-encompassing dashboard to control their products, update the inventory, track orders, analyze sales reports, and compare them with similar businesses to grow their business.

rappi-clone Admin Panel
Admin Panel

Give administrators a comprehensive dashboard for efficient platform management of users, stores, and delivery providers and monitoring of performance metrics. This will allow admins to make informed decisions if the platform needs scaling.

Unlock Profit Potential with Rappi Clone’s Revenue Streams

By leveraging multiple revenue streams, you can enhance the profitability of your Rappi clone app. A carefully crafted revenue generation strategy will enable your app to tap into various profit avenues, making it a stable and sustainable business model in the delivery services marketplace.

rappi-clone Commission


Earn a profit using a model where you charge a commission based on the transactions your platform facilitates, similar to a business that grows, creating a recurring source of revenue.

rappi-clone Advertising


Provide partner stores and businesses the opportunity to campaign using targeted advertising where they can share their products and services with your app’s user base for a more expansive outreach.

rappi-clone Delivery Charges

Delivery Charges

Attract more customers and increase your operating profits through delivery charges based on distances travelled, order value, and types of services; this will give your delivery operations more profits.

rappi-clone Surge Charge

Surge Charge

Utilize surge pricing during peak hours or high-demand periods to earn more sales, paying attention to supply and demand balancing while rewarding delivery providers for their efficient service.


Tech-stack We Use to Develop Exceptional Solutions


Google Maps

Google Maps





















Android Studio

android studio


html 5


css 3

Frequently Asked Questions

The Rappi clone app is an all-in-one delivery app that automates all delivery operations for food, groceries, etc.

As per your requirements and features, the project may take 7-8 days to be developed.

Our Rappi clone script is 100% customizable, and packed with advanced features and heavy functionalities.

We offer the best pricing with our packages without compromising the service quality, however, the pricing depends upon the customizations you want in your app.

Yes, we provide 1 year of free tech support after the app purchase.

The platform is supported by Stripe by default, however, we can integrate other payment gateways as per your business requirements.

Yes, you will get full ownership rights to the on-demand multi-delivery app. You will completely own this white-label solution.

The app is built in the English language, but as it is a multilingual platform, we can implement other languages as per your needs.

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