7 On-demand Delivery Startup Failed to run Uber For X Business

Failed to run Uber For X7 On-demand Delivery Startup Failed to run Uber For X Business

Are you looking to create an on-demand platform for your existing business? Many entrepreneurs have inspired by the uber for the X model, and that has given rise to many successful on-demand startup businesses in the last few years.

But behind the many successful businesses, there have been many failures. If you have started your own on-demand business, read this blog to overcome the shortcomings.

Why Are an Uber for X Startup Failed?

Exec: Putting Hands Everywhere

Exec adopted a model that to provide, errand runners to do the random job. This made them hire errand runners for different skills that were proved costly at the end. The demand for services was an increase, and the maximum transaction took place on weekends.

“If you want to develop an app like exec, focus on niche level jobs before expanding to work other jobs.”

HomeJoy: Customers only used the initial promotional offer

HomeJoy was a home cleaning marketplace company which provide home cleaning services in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. It’s depended on deal sites like Groupon to obtain more new customers. After the use of initial promotion offer, infrequent customers made another booking.

“It’s good to use a promotional offer to start obtaining customers. But to gain more customers, you can also use other channels like social media, paid marketing, and so on.”

HelloParking: Unable to find product-market fit

HelloParking is an excellent concept that allows people to share a parking space with other users. The co-founder never defined clear reasons, development experiment, and rarely had meaningful conversations with the end users.

“This is the golden rule for developing any product that the user wants. Marketplaces are complicated entities, and you need to provide a value proposition to both supply and demand side. Once you start on this road, you survive for a long haul.”

Tutorspree: Single market channel lead to its fall

Tutorspree offer tutor on a different subject to the student and people who needed. It is the medium between student and tutor. It is failed because it uses a single channel to an obtained a new customer.

“For your startup business focus on creating multiple user gain channels.”

99Dresses: Founders backed off coupled with artificial money

99Dresses was a platform for buying and selling rarely used articles of clothing for a small fee based on the value of the item. The company failed because they find it challenging to acquire new customers. And the co-founder bailed out from the company.

“For any entrepreneur, build a team that you can trust. And be sure that you can trust your co-founders, and think you completed your business model.”

TaskRabbit: Transferred the Actual Business Model

TaskRabbit is an online marketplace that allows users to get jobs and tasks from others in their neighborhood. The problem in the company is that it was not efficient in matching supply and demand. Now the company changes the model, a user has to post-task and wait, and you can book and confirm instantaneously.

“The pivot is that how to fast thing change from the marketplaces. So, you can change; model, when the demand was change.”

Rivet and Sway: Trying before Buying

River and Sway offer stylish and fashionable glasses for a woman. A woman can try frames before buying, but it’s too costly to ship frames back and forth. The company received more than $3 million in funding and face competition from the heavily-funded Warby Parker.

“A heavily funded rival can always a lot more cash to cut you out from the market. So, try to separate your offering.”

Want to Create Successful Uber For X for Startup Business?

These seven companies provide some useful advice for a new startup business in this current era. To creating a successful startup business, it required the best advice and depth level of research.

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Final Word:

After knowing the uber for X startup failure and advice to overcome this, and you have a mind to create your own uber for X for your startup business; White Label Fox will help you to create a successful application as per your requirement.  If you have any query regarding our services, please Contact us for more details.

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