Launch on-demand House Cleaning app for your Business

home cleaningLaunch on-demand House Cleaning app for your Business

The new craze for getting things done is on-demand services. Nowadays, the on-demand economy larger, and getting larger.

There are many on-demand services offering app available in the market like taxi booking, food delivery, grocery delivery, medicine delivery for about people daily routine.

What about house cleaning? A fresh and clean house is such a nice thing. Everyone likes a fresh and tiny house.

But in fast and busy lives people have no time to clean their house in an organized way. For that people hire a professional cleaner.

Hiring a professional cleaner, it’s not mean to employ a person for a work that you don’t want to do. Hiring a housekeeper is a process of hiring a person that systematically cleans your house.

Today, there are so many house cleaning apps available in the market which offers user to hire a professional cleaner to clean their house.

According to the US cleaning industry report state, it is estimated that starting a cleaning business is the right decision.

Features Must have Include in your House Cleaning App:

User App:
Log in/Sign up
A user can log in or sign up through social media sites like Facebook, Google or via Email or contact number.

Cancel Booking
A user can cancel a booking request by providing a valid cancelation reason.

View Booking History
A user can view complete, cancel, and pending booking history with complete details like date, cleaner details, etc.

Review & Rating
After complete the task, the user can give a review & rating to the cleaner based on their providing services.

Payment Option
A user has a flexible payment option like cash, credit, in-app wallet, to pay for the cleaning services.

Cleaner Availability
When the user can book a cleaning service, they can check a cleaner availability with all cleaner details.

Cleaner App:
Same as the user, a cleaner can log in or sign up through social media sites like Facebook, Google or via Email.

Accept/Reject Request
A cleaner has also the authority to accept or reject order request with the cancellation reasons.

Manage Profile
A cleaner can manage their profile information such as name, address, contact number, profile image, package amount, etc.

View Feedback
After completing the request, a cleaner can view their feedback given by the user.

Book Notification
A cleaner can get an order to confirm, order complete, payment received notification within the app.

Admin Panel:
With the help of a powerful dashboard, admin can see and manage the site statics like total orders, total revenue, etc.

Manage user & provider
All the user and service provider details are managed by the Admin like provider services details, package, etc.

Payment setting
Admin can manage the payment setting of the site like service commission, tax, and payment methods like cash, card, wallet.

Rating & Review
Admin can view the review & rating of all users & services providers with the details.

Mass Notification
Admin can be sent the mass notification message to all users, and service providers.

How much Does it Cost to develop House Cleaning App?

The company charges the cost according to how much the hours and human resources they deploy to develop the app. In India, it charges $80 per hour, and the cost can be somewhere around $10,000-$15,000.

But the actual cost of developing a house cleaning app depends on which type of features and functionality you want to provide into the app.

If you provide both an Android and iOS house cleaning app, then the cost of development is increasing.

Wrapping Up:

The on-demand house cleaning app is to connect multi-users with the general cleaner using the smartphone. If you like the idea of developing the house cleaning app, for your business. we are a leading web and app development company in India. We will help you to develop your customized house cleaning app as per your requirement. For more information contact us.

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