Create your own taxi booking app like OLA with our highly-customizable OLA clone script, The perfect pathway to head towards the expansion and success of your taxi business.


The Ola Clone App is a mobile app designed to replicate the features and functionalities of the Ola taxi booking app. This clone app is developed to provide a similar experience to users who want to book taxis using an Ola-like platform. It also includes all required features like real-time tracking of the cab, multiple payment options, user and driver ratings, and various other features.

White Label Fox develops a fully customized Ola clone app script, including a user app and driver app with web panels of super admin, dispatcher admin, and billing admin. It can be launched on various platforms like Android and iOS.

We provide the best Ola clone script with all the necessary features that must be required for a successful business startup. Additionally, We provide exclusive and advanced features free of cost, like multi-currency and multi-language, because it’s very beneficial to launch the taxi app script in your region.

Features of Our Ola Clone App


A customer can create an account by providing the necessary information or logging in using their credentials or social media accounts.

Ride Booking
Ride Booking

A customer book a ride by entering the pickup and drop-off locations, By selecting various ride options, such as economy, premium, shared, etc.

Real-Time Tracking
Real-Time Tracking

The app allows customers to track the location of their assigned driver in real-time on a map, giving them an estimated time of arrival.

Multiple Payment Options
Multiple Payment Options

A Customer can choose from various payment methods, including credit/debit cards, digital wallets, or cash.

Vehicle selection
Vehicle selection

Customers have multiple options to select vehicles like Sedans, SUVs or luxury according to their choices.

Ride Scheduling
Ride Scheduling

A customer can book a new ride request now or schedule a future trip. A customer can book a ride up to 4 days before.

Accept-Reject Rides
Accept/Reject Rides

Drivers can access a history of their completed trips, including pickup locations, fares earned, and passenger ratings.

Ride Requests
Ride Requests

Drivers receive ride requests from nearby passengers, including details such as pickup location, destination, and passenger ratings.

In-App Chat
In-App Chat

Drivers can communicate with passengers through in-app messaging or calling for any clarifications or updates related to the ride.

Registration & Verification
Registration & Verification

Drivers can create an account and go through a verification process to ensure their eligibility and credentials.

Driver Availability
Driver Availability

Drivers can set their availability status to indicate whether they are ready to accept ride requests or not.

Ratings and Reviews
Ratings and Reviews

Drivers can view and respond to passenger ratings and reviews to maintain their service quality.


The admin panel includes a dashboard that provides an overview of the app’s performance, including the number of registered users, completed rides, earnings, and other relevant statistics.

Pricing and Fare Management
Pricing and Fare Management

The admin can configure and manage pricing parameters, including setting base fares, surge pricing, ride category pricing, and any additional charges or discounts.

Ride Management
Ride Management

Administrators can monitor and manage ride requests and bookings, including the ability to track ongoing rides in real-time, view ride details, and handle any ride-related complaints or escalations.

User Management
User Management

The admin can manage and monitor user accounts, including the ability to view and edit user profiles, handle user complaints or disputes, and take necessary actions such as blocking or suspending accounts if required.

Driver Management
Driver Management

The admin panel allows administrators to manage driver accounts, including driver verification, activation, and deactivation. Admins can review driver performance, and ratings, and handle driver-related issues.

Reviews and Ratings
Reviews and Ratings

The admin can monitor and manage user reviews and ratings for drivers and can take actions based on feedback, like suspending drivers with consistently low ratings or resolving customers’ complaints.

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Build A Perfect Resemblance Of Your Favourite Company!
We are also here to help you build similar on-demand apps like the Bolt, Lyft, and Uber clone apps.

Uber clone is an on-demand Taxi booking software to expand your customer base.

A taxi booking app to cover the maximum business market with extraordinary features.

An on-demand taxi booking application to increase your business revenue.

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The Fox-Taxi web panels, Android and iOS application source code from us created utilizing the vigorous and versatile technological architecture. Current technology makes the whole script more remarkable for your business.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Find the Answer Below

Ola Clone is a white-label taxi application solution resembling taxi giant OLA. This pre-constructed programming has been developed to bring your taxi booking business to an online platform to build your range to clients in various areas.

How about If we say within a week, Our taxi app solution is ready-made, tested, and deployed on app stores, We completely care for your requirements, and we ensure to work on existing deadlines and complete the project in an expected period (Working days) with your company name, logo and deploy on the app store or play store.

Yes, why not, We offer a default payment gateway like Stripe. Our solution also supports various payment integrations. You just need to inform us beforehand, and your job will be done.

Our Ola clone app is built in the English language by default, however, It is a multilingual platform, so we can integrate other languages’ support as well.

Yes, sure, As we used to say, our solution is fully customizable and scalable. You can upgrade the app by adding features and functionalities anytime. Not only that, but you can also redesign the app without any issues.

Yes, You will completely own the license base provided source code.

We can customise your Ola clone script until it meets your requirements. We also offer backend customization and design according to your business needs.

Of course, please just contact us via live chat or email for the demo, admin panel, and apps.

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