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We believe in encouraging our employee to excel in whatever they do in best with the possible manner with joy. Our culture will get your space to fulfil your dreams to overpower excellence.

White Label Fox: Celebrating 6 Years of Success!

We are thrilled to announce the much-awaited 6th-year celebration of White Label Fox, and this time, we’re taking the festivities to a whole new level! Our special day of jubilation was arranged at “Out of the Box” in Rajkot. The celebration promises to be an unforgettable experience for the entire White Label Fox team. The entire team reaches the place in the morning. The celebration begins with cutting the cakes, taking lots of selfies, and enjoying the swimming pool, lunch, and Garba. The employees spoke about their experience and express their heartfelt appreciation for the companies.

Christmas And New Year Celebration 2023

White Label Fox celebrated Christmas as the last event of another year full of a phenomenon. As everyone was excited about the day, which was pre-planned with a fun game called ‘Secret Santa’ and dinner for the whole family member. During the New year celebration, White Label Fox all members go out for lunch, which is arranged by the company. After that, we all go to a famous place to enjoy ourselves with outdoor activities.

Diwali Celebration 2022

On the festive occasion of Diwali, the most awaited celebration and the biggest event of the year is held at White Label Fox. As part of the celebration, team members wore traditional attire. Rangoli, office decoration, games, food, fun, and talk have led to memorable moments for all members. The team enjoy tasty food and outdoor activities. Also, amazing gifts were given to White Label Fox family members to add more cheers to each of their lives.

White Label Fox 5th Year Celebration

For the 5th year of the celebration, White Label Fox arranged a picnic for the employees at Sasan Gir. They lent on the bus early in the morning and reached the resort in Sasan. They enjoy the indoor games, and pool party and also participate in the early morning natural fountain to enjoy the next day. Employees took part in 2 days picnic to freshen up their minds and bonded their relationship with each other beautifully.

Diwali Celebration 2021

Diwali, the festival of lights, was an exciting occasion for the White Label Fox family to brighten their faces and spread joy. The celebration began with the creation of Rangoli and indoor sports competitions; playing Garba indoors is a highlight of the day for the employees. All the employees wore traditional clothing and gathered at the beautiful location for a meal and outdoor activities. During the meal, they chatted with each other and clicked lots of selfies.

White Label Fox 4th Year Celebration

In the 4th year of White Label Fox, arrange social activities for the employee. All the employees decorate the whole office beautifully with balloons. The company’s employees spoke about their experiences, played indoor games, and enjoyed meals. During our time together, we chat and take lots of selfies.

CSR Activity

Our team, organized a CSR activity on the occasion of company 4th year anniversary. For CSR activity, the company gathers at a school to distribute the kits to kids. Employees organize kits with stationery, snacks, and chocolates for kids. Our team, interact and spend some good times with the school children. Employees interact with kids to learn about their names, studies, etc. You can see the big smile on kids in photos.

White Label Fox 3rd Year Celebration

After lockdown, this is our 1st celebration, and White Label Fox celebrates their 3rd year. In these three years, White Label Fox has many ups and downs, but we are here. All the employees decorate all the offices. Also, we arrange dinner with safety with government rules.

New Year Celebration

The 31st celebration was the best event for the White Label Fox employees. The whole office was decorated by the employees. White Label Fox all employees go out for lunch, which is arranged by the company. After that, we all go to a famous place to enjoy our self.

Diwali Celebration

At the festival of Diwali, White Label FOx all the employees celebrate and enjoy. The celebration started with Rangoli and indoor sports competitions. Also, employees goes out for a meal and outdoor activities.

White Label Fox 2rd Year Celebration

The 2nd year of White Label Fox company is a memorable day for all the employees. All the employees decorate the whole office and their respected places. In this year, we have transfer to new place so it’s big day for all the employee in the new place. Also, we play games and enjoy each and every moment. The company arrange the dinner in a famous club “The Emerald” and enjoy.

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