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We empower eScooter sharing app businesses to run their operations online using bespoke eScooter sharing apps like Lime, consisting of modern features and allowing you to launch a business within days not months. You can start your on-demand eScooter app with the readymade solution.

Disrupt the Electric Scooter Market with eScooter App Development Services

Drive growth and revenue for your Electric Scooter Marketplace with Our Exclusive Modules

Kickstart your eScooter rental business with a scalable and powerful app to grow rapidly in the on-demand marketplace. With real-time features, our team of professional developers help you build an app like Lime, suitable to your business model and idea. We help you cater to the evolving needs of riders with seamless login and a simplified eScooter rental process. Users can choose the vehicle, and make payment as we deploy secure integrations.

Get custom options, emerging features and functions and deliver the best user experience with an appealing design. We help you develop a solution that comes with lots of branding options and delivers users a unique experience. With top-tier security and a user-friendly interface, get the best eScooter app development services for your business. Boost your business’s visibility with a scalable solution that manages the entire eScooter renting lifecycle.

How On-demand eScooter Apps Work?

Using the latest technology to develop an eScooter rental app, the below points illustrate how an app similar to Lime works

Register or Profile Creation

Users need to download the eScooter app from the app store and register with their personal information. They may be required to verify their identity through email or phone number.

Finding and Reserving Scooters

Users can browse the map to find nearby available eScooters. Once they find a suitable scooter, they can reserve it through the app for a specific duration.

Riding and Navigation

Users can follow the app's navigation to reach their destination. The app may provide real-time information on traffic conditions, available bike lanes, and safety tips.

Pausing and Ending the Ride

Users can pause their ride temporarily if needed, keeping the scooter reserved for them.To end the ride, users park the eScooter in a designated area and lock it using the app.

Payment and Billing

Payment for the ride is handled through the app, with users linking their preferred payment methods. Charges are calculated based on the duration of the ride, distance travelled, or a combination of factors.

Feedback and Ratings

Users may have the option to provide feedback and ratings for the eScooter and the overall experience. This information can be useful for both the app provider and other users.

Customer App for eScooter App Development


Let users register or login themselves using social media credentials and get rid of them from long and manual registration forms.

Map Integration

Integration of maps, such as Google Maps, allows users to track real-time location and other related information in no time

QR Code Scanner

An in-built QR code scanner that allows riders to scan codes on eScooters to unlock and start their riders without any hassle

Smart Lock

The integration of smart locks into the design of eScooters offers a modern level of security and comfort for riders. This new feature ensures top-notch security and is easy to access for riders globally.

Rent Calculation

The app calculates the accurate fare for a ride from one destination to another along with related details before the ride starts.

Trip History

Allow users to get insight into the total number of trips including all the details. Using these valuable details at hand, users can make smart decisions related to future ride plans.

Admin Panel for eScooter App Development



The admin can manage all user and management-related duties thanks to the dashboard functionality. An admin can monitor income, scooter locations, completed and upcoming requests, and much more.

Rider Management

The rider management tool allows the admin to monitor and manage the actions of the riders, including tracking and verifying the availability of cars. They can monitor every ride that is in progress.


Viewing the overall earnings on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis gives the app owner or admin control over earnings. It also makes it easier for the administrator to oversee payback or refunds.

User Management

The administrator can see, update, and remove user profiles. The admin can reset the password and lock or unlock the profile in the event of a problem.

Vehicle Management

An admin has intimate access to the vehicle's state. It will make it easier for them to maintain and control the car entertainingly. They can check on the state of the scooter's battery charge and other maintenance tasks.

Analytics & Reports

The admin can make strategic decisions concerning corporate activities with the use of reports and analytics. With just one click, an admin may create reports in the right format. These reports may include earnings reports or summaries of app usage by riders.

Looking for an eScooter application development company to propel your business?



Our Fox-Tow Truck web panels, Android & iOS app source code developed using the below robust & scalable
technology architecture. The latest technology makes the complete script more powerful for your business.
tech section

Start Other On-Demand Servie Businees and Cover Entire Market

Are you want to start other handyman service businesses like beauty, Home Cleaning, Laundry, Pet Care, etc.
We customize the roadside assistance app to other handyman services for your business startup.
Home Cleaning
Home Cleaning
dog walking
Dog Walking
pest control
Pest Control
snow removal
Snow Removal

Pricing & Packages

We offer a ready-to-use white label on-demand Tow Truck app script at a lower price than other competitors. Check our
pricing packages which are the best match for your requirements.

Why Choose White Label Fox For eScooter App Development?

Looking for an eScooter app development partner? Look no further than White Label Fox!

We offer customizable eScooter app solutions tailored to your specific business needs and requirements, ensuring that your app reflects your brand identity.

Our eScooter app supports multiple languages and currencies, allowing you to reach a global audience and facilitate transactions in different regions without any hassle.

Our eScooter app comes packed with a wide range of features, including real-time GPS tracking, secure payment gateways, ride history, user ratings, and more.

Our eScooter app is built on a scalable architecture that can easily accommodate growing user demand and business expansion, ensuring that your app can scale seamlessly as your business grows.

We provide dedicated support throughout the app development process, from initial concept ideation to post-launch maintenance and updates.

We offer cost-effective eScooter app development solutions without compromising on quality, helping you maximize your return on investment and achieve your business goals within budget constraints.

Frequently Asked Questions

Resolve Your Common Doubts on Courier Delivery Service Right Away

The complexity of the app, the features that are wanted, the platform that is chosen, and the number of development hours needed all have a big impact on the development cost.

The ability to set no-parking zones via geofencing, an in-app chat support system, interaction with third-party navigation apps, and user loyalty programs are possible further features.

Without a doubt, E-Scooters are becoming more and more popular every day, which is motivating companies to try developing E-Scooter apps. The following are some of the factors contributing to the popularity of e-scooters: they are economical, environmentally friendly, and reduce traffic.

To make sure your e-scooter app meets your unique needs, we can add specialized functionality to it. Our skilled development team has years of experience working with clients in a variety of industries to provide unique digital solutions.

Apps for e-scooters are available for both iOS and Android. To reach a wider audience, a lot of e-scooter companies continue to build their apps on both platforms. The app may have slightly different features and interfaces for Android and iOS, depending on the functionality and design of each platform. The software makes renting and using e-scooters easy and convenient by providing users with a simple method to find, use, and pay for e-scooters.


With more than six years of expertise developing mobile apps, White Label Fox is a well-known E-scooter app development firm. For our prestigious international clients, our skilled development team has extensive expertise in creating and implementing effective e-scooter app development solutions. 

Hire our eScooter app developers to create a distinctive and personalized E-scooter rental app that meets your particular business needs. Within the specified period and expected budget, we guarantee to provide a custom, feature-rich, and high-quality product. Get in touch with us right now!


The eScooter app market is still in its initial phase and there are very few names that are popular in this sector such as Spin, Skip, Bird, Lime and JUMP.

Software dependability and quality are crucial components in the creation of any software, including those for e-scooters. To find and address bugs and problems and guarantee the app operates accurately and dependably, we additionally incorporate a variety of tools and approaches, such as automated code review, testing, and performance testing.


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