Our Taxi Booking App Live in Argentina Local TV Channel

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Our Taxi Booking App Live in Argentina Local TV Channel

Today, mobile applications are playing an important role; to makes people’s lifestyles easier. All over the world mobile application have become boost because it’s reliable and comfortable.

From taxi booking to house cleaning, there is all type of mobile application available in the market.

However, you think that taxi booking is the old concept to gain revenue. But it’s wrong because “old is forever gold.”

Recently, our client launch a taxi booking application SUVE-T and they live on a local TV channel in Argentina.

In the above video, he has spoken about the application, how the SUVE-T taxi booking app helpful, safe, reliable for users and drivers, the benefits of users and drivers, and plan to expand the business.

Now, let’s see features include in the SUVE-T application and how it works.

Features include in our SUVE-T application:

Search Taxi
A user has the option to search for a taxi based on gender such as male/female. So, user can assure their safety.

Select Vehicle
Users have the option to select vehicle types like Remis, taxi, Alta game, and Auxilio Mecanico for their journey.

Map Navigation
To find the pickup location or shortest path to pickup/destination, the driver can use Google map navigation within the app.

Cancel Ride
After any ride request is accepted by a driver; and if a driver/customer has any doubt about the ride, the driver/customer can cancel the ride with a valid reason.

Invoice Details
User/driver views the full details of ride details like total traveled distance, ride time, cost per km, and payment details.

Promo Code
A user has an option to use a promo code to get a discount on the total amount of ride.

How SUVE-T Taxi Booking App Work?

The workflow of SUVE-T is simple. So, any users or drivers can use the application without any hassle.

Users have to download the SUVE-T user app from a respected store. After, they have to register into the app. They have the option to Sign up through social account sites.

They can search for a taxi based on their requirements. After booking a ride, they have to wait to accept their ride.

A driver can accept or decline new ride requests based on their availability. After accepting a request, they can use map navigation within an app.

The driver drops users to their destination and collects payments. They both can give reviews and ratings to each other based on their experiences.

The most important thing about our SUVE-T client is their aim to deliver the best services to every user in Argentina.

White Label Fox, happy to deliver the best application to our client with the help of our dedicated support team.

We are a one-stop solution for all your on-demand needs in any industry. If you are interested jump into the taxi industry with an online platform, give us a shout!

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